Love in full bloom

Chapter 219 Took A Peek

Mo Qinyu felt like waking up from a dream. She jumped up from the sofa and hurriedly searched for her
clothes on the ground.

God, what was she doing?

There was a strong sense of guilt in her heart.

“I… I have to go.”

“You can’t leave. Your brother is here. He’s at the door of my office.” Qin Yichen said in a low voice.

“Xiaowu?” Mo Qinyu was shocked.

“You haven’t seen him for a long time. Don’t you want to meet him?” Qin Yichen raised his eyebrows.

She peeked into the room, “I’ll just peek from here.” she grabbed her clothes on the ground and
hurriedly hid in.

Qin Yichen tidied up his own clothes and sat down on his chair.

Mo Xiaowu just came back from Jiangcheng, “Brother, I’ll do my internship next week at Renmin

“Your sister would be very happy to know that you’re so capable.” Qin Yichen stood up and handed him
a bottle of juice from the fridge.

“Brother, I went to see my sister yesterday. The roses on her tombstone were gone. It seemed that no
one changed them for days. Didn’t you ask someone to send her fresh roses every morning? Is this
man lazy or something?”

Mo Xiaowu frowned.

“I’m the one who discharge him. He doesn’t need to send it anymore. She doesn’t need it.” Qin Yichen
said in a casual tone.

“Why?” Mo Xiaowu was confused.

Qin Yichen looked at his room.

Mo Qinyu was hiding inside. She peeped at them through a narrow gap.

When she heard Mo Xiaowu’s words, she had a mixed feelings.

Did Qin Yichen even ask people to send her roses every day?

God, was this something king of the devil would do?

When she ‘lived’, she didn’t even receive a single petal. Unexpectedly, when she ‘died’, she received
flowers every day.

Wasn’t it ironic?

Qin Yichen withdrew his stare. He coughed and said, “I dreamt about your sister the other day. She
said she remarried and had a baby. She told me that I don’t need to send her flowers anymore.”

“Brother, do you still believe in dreams? As a doctor, I should tell you that dream is just a subconscious
behavior of the brain. None of it is true.”

“What if it is really true?” Qin Yichen shrugged.

Mo Xiaowu pursed his lips and whispered, “Only if she married to Brother Shi Cong, that dream is true.”

“She didn’t marry Shi Cong, she married another man. Your sister is stupid. She is easy to be cheated
on. If someone sweet-talking her, she will commit at once.” Qin Yichen was a little angry.

Mo Xiaowu sighed. He looked at him and couldn’t help but to feel worried. His brother-in-law must be
very sad that he talked nonsense.

It had been four years and he had not over his grief of losing his sister.

“Brother…” he was about to speak when he saw a lavender-colored lingerie under the sofa.

He bent down and picked it up.

That was woman’s underwear.

He was stunned for a hot second.

Qin Yichen, himself, was also shocked.

The woman hiding inside the room suddenly had an impulse to just drop dead.

She was only wearing a skirt with nothing underneath it.

She did look of it but she didn’t expect that it would fall under the sofa.

Qin Yichen must had thrown it!

There was silence and embarrassment hanging in air inside the office.

Mo Xiaowu looked at the man sitting on the chair, “Brother, do you have a woman?”

Qin Yichen said, “Your sister has remarried. It is normal for me to find a woman.”

“Brother, you shouldn’t be angry with my sister because of a dream. You can find another woman. You
can also take away the roses you sent to my sister.”

Qin Yichen shrugged. He did not say a word.

Mo Xiaowu was even more worried now.

His brother-in-law was indeed too sad and hysterical.

“Brother, it’s better for you to find a woman. Since my sister has passed away, you should forget her.
You have a long life. You still have time to find another woman.”

“Have you eaten yet?” Qin Yichen quickly shifted the topic. He couldn’t let him continue.

“Yes, I have.” Mo Xiaowu pointed the box on the table, “My mother made some pancakes. I bring you

“Tell her I say thank you.”

“I have to go back to school. I’ll take my leave.” Mo Xiaowu patted him on the shoulder andn left.

Mo Qinyu came out of the room, picked up her lingerie, and put it on in embarrassment.

“Qin Yichen, when I was alive, I didn’t receive any flowers from you. I did not expect when I die I could
still receive flowers from you every day.” said Mo Qinyu mocking him.

Qin Yichen stretch his arms and pulled her into his hug, “Do you want it?”

His words were full of temptation. It seemed that he intend to tempt her to go back to hell with him.

She was stunned and hurriedly turned her head away, “It’s late. I should go.”

“Mo Qinyu, I’ll wait you to come back. Don’t test my patience.” he said in a low and clear voice, almost
like commanding her.

She didn’t answer. She was afraid that she would make him angry and that he would not let her leave.

She grabbed her bag on the sofa and ran out in panic.

When she went back to the hotel, her heart was pounding very fast. She could not calm down.

How could she go back?

She could not go back!

It was impossible for her to abandon her family and her children.

Their relationship was over since the day she left.

Besides, he didn’t like her. He only behaved out of overwhelming possessiveness.

Supposed she decided to go back with him, he wouldn’t be so gentle anymore. He would return into a
devil and made her his puppet again.

Her mobile rang. It was a video call from Xiao Naibao.

“Mommy, I can restore the cube in two minutes. Here, I’ll show you.” he picked his rubik cube and
started playing with it with his fingers. He soon restored all four sides of the cube.

“Honey, that’s great.” she raised her thumb and praised his son.

His lovely little face was as pure as an angel.

He was the part of her life. He was even more important than herself.

She couldn’t do anything that might hurt him.

Finn came inside Qin Yichen’s office.

“Boss, tomorrow’s schedule has been arranged. Would you like to take a look?”

“Cancel all the arrangements. I have something to do.”

“Do you want to go out with your wife?” Finn teased him.

“You talk too much.” said Qin Yichen indifferently.

Finn pursed his lips. He hid a big secret in his heart. He was unsure whether Qin Yichen would kick him
out or kill him if he told him the truth.