Love in full bloom

Chapter 176 Are You Satisfied?

A rage flashed in Qin Yichen's eyes.

He stretched out his strong arm, grabbed the kettle on the head cabinet, and aimed at her head

The cold cold water splashed down from her head, as if it were a torrential rain, which made her cool.

She shivered, and in a flash, she was fully awake.

The man in front of her was still there, not gone.

She was not dreaming. He was really back!

It was like a storm. The dark clouds was on his face, and the cold light in his eyes was as fierce as
lightning, as if he could break her into powder at any time.

Obviously, her behavior just annoyed him.

"So... Sorry, I I had a nightmare just now. I thought I hadn't woke up. " She shook her head hard and
shed the water on her face.

He shoved her against the corner of the wall.

His long fingers across her wet face, and his sharp fingertips hurt her skin.

"Did you do something bad outside, so you have nightmares?"

His eyes are sharp as eagles’, and it seemed that he can see through her at a glance, so that her little
secrets can not be hidden.

Almost subconsciously, she lowered her head, and her long, thick lashes covered her flustered, timid
eyes, so that he could not see her heart failure.

"I went back to see my brother for only two days. I didn't have enough time with my parents. What else
could I do?"

Qin Yichen's beautiful thin lips were slightly pursed. It seemed that he didn't doubt her words, but he
didn't let her go, either. "You were just calling child. What child? Whose child?"

His voice sounded calm, but it was not. It was just like the current before the tsunami. It was heavy,
surly and so dangerous.

Her heart was to her throat, which jumped wildly, almost breaking her throat and jumping out.

Damn, she was really confused. Why did she shout?

She took a deep breath secretly, desperately swallowed saliva, forced herself to keep calm. She must
be calm or she would die.

"I... I had a dream. "

She faltered and her face was pale. Fortunately, it was covered by dim light. He didn't see it. "What did
you dream about?" He spoke inquisitively.

If you thought about it, you would have a dream at night. If you didn't feel guilty, you wouldn't have a

The gears in her head are running fast, "I I dreamed that I had a child. He is so ugly, like a little old
man. You... You're so angry. You hate him. You want to kill him. I was so scared that I tried my best to
stop... "

She compressed her lips and prayed in her heart that he could believe.

Qin Yichen choked, showing a strange look, as if he had been made to laugh and cry.

"Do you dream that you have another man’s child, right?"

In fact, it was just a remark he said out casually to mock her. It was not really doubting and questioning.

But to her, it seemed that her lies had been broken, and her back was sweating.

"I... I'm afraid that you'll despise me and my child. I'm a normal person. I'm not as beautiful as Mo
Mengshan. My child is ugly. It's normal. "

He was contemptuous and cold,"look at me every day and don't look in the mirror. You won't affect

"I can see everyone but not Mo Mengshan anyway." She pouted, slipped out of his arms, and hurried
into the cloakroom to change.

She had a sense of escape from danger and the afterlife. Fortunately, Qin Yichen had no doubt.
Otherwise, she would die. One body, two lives!

After coming out, she moved the wet sheets and quilts to the balcony to dry, and then laid a new one.

"Qin Yichen, why did you come back? I thought you didn't come back at night?"

"Come here." He didn't answer her questions, just tickled his fingers, as if greeting a pet.

She climbed to the bedside. "What?"

"Serve me."

Qin Yichen was satisfied with her meekness tonight. He held the back of his head with his hands.

The cold moon sank to the West.

"You should be so clever in the future, you know?" His voice had a kind of feeling, which seemed to be
called gentleness. It was into her ears and made her a little dizzy.

She seemed to have walked in the Sahara desert for a long time without drinking a drop of water. Like
the thirsty people, she suddenly bathed in a drizzle and had the vitality of life again.

She always thought that she didn't care, his attitude and his idea. These didn't matter to her.

But at the moment, she found that she cared. From the deepest of her heart, she also longed for a little
warmth from him.

She raised her hand and covered her abdomen. If the child was his, her life might be better in the

If not...

She panicked and stopped. She didn't dare to think any more. She really didn't have the courage.

God, pity her. Don't make fun of her and torture her.

She didn't have that much pressure resistance.

Even if it was steel, under great pressure, it would break, let alone she was only a man who had flesh
and blood.

Hard swallowing saliva, she made a little weak voice, "as long as master is satisfied."

The word "master" meant to please.

Qin Yichen thought it was good, and he turned up his lips. "Later in this room, you call me master."

"I see, master." She spoke softly, meekly like a cat.

It just a call. She would not suffer any loss, and their relationship was essentially a puppet and master.

Qin Yichen stroked her head with gentle movements, obviously praising the obedient pet.

She closed her eyes and brought the worry into her dream.

The next morning, she was woken up by the Wechat sound.

It was sent by Xu Ruochen: back to Jincheng?

"Yes." She replied with a word.

"I've contacted a hospital where can make a secret paternity test, and then I'll take you there."

Her fingers shook violently and her cell phone fell to the ground.

Bending down, she was about to pick it up. However, a big hand took the mobile phone first.