Love in full bloom

Chapter 211: Be My Bride

"I won't let him take you away. Mo Qinyu is dead. You are Yi Ran, you are my wife." Xu Ruochen said

"I asked my mother, he transferred my account to his name, and he never logged out." She sighed,

As long as he cancelled the account, their marriage relationship was completely ended, otherwise, she
was still his legal wife.

Xu Ruochen took her face up and looked at her solemnly: "Yi Ran, as long as you don't admit it, Qin
Yichen can't take you anyway. So in any case, you must think of yourself as Yi Ran, understand?"

"Yes." She nodded.

Mo Qinyu was dead, and Thai police produced a death certificate.

She was not Mo Qinyu, but Yi Ran.

Seeing that she was slightly relaxed, he let go of her, walked to the refrigerator, and took out a bottle of
fresh orange juice from it and handed it to her.

"Where is son? Why didn't he come back with you?"

"He wants to play, I'll let the nanny take care of him." She said lightly.

Xu Ruochen's brown eyes flickered. "Is Qin Yichen also nearby?"

"He came with Lu Chuxia, Xiaojun wanted to play with her, I am not good at rejecting it, I can only
agree." She said helplessly, opened the juice, grunted a big mouthful, and remained calm.

Xu Ruochen held up the cup on the coffee table and shook it gently, "You just rest assured that your
son and Qin Yichen are together?"

"Although he is tyrannical, he won't hurt the child. And he doesn't know my identity, just a little doubt.
So don't worry about it for now."

She said quietly, and unconsciously remembered Qin Yichen's words, "If she obediently comes back,
no matter what she has done outside, even if there is another man, I can never blame her ... if she
doesn't have any repentance, and was caught by me, and I must banish her to a desert island ... "

She was determined that if Qin Yichen knew that she had married Xu Ruochen and had a child, she
would never be blameless. Even if she surrendered, she would be exiled to a desert island and
imprisoned for life.

Xu Ruochen put down the cup and held her skinny shoulder. "Aran, can you tell me the truth? In the
past four years, have you thought of Qin Yichen?"

He closed his lips and his expression became very serious.

She shook slightly, to say that she hadn't thought of it at all, it was a lie.

Occasionally, she still thought of him, but this thought eventually turned into a nightmare.

"I will dream of him, dream of being caught back by him, locked in a dark room and flicked with a whip,
and then woke up."

Hearing this, Xu Ruochen laughed, and a little haze quietly disappeared, "Since it is a nightmare, why
paint him? If Xiaojun didn't see your painting, he wouldn't be curious to talk to Qin Yichen. "

"I used to paint secretly, but after I left, I never drew it again. Xiaojun saw the picture that I accidentally
put in the design draft. If he didn't take it out, I would n’t know what about it. "she explained awkwardly.

Xu Ruochen kissed her forehead and hugged her into his arms. "Aran, you are mine. You can only
have me in your heart, no one else, you know?"

She opened her arms and hugged him back, "Achen, now you and Xiaojun are all I have."

He's her husband, Xiaojun's father, and the man she entrusted in this life. Whether it's Shi Cong or Qin
Yichen, it's a thing of the past.

Even if some memories were still stored in her heart, they would never be destroyed, but she would not
let them go out and affect her marriage.

Xu Ruochen's eyes were filled with tenderness, and the tenderness was almost dripping. "After
returning to Yancheng, the first thing to do is to prepare our wedding. My mother is looking for someone
to settle the day, and it will be on the eighth day of next month. "

"Well." She smiled, two dimples jumping on her cheeks, full of happiness.

She had not been a bride, and Qin Yichen never planned to give her a wedding, nor even gave her a
wedding ring.

In his heart, she was just a coward, a decoration.

She was not qualified to enter the church with him or to wear his wedding ring.

Now she can finally be a bride once.

Only the man in front of her can treat her as a real wife, take her hand, and walk into the church

Xu Ruochen buried his face in her hair, sucking her charming fragrance, "Aran, I will make you the
most beautiful bride in the world."

He missed her once and would never miss her again.

In Ocean world.

The little boy and Uncle Devil had a great time.

In addition to Daddy, his favorite person was Uncle Demon.

After coming out of the Ocean World, Qin Yichen took him and Lu Chuxia to an Italian restaurant for

Lu Chuxia took a sip of juice and asked, "Xiaojun, will you go back to Los Angeles?"

The small boy with thick long eyelashes blinked, and smiled, "Mommy said that we don't need to back
now, and we will live in Yancheng in the future."

"If only you could come to live in Jincheng, your father used to live in Jincheng. It seems that since my
sister-in-law died, he has gone abroad and never visited Jincheng again." There was a bit of regret in it.

Qin Yichen paid attention to the latter half of her sentence. It was a coincidence that Mo Qinyu was
dead and he disappeared.

Wasn't he a gay before? Why did he find a woman to get married and have child now?

Wasn't that Yi Ran always a gay too?

"Xiaojun, have you ever seen your grandfather and grandma?" He said casually, as if just asking

He shook his head. "No, my mommy never mentioned grandparents."

"I heard your mom is from Brunei?" Lu Chuxia raised her eyebrows slightly.

"Yeah, but she is of Chinese descent, so she speaks Chinese very well."He laughed with a beautiful
little mouth.

At half-time, Lu Chuxia went to the bathroom. Xiaojun wanted to see the photos taken today, so Qin
Yichen gave him his mobile phone.

He looked it over and turned it to the end. It was a wedding photo.

Suddenly, his bright eyes widened suddenly, and he blinked hard. "Uncle Devil, how do you have a
picture of my mom?"

Qin Yichen shook fiercely, and his face was violently convulsed. "Xiaojun, are you talking about this

"Yes, she is my mom." Xiaojun said seriously, "Why do you take photos together?"

All his cells seemed to have been shaken after a twelve magnitude earthquake. "Are you sure, she is
your mom?"