Love in full bloom

Chapter 212: Do You Know My Mom Before?

"Yes, she's my mom." The little boy nodded solemnly, "Uncle Devil, do you know my mom before?"

Qin Yichen's heart was surging with stormy waves, and there was a great deal of feeling for ruining the

No wonder she was so tightly covered, it turned out to be a guilty conscience!

He didn't know whether he should be happy, angry, worried, or annoyed. For a moment, all kinds of
tastes and emotions poured into his heart like a flood.

"Xiaojun, she is not your mommy, she is my wife. She just looks a bit like your mommy. Don’t tell your
mum about this photo, it ’s our secret, okay?"

"Okay." The little boy nodded smartly. "If Mommy knows that someone looks like her, she will be

Qin Yichen touched his head and said, "After two days, uncle will visit you in Yancheng." There was a
gleam of cold light in his eyes, silent and interestless.

The child's mind is the purest.

The little boy wouldn't know the story behind the adults.

He liked Uncle Devil and wanted him to come to Yancheng.

After they finished eating, he drove Xiaojun and the nanny back to Xu Ruochen's villa.

Mo Qinyu had packed her luggage, and they would return to Yancheng tonight, far away from Qin

She had been hiding in front of the window upstairs, peeping down, lest Qin Yichen would come in.

But Qin Yichen just spoke a few words to Xiaojun outside the yard and got on the car.

She was relieved and came downstairs, "Baby, are you having fun?"

"Yes, I'm especially happy" The little boy nodded, and the delicate little face laughed and opened the

Xu Ruochen bowed his head, kissed his little pink face, "Are you happy and forget Dad?"

"No, dad, I have a gift for you." The little boy took out a little bear from his own schoolbag. "This is what
my aunt taught me to clip on the doll machine. It's a gift for you."

"Our Xiaojun can bring me a gift, it's awesome." Xu Ruochen hugged him, full of doting.

Mo Qinyu looked at the father and son, and the fear in her heart faded a lot.

She must protect her own home. She cannot let the Devil of Shura destroy her happiness, she must

After a while, they boarded a plane back to Yancheng.

The next few days, she was busy setting up the floweer branch.

The potential of floweer, coupled with the strong background of the Xu Group behind Mo Qinyu, had
attracted many investors.

In the afternoon, the assistant came over, "General Manager Yi, General Manager Liu of Jinfu Group
wants to ask you to talk about investment in the evening."

"What time?"

"Seven o'clock."

"Okay." She nodded slightly, and after dinner, went to the Venice Business Hotel.

In the luxurious conference room, there's only one person, which looked empty and there's a very
uncoordinated feeling.

The man sat with his back to her, unable to see his face clearly.

She asked in a deep voice, "Is it President Liu?"

The executive chair slowly turned around. When the familiar and handsome face came into view, she
was astounded, her eyes were bigger than the copper bell, and the cold hair all over her body stood up.

How's this going?

How could it be Qin Yichen?

Did she go in the wrong place?

Qin Yichen's face was frozen like ice, with no trace of expression, only his eyes were so dreary and
terrible, his eyes were like lightning, penetrated the air, and hit her directly.

It's her!

It really was her!

This face was repeated thousands of times in his memory, and each contour was deeply imprinted.

He couldn't think of anything, she was so brave, she dared to flee, and left him alone, distraught!

"Mrs. Xu, you look better without wearing a mask and sunglasses."

His voice maintained deliberate calm, liked the current before the tsunami, flowing slowly and diligently,
concealing murder.

His chest was undulating, and there was rolling lava in it, and it was going to crack out at any time, and
it burst out madly.

Mo Qinyu trembled, and suddenly found herself in a carefully arranged trap.

And Qin Yichen was the hunter.

She wanted to run away, turned and ran, ran without a trace, but her feet were pinned and couldn't be

She couldn't escape either, or she would be totally exposed when she fled.

Qin Yichen kept staring at her. She didn't know if her expression was ugly or if she had leaked the
secret in an inadvertent response.

The only thing she knew was that she must calm down and must find a way to deal with this.

She took a deep breath and swallowed hard, only to make the convulsive throat sound, "Mr. Qin, how
are you?"

Qin Yichen slowly stood up slowly, suddenly liked a tornado, rushed to her in front of her, the powerful
impact force made her almost stand on her heels, her knees softened, and fell into a chair.

"Last time, I didn't see your true face. I am particularly sorry, so I came here this time to see you

Her heart beats liked a heart attack, and she would die at any time. But she couldn't panic, she couldn't
mess, she had to be calm.

She was Yi Ran, not Mo Qinyu, and had nothing to do with him.

"Mr. Qin, you must be kidding."

Qin Yichen leaned a little, leaning his hands on the armrest of the seat, forming a restrained posture for
her, "Mrs. Xu, would you please explain why your face looks exactly like my wife?"

His eyes with burning heat fell on her face, almost a big hole was about to be burnt.

The huge sense of oppression hit her head-on, pushing the air pressure around her to a negative
value, making her almost choke and breathless.

"I ... I haven't seen your wife, and I don't know what she looks like?"

Her voice didn't fall, there was a loud noise in her ear, Qin Yichen hit the table with a furious punch, and
cracked the whole board.

"Mo Qinyu, you still lie to me!"

She covered her heart subconsciously, as if he had just hit her with a punch just now, smashing her
heart into a hole.

"Mr. Qin, I don't know what you are talking about, who is Mo Qinyu?"

Qin Yichen rolled the blue muscles on his forehead violently, stretched out his hand, lifted it from the
chair, threw it on the table. "Xu Ruochen is your husband now, right? So you have planned to lie to me
together! "

He now understood that Xu Ruochen's so-called that he's a gay was a cover to cover him up.

Strong fear surrounded Mo Qinyu one by one.

She struggled desperately, pushing him, beating him, trying to get rid of her imprisonment, but to no

"Mr. Qin, please be polite. I don't understand what you mean at all. I and Achen have known each other
for eight years. If I really look like your wife, it can only be said as a coincidence. There are so many
people have similar faces that it is no surprise at all. "