Love in full bloom

Chapter 214: Jump Into The River

"I'm no longer Mo Qinyu. I'm Yi Ran. I'm married in the United States. I have a husband, child, and a
happy family. Why should I return to hell and continue to be tortured and enslaved by you? I will not go
back, nor will I die. "

She said so directly, so resolutely, so cruelly, and so desperately.

She would not return to the Qin family again, didn't endure the cold treatment of Mrs. Qin, didn't face
the endless persecution and humiliation of Qin Yiman, and didn't want to be rejected by him as a dirty

She was embarrassed every day, and she can’t even breathe smoothly. Even if she was a tadpole, she
was also a person. Don’t trample on her own dignity and break into pieces.

On his handsome face, a painful nerve twitched, and the lightning-like sharp pain quickly spread to his
internal organs. "Well, pay off the debts owed in these four years!"

The siege of his siege reached the gate of the city with a murderous aggressiveness.

Her emaciated body shuddered in extreme panic, shaking her teeth up and down.

She twisted her body desperately and kicked him desperately with her feet, but she couldn't push him
at all.

"Let me go, Qin Yichen, please, I'm Xu Ruochen's wife, you can't touch me ... help, help, who can help
me!" She cried, begged, called for help.

Qin Yichen's face was covered with bloodthirsty suffocation, and his eyes were burning with mad
flames. He had no sense, only anger, desire and pain.

Tears kept falling from the corners of her eyes.

The blackness in her eyes was only cold, dark and hopeless.

There seemed to be a scream in her ears. He was a ghost from Hell who had come to call for souls
and wanted to drag her into Hell again.

"Four years, you are still like a dead fish." Qin Yichen's mocking voice accompanied by a heavy gasp
sounded in her ears.

She kept her eyes closed and dared not open, because she didn't need to see her embarrassment and

She still had to go home. Her husband and child were still waiting for her at home.

Xu Ruochen!

How should she face him? What other face did she have to face him?

She's sorry for him!

She's a dirty sinner!

He bit her earlobe, and his voice came coldly and quietly: "Mo Qinyu is dead, but she has to pay the
debts. This is just the beginning."

She curled up, and the chill spread across every pore, which made her tremble with excitement, "What
debt does she owe you?"

He stretched out five fingers, pinched her chin, and spit it out word by word, "She has deceived me for
four years, and there is no pardon!"

"How do you want her to pay back?" She said weakly.

A hard cold and tricky cold light flashed through his eyes, "I will let you know."

He walked to the cabinet, took out a set of clothes from it and threw it to her, "Get dressed, it's time to
talk about business."

She really wanted to jump up and bite him.

He even prepared spare clothes for her. Today's meeting was already planned by him.

"What else do you want to talk about?"

"Jvlear wants to become a major shareholder of floweer." He took out a stack of investment agreement
and threw it to her.

She shook violently. "What do you want to do? Floweer is mine."

"I want to invest in you, you should be honored." He shrugged, and said slowly.

"No, I don't lack investment." She hummed and shook off the paper.

He sat on the chair, and looked like a dictator. "You can refuse, but floweer don't expect to open the
Chinese market. Even Xu Ruochen can't help you." He spit out threats word by word. .

The blue veins on her forehead twisted.

She's very clear, Qin Yichen had this ability.

The Xu family was not involved in the jewelry industry, but jvlea was a leading company in the jewelry
market. Behind it, there's a mining group owned by the Qin group, which was one of the world's largest
rough stone suppliers.

Qin Yichen killed the floweer would be as easy as pinching an ant.

She bit her lip and took a deep breath. "I can accept jvlear's investment, but you are not allowed to
think of it or to influence my decision."

Qin Yichen said with a cold smile, "I'm not interested in a little ant."

She walked out of the conference room, her legs were still soft, leaning against the wall, she staggered
for a long time before she reached the elevator.

She and Xu Ruochen lived in their villa, they did not live in the Xu family.

When she returned home, Xu Ruochen had not yet returned, he had a business date tonight.

The little boy's already asleep.

She ran into the bathroom, eager to wash off the wolf howl, and washed away the humiliation left by
Qin Yichen.

As soon as she thought of everything in the conference room, she shivered, terrified.

What should she do?

What should she do to get rid of this demon king?

She returned to the room, and soon after falling asleep, Xu Ruochen returned.

When she heard the door open, she closed her eyes hastily.

She couldn't tell him what happened today, she couldn't tell.

She was ashamed of him, she should die.

If it wasn't for Xiaojun, she really wanted to jump straight into the River and die.

Xu Ruochen turned on the night light on the wall, walked to the bed, and bowed his head and kissed
her gently.

Suddenly, his gaze fell on the bruises on her wrists.

This was the trace left by Qin Yichen when she was restrained.