Love in full bloom

Chapter 222 “Back Roads”

“Answer it” Qin Yichen said in a cold tone. Mo Qinyu trembled and answered the phone.

“Qinyu, have you been to Jin city?”

“Yes, I am here talking about the design of the counter with clients.” She tried to keep her calm.

“You don’t have to go there and I can order others to do such a little thing.” Xu Ruochen said with

When a person was a thief, he would feel guilty. Mo Qinyu was just like that and her heartbeat
suddenly increased several times. It seemed that Xu Ruochen was testing her.

She swallowed drastically and relieved her jerky throat, “I……I just want to go to the medical school to
see my brother secretly.”

That was a good excuse to cover up the “sin”.

“I guessed that you couldn’t help going to see Xiao Wu.” Xu Ruochen laughed, which was a sigh of
relief to Mo Qinyu, she said, “I haven’t seen Xiao Wu for a long time and I almost couldn’t help but ran
out to meet him.”

“I understand you and I will try to let you meet him.” Xu Ruochen conformed.

“Thank you, Ruochen.” She said lightly.

Qin Yichen listened their conversation and said nothing but there was revealed in his eyes. Sure
enough, Xu Ruochen was the man who didn’t change his nature and he could lie calmly.

What he didn’t know was that Mo Qinyu felt a deep sense of guilt in her heart, which like a torrent
surrounding her, as if she had carried a cross.

“I miss you and I’ll be back next week.” Xu Ruochen said again with a tender voice.

Mo Qinyu pursed her lips and lowered, “I miss you too.”

After that, she hung up the pone and her last words made Qin Yichen angry, he asked,

“Do you damn miss him?”

Mo Qinyu was a little dizzy and she took a deep breath, “He is my husband and we’ve lived together for
four years. Even if there is no love between us but we are family, it’s normal for me to miss him.”

She said faintly, which made Qin Yichen furious and grabbing her shoulder, “Have you missed me in
these four years?”

Mo Qinyu lowered her eyes and said, “We’ve only been together for three months.”

She made Qin Yichen more angry. Was this a euphemistic expression that she hadn’t miss him? As if a
sap hit him on the top of his head, making him dizzy and his sense of loss was like a straight line falling
from a height of 30000 feet.

“You didn’t even miss me a little?”

Mo Qinyu bit her lips and said, “I often have nightmares that you caught by others, does it mean that I
miss you?”

His lips twitched because what she had said was not a consolation but a blow, which hit him so deeply.

“Mo Qinyu, I will let you dream about me in a sweet dream not a nightmare.”

Mo Qinyu shook slightly and looked at him with a little dizziness, as if looking at a difficult puzzle.

This seemed to be an impossible wish.

Qin Yichen had the nature of an overbearing dictatorship and often tortured her, how could he let her
making sweet dreams?

“Are you talking about the sweet dream or pipe dream?”

“It would be pipe dream if you offend me.” He whispered and it turned out that he turned his face within
a second and restored the nature of the devil.

She sighed and thought about that she would be sorry for Xu Ruochen if she made Qin Yichen happy,
which would make her sin deepen.

“I thought I was a good person before and I also thought that I would go heaven after death even if you
built a hell for me. Now I think I might go to hell, I betrayed my husband and I am a sinner who should
go to hell.”

She was forced and didn’t mean to do it but he still brought her shame.

Qin Yichen glanced at her like a sharp sword, “It’s rare that you can have remorse. You would go to hell
if you don’t come back.”

His words surprised her. Obviously that she misunderstood him and Xu Ruochen was her husband in
her mind, the person she felt sorry was Xu Ruochen.

As for Qin Yichen, she didn’t think that it was a betrayal when she left him before and he never
regarded her as a wife, their marriage was in name only. She wanted to divorce but he refused.

Leaving him was liberation and self-help for her and she wasn’t hopeful for him even now. she just
wanted a peaceful life, which he couldn’t afford, only Xu Ruochen could give her. They had respected
each other and lived in harmony and happiness life in past four years.

There was no quarrels and disputes between them. Xu Ruofang occasionally visited them and she also
talked to their parents in the video, which was very harmonious and there was no shame, disdain,
humiliation and sarcasm, which she tasted all in the Qin family.

Qin Yiman hadn’t gotten married and once Mo Qinyu returned, which would break out the endlessly
war. She had enough!

“I’m tired and I want to sleep for a while.” She thought that she was forced into such a dilemma, which
made her so tired.

“You cook tonight.” Qin Yichen said and surprised Mo Qinyu, “Don’t you think I’m dirty and never eat
what I make?”

“Will I let you cook if I don’t eat?” He glanced at her angrily and his mood was not as calm as he
imagined but like the sea in front of him and he realized that she had a deeper feelings for Xu Ruochen
than to him. what’s more, there was no his place in her heart and the only remining bond between them
was the marriage certificate, which made him disturbed and he was afraid that he would miss her, so
he didn’t want to give up. What he want was to grasp her and not let her away.

There was another yacht sailed past them and the two women on the yacht were Qin Yiman and Mo
Mengshan, who was familiar to Mo Qinyu.

They also saw her too.