Love in full bloom

Chapter 223: The ghost came out

Qin Yiman's face flashed with a terrified convulsion.

Thinking she had seen a ghost, she grabbed Mo Mengshan's hand. "You......Did you see the woman on
that yacht?"

"Yes, she...She seems to be Mo Qinyu!" Mo Mengshan's face was as pale as hers.

"Isn't she dead?" Qin Yiman shivered.

"That's Qin Yichen's yacht. Qin Yichen is on it, so let's go and have a look." Mo Mengshan swallowed
hard, trying to keep calm, as she had to figure out what was going on.

Mo Qinyu also seeing them, she couldn’t avoid her enemy.

She just happened to meet the person she least wanted to see.

She felt the sun darken over her head.

Qin Yichen didn’t want them to come over, telling the driver to drive off, but they chased after him.

"Well, let them come on the yacht, or they'll be following us and won't stop." Mo Qinyu scoffed.

Qin Yichen fretted.

After her departure, Ru chen and Qin Yiman broke off their engagement without hesitation.

For four years, Qin Yiman refused to give up, vowing to marrying Ru chen, so in order to get rid of her
entanglement, Ru chen went abroad, out of sight, out of mind.

The two of them just kept on pestering each other, so Qin Yiman gradually became older, her temper
becoming even more annoying.

As soon as the connected pedals were set, Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan rushed over.

Qin Yiman carefully looked at the woman in front of her, the hatred in her heart bursting out in an

"Mo Qinyu, are you a person or a ghost? After all these years, you still haunt Qin Yichen and want to
stay with us at the Qin's, don't you?"

Although Mo Qinyu died, her hatred of Mo Qinyu did not disappear. As Ru chen broke off the
engagement with her, she hated Mo Qinyu more.

Every day she must curse Mo Qinyu 100 times, she cursing Mo Qinyu viciously.

Mo Mengshan glanced at the shadow on the ground. "Qin Yiman, she has a shadow, so she is not a

"No way. Since she's dead and burned to ashes, how can she still be alive?"

Qin Yiman rubbed her eyes hard, hoping it was just an illusion.

But the woman in front of her did not disappear.

Mo Qinyu looked at them coldly and calmly, she looking impassive. "Two ladies, you mistook me for
someone else, because my name is not Mo Qinyu. I am Yi Ran."

"Aren't you Mo Qinyu?" Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan spoke almost in unison, their eyes widing, which
seemed to be bigger than the Big Brass Ring, and they were more shocked to see her than to see a

Mo Qinyu laughed at them in her heart.

It's been four years and they haven't changed at all!

"Qin Yichen also mistook me for someone else before, but now he doesn’t think that I look like Mo
Qinyu at all." She said slowly.

Qin Yiman was relieved in the heart, knowing she was not Mo Qinyu, and if Mo Qinyu was still alive,
Qin Yiman must be angry to vomit blood.

"You can look like anyone, so why do you look the same as Mo Qinyu? You look so ugly!"

Mo Qinyu glanced at her coldly, sneering. "My face looks prettier than yours."

It was like slapping Qin Yiman in the face, making her face look pale. "I am the first beauty in Jin city,
so how dare you compete with me, even when you're so vulgar?"

Mo Qinyu turned her head, looking at Qin Yichen. "Qin Yichen, do all the women in Jin city look
ordinary? Can she be called the first beauty for her looks?"

“Mo Qinyu!” Frustrated, Qin Yiman blurting out, then she realized she had called the wrong person.

Although this woman was not Mo Qinyu, she was as annoying and hateful as Mo Qinyu.

"Yi Ran, whoever you are, I tell you that I am the first lady of the Qin's, so you can't mess with me."

"Oh?" Mo Qinyu raised her eyebrows, showing her surprise. "Qin Yichen, is this your relative?"

Qin Yichen raising the corners of his mouth coldly, if she wanted to act, he would act with her. "She is
my elder sister, and as she becomes older without marrying, her temper becomes worse and worse, so
please don't mind."

Qin Yiman was slightly shocked at what her brother said. "Qin Yichen, who the hell is this woman?"

"Yi Ran is the founder of FLoweer, an American jewelry brand." Qin Yichen introduced her slowly.

Qin Yiman's eyes seemed to be bulging.

Although FLoweer hasn't been in the domestic market before, it has made a name for itself in the
celebrity circle with many wealthy women sending people to the United States to buy it specially.

Qin Yiman certainly knew this.

"No wonder I think Floweer's designs are so vulgar, it turning out that they were designed by short-
sighted people like you." She put her hands behind her and quietly took off the Floweer ring she was
wearing, thinking that no one was aware of it, but Mo Qinyu saw it as soon as she got on the yacht.

Mo Qinyu kept her countenance, smiling slightly. “I’d like to know what your job is."

Qin Yiman was unemployed, so she still asked her parents for money at home.

Her only goal was to marry Ru chen, staying with him forever.

Even if Ru chen chose not to marry her, he couldn’t expect to marry anyone else, as she would kill
anyone who dared to seduce him.

"I'm the queen of the party of Jin city." She touched the hair on her shoulders, saying proudly.

"Oh? How much money does the queen of the party make a year?" "Mo Qinyu asked deliberately.

Qin Yiman glared at her. "You don't even know the queen of the party, do you? My parents have plenty
of money, so they don't need me to make money."

Mo Qinyu took a sip of tea from the tea table, her voice sounding calm. "You don't have a job, so you
just know how to dress up and ask your parents for money?"

Qin Yiman was so angry that she wanted to tear Mo Qinyu up. "A woman's first duty is to support her
husband and children at home, so she doesn't need to work at all."

"But you are not married, and you have no children, so how do you support your husband and children
at home?"

Mo Qinyu smiled slightly, looking full of mockery, and every word was like a powerful bullet, severely
hurting Qin Yiman's fragile nerves.

Mo Qinyu was no longer the weak and vulnerable person she once was, so Qin Yiman couldn’t expect
to bully her any more.

Qin Yiman was furious, keeping stomping her feet. "Qin Yichen, why are you with a woman who is as
disgusting as Mo Qinyu? She makes me so mad."

Qin Yichen compressed his lips, becoming very serious. "Yi Ran is my client, so I hope you can be
polite to her and not embarrass the Qin's."

Qin Yiman was struck dumb by his last words, as she was deeply hurt by his words. "I am your elder
sister, so can you not always help my enemy, ok?"

"I didn't invite you, so you can go back." Qin Yichen said coldly.

But Qin Yiman was not willing to go back.

She was going to study this woman, whose name was Yi Ran.

Somehow, she always felt that Yi Ran looked like Mo Qinyu all the way.

She needed to know why.