Love in full bloom

Chapter 217 Look At Me

“You can deny it. I will keep it a secret for you, especially from Qin Yichen.” said Ruchen.

She lowered her head and sighed.

She seemed to be giving her consent.

Ruchen’s eyes were bright. Even in the dark of the night, those eyes were still shining.

That was because the woman he loved was still alive.

“Qinyu, no matter where you are, no matter who you become, as long as you’re still alive, I just wish
that you live well.”

Mo Qinyu felt her eyes glistened.

He was not Shi Cong. However, whenever she saw him, she felt like Shi Cong was back.

It had been seven years. Time flied, indeed.

He had been away for seven years.

There were many people in the past and the past felt like yesterday.

After a long silence, Ruchen said, “Your son is very lovely. He said that I’m the angel on your painting.”

Mo Qinyu choked. She finally understood why Ruchen recognized her, the way Qin Yichen did.

It was the painting that caused this disaster.

It was her own fault.

“He’s just too curious.”

Ruche hooked a sad smile, “Xu Ruochen is a considerate man. I feel like me and Qin Yichen are

His heart was for sure tangled and sad, but all of this was better than her death.

He missed her all over again.

It seemed that he was destined to stay by her side in silence, instead of in relationship.

Something popped in his mind, “Does Qin Yichen recognize you?”

She clenched her lips and thought of the violence she had suffered. She turned cold, unable to speak.

Ruchen thought that she was afraid. He comforted her, “Don’t worry. I will cover for you. As long as you
don’t admit it, he won’t do anything to you.”

She wept silently in her heart.

Qin Yichen was the king of the devil. How could he not do anything to her?

Even if she didn’t admit it, he would still tortured her to death.

“I should go back.” she said faintly, like a passing night wind.

He nodded and walked to the corridor with her.

In the ballroom, Xu Ruofang was busy playing with Xiao Naibao.

Mo Qinyu came in alone. Ruchen didn’t come with her. He left directly.

The scene of Mo Qinyu with her family was heartbreaking to him.

“Mommy, when I grow up I will learn hypnotism and become a hypnotist.” Xiao Naibao was holding Xu
Ruofang’s pocket watch. He shook it attentively.

Mo Qinyu fondled his head and said, “No matter what you want to do later, mommy and daddy will
always support you.”

Xu Ruofang took a sip of cocktail and asked casually, “I heard that Ruchen was here. How can I not
see him?”

“Maybe he already left.” she shrugged and said lightly.

“Did he doubt you at all?”

She smiled lightly, “I don’t worry about him at all. Even if he doubts me, he will keep it a secret for me.”

“So, you believe him.” Xu Ruochen hooked a strange smile. He seemed a little unhappy.

“He is like my own brother and me, his own sister. The only man I can trust in Jincheng beside you is
him.” Mo Qinyu said firmly.

Xu Ruochen didn’t get angry. He just smiled.

He liked her frankness.

He turned to his sister, “The day after tomorrow, I will go to Europe to deal with the acquisition of Abel
Company. It may take a week to come back. I have to ask you to take care of my wife. No harm shall
come to her.”

“Don’t worry, Brother. I’ll help you look after my sister-in-law.” Xu Ruofang laughed.


The next few days, Mo Qinyu was busy with Floweer Branch Company.

She forgot about Qin Yichen, but Finn suddenly called her.

Qin Yichen asked her come to Jincheng to talk about their cooperation.

Her nerves were tense, “Tell Mr. Qin that I’m very busy these days. I can’t leave office. I’ll let my
assistant to come, okay?”

“Boss said if you don’t want to come there, then he will come to you.” Finn sighed, “Mrs. Xu, escape is
not the way out for some problems.”

Mo Qinyu’s hand was slightly trembling. She used to be a sheep in a tiger’s mouth. She knew if she
didn’t go, the hunter would come and catch her.

She took Xiao Naibao to Xu Zhai and let Mother Xu took care of him. She later took a flight to Jincheng.

There was anger in her heart. She decided to negotiate with Qin Yichen. She would not allow him to
threaten her anymore.

Qin Yichen had been waiting for her in the office for a long time.

It was her first time here.

When the door was closed, the room seemed to be isolated from the rest of the world.

Qin Yichen sat in the big chair, three meterw away from her. She could feel the chill that made her

“Qin Yichen, I come here to solve our problem once and for all. If we meet happily, we should also part
happily. So, why bother?”

“Good. I agree.” Qin Yichen suddenly stood up from his chair and walked to her direction, “Pay off the
debt you owe me, after that you can get the hell out of here.”

She took a step back to the wall, “How do I repay it?”

He curved a treacherous smile and brought his lips to her ears. She could feel his hot breath on her
face. She felt a faint pain, “I’ll give you the lowest price. Once a week, fifty times a year, two hundred
times for four years. After that, we’re done.”

He said that slowly, like a faint breeze, but that made her heart beating.

She blushed while feeling ashamed and angry, “Qin Yichen, you’re shameless!”

He pinched her chin, “You betrayed your husband and spent four years with other man. This offer is
cheap for you. You should be thankful.”

He tightened his pinch. She groaned with pain.

“I was only your puppet. Our marriage was a tragedy. It was a long overdue.”

“If you want to end this, then do it with me 200 times.”

“Don’t touch me again!” she stormed out of the office.

He grabbed her arm, swung her gently, and then threw her on the carpet.

She struggled to get up, but he held her down. He grabbed his handcuffs on the tea table. He twisted
her arms to her back and beat her up.

He picked her up and dragged her to the bathroom. She was pressed on the washstand.

“Qin Yichen, let me go!” she asked angrily.

He grabbed the back of her head and forced her to look directly at the mirror, “Mo Qinyu, I want you to
look at it today.”