Love in full bloom

Chapter 221 “His tenderness”

She looked at the man in front of her, who was like a mystery that made her more and more
incomprehensible. He seemed to fall asleep again with gentle breathing and it wasn’t until noon that he
woke up but he was awake from pain with frowning and stoked his stomach. She noticed that he was
woken up from dream that he was annoyed.

Qin Chuxia said that he was addicted to drinking, which made him had a bad stomach. What’s more,
he didn’t eat anything in the morning, that was why he was feeling uncomfortable.

“I ordered the porridge for you and it would make you feel better.”

He got out of bed and sat on the sofa after washing, he said, “Feed me.” Which made Mo Qinyu
overwhelmed, “You’re not a kid who needs to feed and even Xiaojun eat by himself.”

He glared at her fiercely, “It’s you who made me had a stomachache and you have to make
atonement.” His words made Mo Qinyu embarrassed and it seemed that she sneaked in the damp

“Why? Are you sad I’m dead?”

Qin Yichen flashed his eyes and he was not sad because he had become a soulless dead-alive

However, he had heartache and headache, the nerves all over his body were painful and this was
emitted from the wound after the soul was stripped, which made him living death everyday and he
would definitely die if it was not anesthesia with alcohol. It was all because of Mo Qinyu who was the
culprit and should compensate him.

“What are you doing? hurry to feed me.”

The words sounded like he disguised topic to avoid her question, which made Mo Qinyu helpless and
fed him.

“Let’s go to sea together in the afternoon.”

At this moment, Mo Qinyu felt that she was sinking into a muddy situation tha she couldn’t help herself.

“I’m here to talk about cooperation.”

Qin Yichen would not give her any chance to refuse, he frowned and said, “Talking on the yacht.”

He drove to the pier and he grabbed her shoulders to take some photos as soon at they got on the

“What are you doing? Does adultery require evidence?”

Mo Qinyu was so anxious and they would definitely be labeled to be adulterers if the pictures was

Qin Yichen knocked her head and said, “I’m your husband, It’s you and Xu Ruochen who can be call

They had never taken pictures together before and Qin Yichen wanted to take a little more today to
compensate. But Mo Qinyu didn’t know about his thoughts and she said, “Now I’m Yi Ran not Mo

Qin Yichen was annoyed, “Xu Ruochen is such a bastard, how can he get you this fake identity in

Mo Qinyu didn’t know about that and even not know if there was a woman named Yi Ran in this world.

“As long as it’s okay.” She pinched her lips.

There was a gloomy light flashing from his eyes, Qin Yichen said, “You were cheated by his sweet
words and you are just a silly woman.”

Xu Ruochen dared to cheat his wife and Qin Yichen would definitely make him pay the price.

“It wasn’t him who lied to me but I begged him to save me.” Mo Qinyu said in a lower voice, which was
like breathing but Qin Yichen heard it.

“Was it so bad to be with me?” his thick brows slowly twisted together.

“Could there be anything worse?” she muttered extremely quietly. She lived in agony during the whole
three months. Qin Yichen grabbed her shoulder and his expression became extremely condensed,
“Let’s forget the past and start again.”

Mo Qinyu looked down and seemed there was a patch of Coptis in her mouth, the ultimate bitterness
spread from the tip of the tongue to the viscera.

“Qin Yichen, we’re not the same as before and I am a mother now, Xiaojun is everything to me. I can’t
leave him with you and he is so young that he needs me. Xu Ruochen will find him a stepmother if I
left. And you should know the stakes in the giants that the stepmother would do everything to deal with
the stepchild in order to allow her child to inherit the family business. Do I dare to make my child live in

Qin Yichen was silent.

For the past four years, she had left so resolutely because there was no connection between them.
Now, Xiaojun was the biggest connection. Even if Qin Yichen was willing to accept him and let him

follow Mo Qinyu to the Qin family, the Xu family couldn’t agree because the wealthy family was very
care about the eldest son and grandson.

“I allowed you to continue to do it before I got a modest solution, but I have a request.”


“Come to me as long as I called you.” He said in a domineering and commanding tone. But Mo Qinyu
wanted to cry, “Do you want me to be a sinner?”

“You have been guilty.” He whispered.

“You’re in Jin city and I’m in Yan city, I can’t come to you in time.” She didn’t dare to oppose it too
fiercely and she couldn’t even to be Yi Ran if Qin Yichen became angry.

“I will go to you.” He said lowly.

Mo Qinyu fell into a chair and she knew that her life would never be calm again after returning home.
What she wanted was a simple and plain life, why was it so difficult?

“You said that I owned you 200 times before, did it mean that we would be clear if I accompany you
200 times?”

Qin Yichen got a little angry and he was always been decisive who never gave in and never
compromising but this time he did.

However, not only was she not grateful to him but she wanted to run way, which was challenging his
bottom line.

“Mo Qinyu, the 200 times was the debts you owe and you have to pay it back. After that, you still have
to come back, do not test my patience.” He became the devil in a second.

She trembled with excitement and she really had no conditions to talk to the Devil, but only obeyed and
could not resist.

“Qin Yichen, can you tell me the truth? what the hell am I in your heart?” he took her in his arms and
staring deeply at her, “You’re my wife, my woman!”

His solemnity, firmness and calmness in his tone and his eyes flickered with a strange charm while he
said, which seemed to be a soft light that could be called tenderness.

Her atrium shook fiercely, Qin Yichen had never seen her like that in her memory and he always looked
at her with disgusting eyes.

Mo Qinyu opened her eyes wide and couldn’t believe it. Did she fall into a parallel world? There was a
silence on the puppet deck and at this moment, a crisp ringtone rang from the phone. She glanced
down and trembled.

It was Xu Ruochen.