Love in full bloom

Chapter 208: The Special Reunion

From the day she returned. she wondered if she would meet Qin Yichen and imagined 11 million
scenes with him in her mind.

But never thought it would be like this.

And she never thought it would be so fast.

She just glanced at the crowd and saw him.

He was as good as ever, immaculate, handsome, cold and proud. And people dared not approach, and
dared to look up secretly at forty-five degrees.

He seemed to see her and was looking for her.

She can't show up, can't be "caught" by him, and can't be found out by him.

She managed to escape from his hell, and she couldn't go back.

Maybe he wanted her to die, but he certainly didn't want her pretend to die.

If he found out the truth, he would put her in a specially built room, so that she would never see the sky
from now on, and spend her life in darkness and loneliness.

Under the big tree, Qin Yichen fell down on the grass, and the sharp pain came back again. The pain
made it difficult for him to breathe and he couldn't stand up.

At this moment, a small figure came over, "Uncle Devil, here it is, I have received your message, and I
am going to find you."

Although he was small, his eyes were sharp, and he can be seen at a glance through the crowds.

The immature little voice, liked a stream of spring flowing into his sore heart, eased his pain.

He gritted his lower teeth, and slowly stood up. "Little guy, see you again."

Somehow, seeing this child, an emotion that can be called father's love would emerge in his heart, it's
warm, as if a ray of sunlight spilled into the cold and dark chest, warming him all stand up.

He never felt that way about other children.

He didn't like children.

Xiaojun grinned, "Uncle, didn't you say you brought a young lady? Where is she, why didn't I see her?"

Qin Yichen just remembered Qin Chuxia, and quickly picked up his mobile phone and called her to let
her come here.

Qin Chuxai was looking for Qin Yichen, and when she turned, he disappeared.

"Boss, I have been looking for you for a long time, and thought you left me and ran away?"

For the past four years, his soul seemed to be absent from himself, and it's not surprising to do such a

Xiaojun stepped forward and introduced himself, "Sister, hello, my name is Xiaojun, and I am a friend of
Uncle Demon."

Qin Chuxia's surprised. What happened? Boss was playing with a child he didn't know!

Qin Yichen saw her astonishment and added, "He is Xu Ruochen's son."

"Oh." Qin Chuxia understood it now, grinning, "He's Brother Xu's child."

Qin Yichen took them to the dessert shop and ordered them fruit smoothies.

Qin Chuxia took a bite and looked at Xiaojun and said, "If you want to call him uncle, you can't call me
sister. I'm his younger sister. You have to call me aunt.

Xiaojun widened eyes and looked at her, "But you are also a small child."

"I'm not young anymore, I'm twelve years old." Qin Chuxia said solemnly.

Xiaojun's thick long eyelashes flickered. "Well then, let me call you aunt, I already have an aunt."

Qin Yichen touched his head, noticed that there were only two nannies beside him, and asked,
"Where's your mommy?"

"Mom went to the bathroom just now. I called her and asked her to come here." Xiaojun raised his
small wrist and called the watch. Mo Qinyu's still in the same place.

Just now she saw her son and Qin Yichen were walking together.

She was so frightened that her legs lost all the strength and her knees trembled.

Oh my god, how did Xiaojun know Qin Yichen?

God was joking with her again, was he going to tease her again?

She almost shuddered when the phone rang.

"Xiaojun, where are you, why didn't Mommy see you?"

"I'm at the Dessert Shop, just opposite Beluga Museum. Mommy, come here quickly. I'll introduce
Uncle Demon to you."

Uncle Demon? !!

She wanted to cry.

Qin Yichen was indeed the demon, Shura demon king from hell.

He would drag her back to hell at any time.

What should she do?

She can't walk over like this.

She couldn't calm down, she's panic and terrified.

She originally thought that she could calmly face Qin Yichen, but now she found that this's difficult, so
difficult, and she must make adequate preparations in advance.

They met so suddenly that she was taken aback and she couldn't handle it.

She wandered for a while. She thought of the sunglasses and masks in her handbag and quickly took
them out and put them on.

Covered her face, it's much better.

He couldn't see her looks and expressions, and he wouldn't discover her secrets.

She went to the dessert shop, and when she sat down, she shocked the little boy. "Mommy, why do
you wear sunglasses and a mask?"

"I didn't know if I had touched any pollen, I was a little bit allergic, and there were a few rashes on my
face, and tears came out," she explained, her eyes hidden behind the sunglasses kept staring at Qin


Qin Yichen was also looking at her.

He came here just to see what she looked like.

But she was so heavily armed that he could barely see her face.

"Mommy, this is Uncle Demon. I met him yesterday at the jewelry show. He looks like the Shura Demon
in your painting." Xiaojun said with a smile.

"Hello, Mrs. Xu." Qin Yichen said faintly.

"Hello." Mo Qinyu said under her throat, lest he could recognize the voice.

Qin Chuxia took a bite of smoothie and asked with a smile: "Sister Yi, I did not expect that you are the
designer of floweer. I have read reports about you on the Internet. Are there really kadupul flowers in
this world?"

This was what Xiaojun told her just now.

"Yes, but rarely seen." Mo Qinyu nodded.

"Have you ever seen it?" Qin Chuxia looked at her curiously.

Mo Qinyu had never seen it, the flower only exists in her imagination.

She didn’t answer, and it ’s hard to answer, after all, kadupul flowers were known to many people
because of her design.

If she said she hadn't seen it, she must be embarrassed.

"There will be a performance later, you have to eat quickly, or you will miss it." She changed the topic.

Qin Chuxia was a little disappointed, but she didn't ask any more. She had grown up and knew the
world a little.

Mo Qinyu also saw that she was no longer the little girl who always insisted on getting to the bottom of
the matter.

After eating smoothie and coming out of the dessert shop, Qin Yichen's stomach suddenly had a
cramp, and he couldn't bear to bend down.

This action frightened Mo Qinyu, so she subconsciously supported him, "Qin Yichen, what's wrong with

He looked up and looked at her, his handsome features twisted in pain, but his eyes were still very
sharp, "How do you know that my name is Qin Yichen?"