Love in full bloom

Chapter 209 You look like my wife

With a violent shudder, Mo Qin Yu realized that she had revealed herself. Her face turned a little pale,
and she hurriedly explained, "I saw you in business paper. You're the President of Jvlear and we're in
the same industry, so I knew something about you. And yesterday, Chen told me that Jun met you at
the jewelry show."

Qin Yi Chen's dark eyes flashed and he was silent as if he did not doubt her words.

Qin Chu Xia helped him to sit on the chair, "boss, you have a stomachache. You drank again

"I'm fine." Qin Yi Chen waved his hand.

Mo Qin Yu pressed her lips and asked carefully, "Xia, what's wrong with your brother?"

"He has a stomach illness." Qin Chu Xia sighed,"Since my sister-in-law died, he drank a lot until he
went into hospital with his stomach bled. The doctor said he mustn't drink any more, or..."

He interrupted her before she could finish, "Qin Chu Xia, you talk too much."

He hated others know his private affairs.

Her heart rose like a mountain, like ten thousand horses galloping.

Was he sad?

How could he be upset about her death?

She was a little bug to him. Did he care about her?

Qin Chu Xia reached out her little hand and massaged his stomach, "I'm worried about you, boss. My
sister-in-law is dead."

"How am I supposed to miss a horrible stupid woman who died?" Qin Yi Chen shook off her hand and
was about to leave.

For some reason, there was an anger in his heart.

What did he see just now? Is it her soul?

Why was it gone in the blink of an eye?

She became a ghost to find Shi Cong, and then she forget all about him. She only came back once and
didn't want to see him?

Mo Qin Yu's heart, which had been in turmoil, calmed down in an instant as if it had been burned by a
big iron when she looked at his back.

That's how he put it.

How could he mourn a bug?

Her life was nothing to him.

Perhaps his only regret was that he could not torture her any longer, and that he could not let her to
taste all the eighteen layers of hell.

After arriving at the beluga whale museum, she originally wanted to stay away from Qin Yi Chen.
Unexpectedly, Xiao Jun sat on his left, and Qin Chu Xia sat beside Xiao Jun. As a result, she could
only sit on his right.

An anger rose in her chest that seemed to have been hidden for so long that she did not even notice it.

"Just now Mr. Qin scolded your dead wife. You must have a bad relationship?"

Qin Yi Chen turned to look at her, "Mrs. Xu is interested in my personal affairs?"

She tightened her fingers in her pocket slowly tightened, "no, I just think it must be sad for a woman to
be hated by her husband after she's dead."

Qin yichen's mouth twitched.

Does the hedgehog care what he says?


She must have remarried Shi Cong in heaven and they were very happy.

He was the only one who was really sad.

He was the only one who was really alone.

"Mrs. Xu, aren't you hot with a mask on?" He asked casually, which was a diversion.

Embarrassed, she lifted her mask.

She's not hot, really.

He was an iceberg, and even a person sitting next to him at 35 degrees would plunge below freezing.

She woun't be hot, she would only be cold.

"I have allergies especially to pollen, which can be worse without a mask. I don't want to go home and
scare my husband."

"Then you shouldn't like flowers." Qin Yi Chen said in a joking tone.

She choked and swallowed hard,"I'm allergic to pollen, but I love flowers."

He did not speak, but he looked back at her with some inquiry.

Suddenly he thought of something. A very sharp cold light flashed across his eyes.

Her hair and clothes seemed to resemble those of the woman he had just seen.

He had been looking at the face so intently that he had overlooked the clothes, which seemed to be the
same in retrospect.

Is this a coincidence?

Although they were the first time to meet, and he did not even see her face, but this woman always
gave him a familiar feeling, which made him think of hedgehog unconsciously.

Did he get crazy by the picture?

The hedgehog is dead.

He had been unable to accept this fact for four years, and he had always had a little illusion in his mind.

Because he didn't see her body and he saw a jar of ashes.

Finn went to Thailand to investigate. According to police records, the body was charred, and they
identified her from surveillance video and items left behind.

Mo Qin Yu's father was an honest man, he did not think too much and he did not know the Thai
language. He simply looked at her and agreed to cremate her.

The way he handled it was very sloppy.

So, he still had an indelible illusion that maybe the body wasn't hers.

"Mrs. Xu, do you believe in ghosts in this world?"

Mo Qin Yu was startled, "I don't know if there are ghosts in the world, but I believe people have souls."

There was an odd look in his handsome face, "Just now I saw a woman exactly like my wife. Do you
think I see a ghost?"

Her heart beat violently and almost jumped out.

Her back was sweating.

Why did he suddenly say that?

Did he know anything?

Was he suspecting something?

"Mr. Qin, you must have been dazzled or hallucinated."

Qin Yi Chen shrugged, "Sometime, I wonder if she's not dead. She's just hiding."

He kept staring at her as he spoke. Even through the sunglasses, she could still feel his eyes as sharp
as a knife, as sharp as the falcon, as if it could through the sunglasses at any time , through her
camouflage, and reveal all her secrets.

Unconsciously, she held down the mask on her face to prevent him from reaching for it.

"Why is she hiding?" She tried to keep her voice calm.

"Because she made a mistake and she was afraid I would punish her."

The corners of his mouth were drawn up in a slight arc like a wry smile or a silent sigh.

It was as if a rope were holding her heart, it became so tight that she could not breathe.