Love in full bloom

Chapter 215 Salted Wound

Subconsciously, she took her hand back in panic. Her heart was a mess and he probably noticed it.

“I thought you were sleeping.” he said quietly.

“I… I almost fell asleep.” she pulled her quilt up to her neck and wrapped herself with it.

He was not about to ignore her. He asked casually, “What’s wrong with your hand?”

“It’s nothing. I hurt myself when I played with Xiao Jun.” she calmed herself while trying to cover up the
anomalies within the dim light.

He didn’t seem to doubt it. He stroked her hair lovingly, “You should be careful next time.”

“It’s late now. Go to bed.” She could feel her heart was pounding. She was not good at covering up

Fortunately, he didn’t stay any longer. He kissed her on the cheek and went out.

They had their own rooms. She preferred it this way so that they could have their own privacy.

Xu Ruochen went to the bar, poured himself a glass of wine, and then walked to the window.

He looked outside to the dark night. His eyes were dark too, as if they were dyed by the night.

He had been in charge of everything for four years.

The only thing out of control was his heart.

Mo Qinyu was different. He knew she was special from the first time he saw her.

Her innocence, beauty, and intelligence made him unable to stop his train of feelings.

He didn’t want to hit the brake either.

He was going to finish the game.

He wanted this chess piece as well.

He didn’t intend to give it back.

Mo Qinyu had been having nightmares since this evening.

She dreamt that Qin Yichen locked and chained her up.

He held a thick and long whip in his hand and beat her hard until her skin bled.

She sat up screaming. Her clothes soaked in sweat.

She hugged herself and curled up in a huddle. She was afraid Qin Yichen would catch her.

There were lots of other women in the world. Why wouldn’t he let go of her?

She slept lightly until dawn.

Every morning, Xiao jun and Xu Ruochen played baseball in the yard.

Bright smiles on their faces were particularly dazzling under the sun.

It was said that a son generally resembled his mother, but inherited his character from the father.

Xiao Naibao (Xiao Jun)was one of them. He looked more like her, but his character was more like Xu
Ruochen. He loved to laugh, as if he was born with his own sunshine.

Mo Qinyu chose to stay here because of him.

Qin Yichen couldn’t accommodate her and somebody else’s son while Xu Ruochen wouldn’t let his son
stay with Qin Yichen.

If Qin Yichen caught her, she would be separated from him and Xiao Naibao( Xiao Jun) would lose his
mother and his happy family.

She couldn’t let that happen.

"It's breakfast time." She stood by the yard and smiled.

“Mommy, I hit a home run today!” said the little guy.

She kissed his little face lovingly.

Xu Ruochen came over and put his arms around her shoulder, “The designer will bring the design for
the wedding dress later. Let’s choose one together.”

She smiled. Her eyes curved up like a new moon.

He was puzzled for a moment. He bowed to kiss her forehead.

The moment she closed her eyes, guilt seemed to fill her heart.

She was sorry for him. She couldn’t resist Qin Yichen. She was taken and humiliated by him.

She was not a good wife.


At this time, Qin Yichen had returned to Jincheng.

Qin Chuxia brought a stack of photos with her, “Boss, I printed some photos we took in the seaworld.
Do you want to have a look?”

Qin Yichen picked up some photos and looked at them indifferently.

The little boy was smart and lovely. He liked him, but he was like a thorn in his heart because he was
the child of Mo Qinyu and Xu Ruochen.

“He looks like a Mo—” he paused, “He looks like his mother.”

“When he laughs, he looks quite like Mr. Xu. I just found out that you two have the same thing, a pair of
beautiful eyes.”

He shrugged and leaned against the sofa silently.

His problem with Xu Ruochen would slowly be settled.

He must had arranged faking her death. Mo Qinyu had no such ability.

He was the one who dared to fight against him.

He would certainly regret it.

Suddenly, his phone rang. He got a message from Xiao Naibao.

“Uncle, I hit a homerun today.”

“That’s great.” Qin Yichen complimented him.

Qin Yichen acted all complex and contradictory with Xiao Naibao.

He knew that the little boy was innocent. He should not involve him in his dispute with Mo Qinyu and
Xu Ruochen.

“What is your mother doing?

“Mom and Dad are going to pick a wedding dress for Mom. They’re going to have a wedding ceremony
next month. I’ll be the flower boy.”

Qin Yichen felt like something just pricked his heart.


He remembered he once said that she was not worthy of walking down the chapel with him and being
his bride.

So, she went to find another man who would take her down the aisle and marry her?

It seemed that she really wanted to be a bride!

“Congratulations for your mom and dad.”

“My dad say that he would give me a little brother or sister next year. I like a little brother better so that
we can play baseball together.”

These words sprinkled salt on his open wound.

If he and that woman had a child right now, the child would be just as smart and as lovely as Xiao Jun.

He smiled and put down his phone.

Xiao Naibao, who was in Yancheng also put away his iPad. His mother and father just done choosing a
wedding dress.

“We’re going to a party tonight. You and Xiao Jun will go with me.” said Xu Ruochen while hugging her

“Okay.” she nodded.

He climbed into his father’s lap and sat down, “Daddy, is the party fun?”

“You will meet a lot of daddy’s friends. Aunty will be there too.” Xu Ruochen stroked his head.

“That’s great. I’ve always wanted to learn hypnotism with her but she said I can’t learn it until I grow
up.” he said in a tearful voice.

“You have to grow up first to learn it. What if you accidentally hypnotize mommy and daddy?” Xu
Ruochen smiled.

After having their dinner, Mo Qinyu began to get ready.

She wore a lavender night gown with flower ornaments. The gown showcased her unique beauty and

She didn’t expect to meet an old friend at the party.