Love in full bloom

Chapter 216 You’re Uncle Angel

Ruchen’s eyes swept the crowd and fell on Mo Qinyu at once.

He jumped up from his chair in shock. His fingers were trembling and his glass fell to the ground.

He came back to his senses and rushed to her like a tornado, “Qinyu, is that you? Qinyu, you’re still
alive!” he was so excited that he stuttered. He was in a state of extreme excitement.

Xu Ruochen patted him on the shoulder, “She looked like Mo Qinyu, didn’t she? However, she is not
Mo Qinyu. She is my wife, Yi Ran.”

His words were like a bucket of ice dripping unto Ruchen’s head. He felt he was kicked into the abyss.

He felt so lost and miserable that his inner organ felt about to be shattered.

“She’s not Mo Qinyu? Isn’t she Mo Qinyu?” he kept muttering.

Mo Qinyu looked at thim.

The familiar face triggered all the memories about Shi Cong.

Ruchen saw her as a friend who could be trusted.

Shi Cong was her first love. He might as well be the love of her life. Even if he dies, she would never
forget him.

“Ruochen, aren’t you going to introduce him?” she said in a low voice while trying to cover up the wild
beating in her heart.

“Ruchen is the young master of the Qin family of Yangcheng.”

She smiled, “Hello, Young Master Qin.”

Ruchen stared at her. He could not believe that she was not Mo Qinyu.

There were so many people in the world born with similar faces, like him and Shi Cong. Now, Mo Qinyu
and Yi Ran, too?

“Mrs. Xu, you look like my friend.”

“Does that friend you mean is the wife of Mr. Qin? Are we really alike? Even he had mistaken me.” Mo
Qinyu shrugged and smiled.

She suddenly realized that if one wanted cut off the past and started a new life, one must had a plastic
surgery, so that one would not be recognized by former acquaintances.

Ruchen was shocked, “Have you seen Qin Yichen?”

“I met him once when I was in Yangcheng.”

Ruchen’s eyes were dim as if the light was taken away by the night.

She must not be Mo Qinyu, otherwise, Qin Yichen wouldn’t be so calm.

Xiao Naibao blinked his eyes and stared at him. He was curious. Why did this uncle appear in
mommy’s painting?

There was two figures in his mother’s painting, one was the king of the devil, and the other one was an
angel. This uncle and the angel looked like each other.

Xu Ruochen picked him up and took Mo Qinyu with him to greet the other guests.

Ruchen found a seat and observed them for quite a while.

When the music started, Xu Ruochen took Mo Qiniyu’s hand to the dance floor.

Xiao Naibao went to find Ruchen. His nanny followed him.

“Uncle Qin, are you an angel?”

Ruchen picked him up and sat him down beside him, “I’m not an angel. All angels live in heaven.”

“But, you look like one.” Xiao Naibao said seriously.

“Have you seen the angel?” Ruchen asked him a childish manner.

He nodded, “Yes, in my mom’s painting. She drew two figures. One was the kind of the devil and the
other one was an angel. Uncle Qin Yichen looked like the devil and you looked like the angel.”

This attracted his attention.

“Is it really like me?”

“Well, it’s similar. My mother said that there was an angel in the world and he was very kind.”

Suddenly, the dying hope in Ruchen’s heart burned bright again. It burned even brighter now.

“Who is the king of the devil?”

“The kind of the devil was the ruler of hell. He reincarnated in the world and became a tyrant. All people
should obey him, otherwise they would be locked up in a black house. He looked like Uncle Qin
Yichen, but I know it was not him, because he was a good man, not a tyrant.”

Ruchen smiled and stroked his head. It seemed that the little boy had a good impression on Qin

“I don’t know your name yet.” said Ruchen.

“My name is Xiaojun, Xu Xiaojun.” Xiao Naibao smiled, showing his row of white teeth.

On the dance floor, Xu Ruochen gently tugged Mo Qinyu’s hand. She spun smoothly into his arms.

“I heard that Ruchen was very similar to your former boyfriend. Is that true?”

They rarely talked about Ruchen. When he saw him today, he remembered this and asked casually.

“Yes.” she nodded.

“No wonder you used to ask me a lot about him.” said Ruchen while curving up his lips.

“People are always curious.” she smiled. She didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Xu Ruochen didn’t ask much. He knew his opponent was not Ruchen, but Qin Yichen.

“Him and Qin Yichen are both the past. I am now your present and future.”

She subconsciously lowered her eyes. Shi Cong had really became the past, but Qin Yichen was like a
line between life and death. He was not to be crossed.

Her back was chilled when she remembered him. She had this feeling that she could be dragged back
to hell anytime.

Xu Ruochen saw her silence. He bowed his head and put his lips to her ears, “My wife is so popular, I’ll
be jealous.”

She gave him a coquettish look and laughed, “You’re able to feel jealous, too?”

“Of course. You’re all I have now. No one can take you away.” he said tenderly. She felt warm both
inside and outside.

In fact, she had not been clear about what kind of feelings Xu Ruochen had for her. She didn’t want to
explore either.

One should felt content and not expect too much, or one would lose.

“Ruochen, thank you for giving me a stable life. I’m very happy. I’ll protect this family. I’ll let no one
destroy us.” she said firmly.

He smiled and bent forward to kiss her.

As long as Xu Ruochen had her heart, Qin Yichen stood no chance.

After the dance, she went to fix her makeup.

When she came out, she met Ruchen.

“Mrs. Xu, can we find a quiet place to talk?”

She was a little surprised. She hesitated for a while and followed him silently.

When they were at a balcony, he suddenly grabbed her shoulder, “You are Mo Qinyu. I know who you

She starlted, then shook her head hard, "Mr. Ru, sorry, you make a mistake, I'm not Mo Qinyu."