Love in full bloom

Chapter Stay there!

She had a deep breath.

She knew that it’s because he is possessive.

His desire to be in scary possession. He will think it dirty and throw it if anyone else touched his

She is a woman has been touched by another man. He wanted to return her at the first day but he
can’t. Because this marriage was decided by the family. He just kept tormenting her and forced her to

But she won’t give him what he wants. She has to hang in there for her brother.

“ I ...didn’t think about him anymore.”

If lies can release his anger and get herself out of danger, she would like to try.

The corners of his mouth twitched and eyes squinted, peering sharply into her face,”Do you trick me?”

“I don’t.”She shook her head and tried to be peacefully,”He has been dead for 3 years. Why didn’t I let
myself release? Didn’t you call me scheming girl? You are so great, more handsome, more excellent. I
am so scheming. How could I will always think about a dead man but abandon a perfect live man?

He smiled and seemed to be flattered by her words.

Maybe what he think is wrong?

That ugly man is not good than himself. As a scheming girl, should know which one is better.

“You’d better remember what you said today. Otherwise you will be put in the Pig Cage next time, not
bathtub anymore!”

“I know. I will keep it in mind.” She nodded hard.

She absolutely believed that he will make a pig cage and throw her in the river. This devil will do

A wise man knows when to retreat and she need to circulate wisely.

Qin Yichen stood up and seemed like the king conquered the prey, left arrogantly.

She took a deep breath, survived!

For daughter’s happiness, Mrs. Qin went to Ru’s home in Yang city, mediated the relationship and
picked him home to eat dinner.

These days, Ruchen repeated to have a same dream.

He dreamed a girl wearing a long dress in the lake water color, painting under the old banyan tree.

The wind blew her hair. Her black hair flew in the wind, like spirits are dancing.

She turned her back on him and he really wanted to know how she looks like. But every time he got
close to her, he was awake. 

Who is she?

She is not Qin Yiman.

Why would he dream like this? He can’t figure it out.

Sitting on the sofa, he looked at Qin Yiman sometimes.

She doesn’t look like that girl in dream.

Although can’t see her face clearly, but through her back. He can feel that this girl is very pure, not so
sexy like Qin Yiman.

Qin Yiman didn’t know what he was thinking about and thought he missed her because they didn’t see
each other for several days. She felt happy when he kept looking at her.

“Your engagement ceremony would be in two days. How come you can have argument? Yiman is a
little bit self-willed. I will let her apologize and you should turn this over.

Ruchen frowned his eyebrows,” Aunt Chu, what I want is a wife who is gentle and kind, not a self-willed
daughter from a wealthy family. Do I need to avoid to be there if there was a woman?”

Qin Yiman snorted and didn’t think she did something wrong,” You don’t know what kind of people Mo
Qinyu is. She hooked up with Xu Ruochen when she attend the first party. And secretly keep in touch
with him and never let YIcjhen know.”

Ruchen sneered,” Xu Ruochen came out, didn’t you know that?”

People often saw Xu Ruochen with a mixed-blood at this period. They looked very close and don’t like
normal friends. This has been spread around the circle and he didn’t explain that. Clearly he admitted

Qin Yiman pouted,” Anyhow you need to keep distance with her and had better no talking, no
meeting. Keep the distance as far as possible.

“Yiman, don’t act up.” Mrs. Qin stopped her instantly,”When you get married, Chen and Mo Qinyu
would be the brother in law and sister in law, It’s impossible that they have no talking. If you are so
suspicious, I won’t help you anymore.”

She won’t believe that Mo Qinyu will tempt Ruchen.

Though she has a lot of disadvantages and misbehavior.she is scheming and not stupid.

Yichen is excellent and nobody can compare with him among the young celebrities. She will try her
best to stick to Yichen, how come she would tempt other people? Besides, Ruchen is her brother in

Qin Yiman stamped,” Mom. Mo Qinyu sucks.”

“Enough.” Mrs. Qin didn’t allow her to keep saying,” Your makeup is massed up and go upstairs to
refine it.”

“Is it?” She stood up when she listened that.

She really cares about her appearance. She has to be perfect because she is the most beautiful
woman in Jin City.

Ruchen was livid and Mrs. Qin had comforted him,” Maybe because you will engage soon, Yiman is a
bit nervous and she was afraid to lose you. She will get better after this period.”

“I want to hang out.”

Ruchen stood up and he knew it took a long time when Qin Yiman makes up. He went to the lake’s
side alone and got some air.

The setting sun was on the grass. A girl sat there, drawing.

She wore a white long dress, pure like could on the sky.

The setting sun fell down on her body, gold halo around her.

The wind came from the lake. Her black hair flew in the wind.

The scene was same as the dream.

The view of her back was the same as the dream.

He run here unconsciously.

Mo Qinyu heard the footstep and turned around.

Ru Chen was stupefied when looked at her,” Qin Yu, why you are here?”

“You thought I was sister? Aren’t you together with her?” Mo Qinyu shrugged her shoulders.

Back from the company, she went to the lake’s side alone and drew there, wanted to find some
inspirations for design.

Ruchen was a bit awkward, how would he can’t figure out? Actually he meant that how would Mo Qinyu
would be the same as the phantom in dream.

“Are you drawing?”

He stepped forward and wanted to come over. Mo Qinyu shouted,” Brother, stay there. Otherwise,
sister will misunderstand again that I am trying to tempt you.”

Ru Chen was distracted and didn’t know should laugh or cry at that time,” Did she scare you to be like

Mo Qinyu shook her head,”I just don’t want to mass it up. You will engage soon. I can’t undertake it if
you fall out because of some trifles.”

Ru Chen had a forced smile, which more like a sign.

He turned around to leave and glimpsed her bracelet.

This so familiar. Seemed that he has ever seen that before.