Love in full bloom

Chapter 213 She must pay her debt ten times over.

A furious fire flashed from Qin Yi Chen's eyes. She didn't just look like her, her guilty reaction had
completely exposed her.

He tugged at her collar and the buttons fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

She blushed with shame and anger, "Qin Yi Chen, what are you going to do? You mustn't touch me!"

"Check-up! I want to see if you're the same." He bit his teeth to resist the urge to crush her to death.

He won't let her keep pretending.

She had been torturing him for four years. She must pay her debt ten times over.

"You are my wife."He snorted, and his face was full of sullenness and fury.

"I am not, I am Xu Ruo Chen's wife. My name is Yi Ran, I have nothing to do with you." She was almost

She will not admit that she is moqin rain, forever.

"Do you want me to take you for a DNA test?" He threatened her word for word.

She was so frightened that her nerves began to tremble.

She was afraid that he would become a beast and force her to tear her to pieces.

She was afraid she would fall into hell again.

"Please, let me go, please! Mo Qin Yu is dead. I am Yi Ran. I am not Mo Qin Yu."

He is the beast, the devil. He must be bloodthirsty if he is to break out.

She can't let him get away with it. She won't let him get away with it.

He's not going to destroy her again!

She took the opportunity to raise her foot and kick him in the right place. He ducked quickly, and she
grabbed her clothes and ran to the door.

She tried to escape, but she could not open the door.

She beat the door as hard as she could, "Qi, open the door, help me!"

Her assistant was right outside.

She told her to wait outside.

She did not know that there was no one outside. The whole floor was empty.

Qin Yi Chen owned the whole floor.

As soon as she entered, Finn took her assistant downstairs to the cafe for a cup of coffee.

Her hands ached, her throat ached, and she was surrounded by the despair.

He walked slowly along like a lion king on his way to a dead-end reindeer and ready to eat it.

She ran inside in terror until she reached the corner farthest from him.

She wished the walls would crack and the floor would crack so that she could get in and escape the
devil, but there wasn't even a crack in them.

"Mo Qin Yu, I give you a chance. If you come back, I won't mind anything."

"She's dead and you killed her. You killed her baby, so she had to die."

She shout bitterly, and deep resentment rose from her eyes.

His mouth twitched. He didn't regret it. He never did.

She choked up.

As a man at the top, there is nothing wrong with him.

But the child in her body, he would kill her if he killed her child.

When she left, her heart only despair and relief, this is the only way she can live.

"Mo Qin Yu is dead anyway, and there will be no Mo Qin Yu in the world. Your marriage is over."

"It's up to me." There was not a trace of temperature in his voice, it was like the crash of ice. After
saying that, he went straight for her like a hurricane.

She tried to get out of the way, but something tripped her and she fell forward.

He grabbed her and sent her tumbling back to the table with a gentle flick.

"Let me go, qin yichen. If you touch me, I'll crash against the wall."

She kicked with all her might, but no matter how hard she struggled, she could not free herself from

He pressed her hand and raised it forcibly above his head, his narrow mahogany eyes red with rage
and lust.

"You were already dead to me."

"No --" Her shrill scream shook the room filled with despair and fear.

"it's a punishment!" His breath, tinged with anger, hit her in the face and made her ache. There was no
pity in his voice, only anger.

She burst into tears, and tears ran down her face like a flood, "Qin yichen, let me go. Am I really dead,
you will be at ease? Is that all you want me to do?"

When a tear fell on the back of his hand, he trembled slightly as if he had been scalded, "I'll forgive you
if you come back."

His voice became hoarse as if it had been bruised by some sudden emotion.

She was shocked and stared at him in bewilderment and amazement.

She didn't understand him.

Come back?

Back to the hell he made?

Didn't he torture her enough?