Love in full bloom

Chapter 225: Take Courage To Ask For Love

How can that be?

When Qin Yichen and Mo Mengshan met, it seemed that they didn't know each other.

Were they both acting and pretending not to know each other?


There was no flaw!

"Luo Yi, you said that don't know if that woman is Mo Mengshan, what do you mean?"

Luo Yi lowered his voice. "Boss was drugged and he had had sex with an unknown woman. He didn't
know who that woman was. He kept sending people to find her. Later, Mo Mengshan said she was

Mo Qinyu was shocked!

He and Mo Mengshan turned out to be this way, completely beyond her imagination.

She remembered that Qin Yichen did find a woman and was worried about being stolen his sperm. He
did not expect the "nightmare" to come true.

Mo Mengshan really stole his sperm.

However, whether it's his child was still unknown.

When she was thinking this, Luo Yi's voice came again, "If I guess correctly, it should be the first time
for our boss!"

Mo Qinyu stunned fiercely, what???

Domineering, cruel, cunning, and cruel Shura Demon, how could it not be related to the word

"It's impossible. Your Boss has a billion fans, and they're going on and on. There's no end to it. It's
estimated that it's gone in his middle school. How could he be 26 years old and had no sex before?"

"It's unbelievable, but it's a fact, Boss had never had a woman before getting married." Luo Yi said
solemnly, serious can no longer be serious, it's not like joking.

Mo Qinyu's lip-slap, obviously there's An'an, but she had been with Qin Yichen for many years, it's
estimated that their relations had not been exposed, so they just didn't know.

"Your Boss probably loves playing underground, so he has a few women, and you don't even know."

"Miss Yi, you can only say so, because you don't know our Boss at all." Luo Yi sighed. "If he has a
woman, it must be a good relationship, and it will not be secretive. The only beloved woman in his life is
his wife. After his wife died, Boss is depressed like a stove without gas and could not catch fire. "

Mo Qinyu's eyes were wider, and she doubted that she had fallen into a parallel world, or Luo Yi said
that the person was not Qin Yichen at all, just a person with the same name.

Beloved woman!

What a strange and incredible word!

Qin Yichen had only disliked and disgusted her, and there can be no other. There was not even a little
like. Love? Impossible.

However, he was drunk and had stomach problems, as if it were real.

Was it possible that after she was "dead", he remembered her well and could not bear her anymore?

Thinking of this, she felt an inexplicable feeling in her heart, but this feeling came quickly and
disappeared quickly.

First, she has married another person, with a husband and child.

Second, this must be Luo Yi's illusion, 99.99% was not true, only 0.01% possibility.

At this time, Qin Yichen came over and gave Luo Yi a stern glance. "What are you mumbling about
here? The boat is off."

Leo Yi was nervous so much. He set up autonomous driving. It was impossible for the boat to go
sideways. If he wanted to drive him away, he could just say it directly.

He disappeared into the stairs staggering.

Mo Qinyu took two bottles of juice out of the refrigerator, and handed one of them to him, "Devil King,
why do you drink too much after I die? Is it a little sad?"

Qin Yichen stunned for a moment, "Don't be affectionate yourself, I just bought a few bottles of good
wine, I feel delicious, just drink a little more."

There was a gleam of cold light in his eyes, and Luo Yi, that damn guy must have betrayed him.

She blinked, and a hint of slyness flashed from the bottom of her eyes, "Sura Devil, can you tell me
the truth?" Her voice was low, as if was talking to herself.

"What truth do you want to hear?" He asked casually with a sip of juice.

She bit her lower lip and worked hard to gather her courage, as if to use her whole life of courage, "Do
you like me a little bit?" Her voice was very low, shattered, almost to be drowned by the sound of the
waves, but Qin Yichen was close enough to hear it.

His dark black eyes were dimly faint, with inexplicable mystery, "Mo Qinyu, I haven't seen you in four
years. Your only advantage is gone?"

She stunned, "What are the advantages?"

He leaned slightly, his thin lips pressed to her ears, and slowly spit out several words: "Has a clear
estimation of yourself."

Suddenly she felt hit by the bullets. She shook her body and almost fell. Fortunately, she supported
the nearby table in time and barely stood still.

She was embarrassed, and if she could swim, she would definitely run out and jump into the sea and

"I'm gone, just treat me like I didn't say anything."

She turned and tried to escape. He stretched out his iron arms, grabbed her slender waist, and pulled
her back. "Little hedgehog, what makes you have so much confidence?"

"I ... I was just flooded with seawater and talking nonsense." She lowered her eyes, covering her eyes
with embarrassment and loss with long thick eyelashes.

Today she did have water in her head and was drunk before drinking, otherwise she would not ask
him such crazy words.

Qin Yichen's thin lips opened an evil smile, "In fact, there is a time that you are quite flattering."

She raised her eyes suddenly, a little starlight flew into her eyes, "when?"

His long fingers rested between her beautiful legs, slowly pierced into her skirt, and the voice came
slowly, with a sense of confusion, "when you are under me."

She seemed to be stimulated, her legs tightened, and a heat wave quickly spread from her neck to
her scalp.

When they entered the room, he threw her directly onto the bed and bullied her.

She knew she couldn't break free, but didn't want to surrender like this, "Did you have another woman
in these four years?"

"You want me to fuck another woman, and come again?" He murmured, his eyes became extremely