Love in full bloom

Chapter 224: Would you like to taste me?

Mo Mengshan stared at Mo Qinyu all the time.

There were too many people in this world who look alike.

Ru Chen looked like Shi Cong.

The person in front of her looked like Mo Qinyu.

But she was not Mo Qinyu, and Mo Mengshan could not accept the possibility that Mo Qinyu was still

Mo Qinyu must die.

Without Mo Qinyu, she was the only woman qualified to be the Qin Yichen's wife in the world.

"Yi Ran, you look like my sister, so when I see you, I think of her, I feel terrible." After speaking, she
took out a handkerchief, pretending to wipe the corners of her eyes, and pretending to be very sad.

Mo Qinyu sneered in her heart.

Full of lies, Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman were the people in the world who most want Mo Qinyu dead.

"I'm a little hungry, so I'm going to the cabin to make something to eat, if you'll excuse me." After saying
this, she went in.

Qin Yiman sat next to her brother. "Qin Yichen, you don't like her just because she looks like Mo Qinyu,
do you?"

"That's my business too, not yours." Qin Yichen shrugging, he looked cold, and his tone sounded even

Qin Yiman pursed her lips. "As the only person you need to marry is born in the Mo's, and now the only
person who was suitable in the Mo's is Mo Mengshan, you should marry her sooner rather than later."

This woman, whose name was Yi Ran was so annoying that Yi Ran was as annoying as Mo Qinyu, so
Qin Yichen should never be allowed to stay with Yi Ran, in case she got angry.

When Mo Mengshan heard her words, Mo Mengshan felt very happy in the heart, Mo Mengshan
looking expectant, eager to jump into Qin Yichen's arms.

Qin Yichen's face looked so cold that he didn’t even bother to glance at her. "Qin Yiman, what are you
thinking? When did I get divorced?"

"Mo Qinyu is dead! So your marriage is automatically void." Qin Yiman pursed her lips.

"Even if she dies, she's my wife, and our marriage is for life." Qin Yichen said firmly without hesitation.

It was said not only to them, but also to the person in the cabin.

Qin Yiman nearly fainted.

Mo Mengshan seemed to be kicked into a hole in the ice, she feeling cold in her heart, a chill seeming
to run through her.

"Qin Yichen, I don't want to compete with my sister, so I don't want to be your wife, but let me have a
baby for you, as you need an heir after all."

Hardly had she finished speaking when Qin Yichen's cold voice came. "You don't qualify." His short
words were simple, direct, and crude.

Mo Mengshan's body seemed to shake. She felt as if she had been hit by a blow and could hardly
stand on her feet.

"Qin Yichen, I have never stopped loving you, and I have been waiting for you for four years, so don't
be so indifferent to me, please?"

Her tears welled up, she looking like a weeping beauty, delicate and touching.

But even if she drained her tears, she could not change Qin Yichen's decision. "I'll give you a minute to
get off my yacht or you'll be fed the fish." His words meant to throw them overboard.

It was because of these two women that his wife had escaped, and they should be thankful that he had
not avenged himself on them.

Qin Yiman grabbed the arm of the lounge chair as if in protest. "I'm going to stay with you."

Qin Yichen calmly pulled down the call key. "Luo Yi, get down here and throw these two nasty women

Luo Yi was both the driver and one of Qin Yichen's assistants, he putting the yacht on autopilot and
coming over. "Two young ladies, are you going to do it yourselves, or am I going to do it for you?"

Qin Yiman looked pale. "You're just an unimportant assistant, so if you touch me, you're dead."

"For the Boss, even if I have to go into boiling water and walk on fire, I would not refuse." Luo Yi
sneered, grabbed Qin Yiman's arm and pulled her to her feet, his manner being rough and unforgiving.

Qin Yiman knew he was serious, not trying to scare her, so she cried hurriedly. "All right, I'll go by

They both left in disgrace, looking full of reluctance.

Mo Qinyu came out with sandwiches, and fruit and vegetable salad.

"I thought everybody had changed in four years, but I didn't think everybody was the same as before."

"You're the only one who's changed here." Qin Yichen glanced at her coldly.

"No, you also have changed a little." She smiled, revealing two lovely dimples.

He raised his bushy eyebrows slightly. "Where have I changed?

"You offered to eat what I made?" Her long, bushy eyelashes fluttered like the wings of a butterfly.

He raised the corners of his mouth, picked up the sandwich and took a small bite.

"Do you like it?" She asked, smiling.

"Barely edible." He shrugging, his voice sounded bland.

The sense of loss in her heart rose and fell like waves, as his evaluation was obviously negative.

It didn’t taste good!

"I...I'm not sure what your favorite flavor is."

Luo Yi chimed in in a very low voice. "Boss never says yummy, so when he says barely edible, it
means yummy."

"Oh?" She felt a little shock, her mood suddenly becoming better quietly.

He was really contradictory and stupid, he would not even said a pleasant word to people.

Qin Yichen glared at Luo Yi. "Go up and sail your boat, and don't talk nonsense here."

Luo Yi shrank his neck, turning to escape, but Mo Qinyu called him.

"There are sandwiches and salads on the cupboard, and I left them for you specially."

"Thanks, Yi Ran." Luo Y smiled, leaving.

Finn gave him the big task of helping Boss and Yi Ran have a great date day.

The burden on his shoulders was heavy!

Qin Yichen was indeed well bred, eating elegantly and slowly.

And she ate whatever she wanted, she let herself go, and she didn’t care about her own image, so she
formed a sharp contrast with him.

He reached out, grabbing her phone. "Pay attention while you eat, so don't look at your phone and look
at me if you want."

She choked, hurriedly drinking water. "Since I can't eat you,why do I look at you?"

"Who says you can't eat me, and didn't you use to eat me many times?" He replied slowly, which made
her really choke. Her face turning red, the water she had just drunk "spluttered" out.

"Can you be serious when we eat?"

"Don't worry, and you won't be hungry, since I will feed you tonight." He raised the corners of his mouth

Her face was pale, her cheeks turning from bright red to pale.

"In the evening, I'm going back to the hotel."

"Yes, you can swim back by yourself." He blurted out threats, word for word.

She gasping, stood up. "I'm done." When she had finished speaking, she ran into the cabin, fearing lest
he should become a beast at this moment, punishing her on the deck.

Not long after she went in, Luo Yi came down.

"Yi Ran, our Boss has no dating experience, so please be tolerant."

Mo Qinyu was shocked, as Luo Yi thought that they were dating.

No, no, no, they're not dating.

"Don't get me wrong, Qin Yichen and I are on business, not dating."

Luo Yi didn't seem to hear her, he seeming to say to himself. "Our Boss is very inexperienced, as he
never fell in love before he married his wife."

Mo Qinyu was severely choked.

Inexperienced, could devil be inexperienced?

Wasn't that the biggest joke of this century?

He was obviously a womanizer, and he was not exclusive with flirting with a lot of women!

"How did I hear that your Boss made a mistake in his marriage, which made his wife run abroad
angrily? That's why she had a car accident."

"That must be a slur since our Boss is devoted to his wife. Mo Mengshan had an unexpected one-night
stand with him before he got married, and I don't know whether Mo Mengshan is the woman our Boss
had a one night stand with or not."

Because of Luo Yi's solemn explanation, Mo Qinyu felt as if it suddenly turned up the thunderous
waves in her heart.

Could Mo Mengshan and Qin Yichen have had a relationship before Qin Yichen married her?