Love in full bloom

Chapter 210 You saw the ghost

"Mr. Qin, I don't know what happened between you and your wife, but what you said is beyond
imagination. It only happens on TV, not in reality."

His dark, icy eyes glistened in the dark light of the beluga whale pavilion with an indescribable gloom.

"It might be I didn't see her body. If she doesn't die and comes back, I can take her back whatever
she's doing or she gets another man."

He paused, and changed his tone, "If I catch her without repentance, I'll send her to the desert island
where she'll never see the light of day again."

No sooner had he said that than she began to tremble and her arm shook, and then she knocked over
the juice bottle beside her.

It hit the ground with a thud, but the lid was still on it.

Qin Yi Chen saw her reaction, then he bent down to pick up the juice bottle.

"Did I frighten you, Mrs. Xu?"

"No, I just... just a little lost."

Her face was as white as porcelain, and even her lips were pale. Fortunately, she was wearing a mask
to hide her face and expression from him.

But her body was shaking uncontrollably, so visibly that he could not ignore it.

"What's the matter with you, why are you shaking?" He asked.

"It's a little cold in here." She rubbed her arms. It was really cold.

The cold, half from her back and half from his body, was so cold that she shivered.

He stared at her. His pupil color deepened ceaselessly, the dazzle puzzled color of his fundus also
deepened gradually.

"Mrs. Xu, I think you are very interesting."

There was no smile in his eyes as he said that, and it was clear that he was not joking, nor did he really
think she was funny, but that he suspected her.

Her reaction was so aberrant that it aroused his suspicion.

Both of their voices were so small that the other person didn't hear them.

Jun and Qin Chu Xia were watching the beluga whale swimming in the water with great interest, so
they did not notice them.

Soon the show began.

They enjoyed it. When they came out, Qin Yi Chen's big hand was taken by the small hand of Jun.

"Uncle devil, I'm going back to the rock tomorrow. Can you come to the rock city with aunt to play with
me if you are free?"

Qin Yi Chen touched his head, "I think your mother is afraid of me. I wonder if she will welcome me?"

What he said was direct and meaningful.

Mo Qin Yu's nerves were strained like strings about to break.

She took a deep breath and laughed out of her mask, "Mr. Qin is joking. How could I be afraid of you?"

She laughed awkwardly to ease her embarrassment.

He glanced at her with a narrow cold arc in his mouth, "why are you still shivering in such a big sun?"

"No, it's probably allergies. It's getting late. We should get back."

Mo Qin Yu took the hand of Jun.

She has to go. She'll have a heart attack if she stays.

Jun was a little upset, "Mommy, we still have a lot of places to play. Why should we go?" He did not
want to go home, he also wanted to play with the devil uncle and aunt.

"Honey, I have an allergy on my face. It itches. I have to go home and take some medicine." Mo Qin Yu
pretended to scratch as she spoke.

Jun is an obedient child. He stopped when he saw mommy was upset.

He looked up at Qin Yi Chen, "uncle devil, I can't play with you. You and my aunt must come to see me
in the rock city."

Qin yichen picked him up, "do you want to play with your uncle?"

"Yes, but mommy wants to go home and take some medicine." Sadly, Jun lowered his eyes and put his
small arm around his neck.

Mo Qin Yu was upset that they became so affectionate in two days.

It was strange that her son was not afraid of him when he faced the big iceberg man.

"Well, baby, let's go."

She wanted to take him back, but Qin Yi Chen did not let him go, "Mrs. Xu, why don't you go back and
take the medicine first, and I'll play with Jun and send him back after dinner?"

Jun opened his eyes wide, "can I, mommy? I want to play with uncle devil."

Mo Qin Yu could not bear to refuse him with his eager, pleading eyes.

Qin Chu Xia smiled slightly, "Aunt xu, there are two nannies at home, so you don't have to worry about
him. There will be a big dolphin show in the afternoon, Jun must want to see it very much."

"Well, I'd like to." He quickly nodded like a chicken.

Mo Qin Yu sighed. She was in a mess and she couldn't think of much. She nodded helplessly, "All right.
Thank you, Mr. Qin."

Jun smiled to show a row of white teeth, "Mommy, you go home, I will have a good time with uncle

Mo Qin Yu was tangled in the wind.

She could hardly picture her son playing happily with Qin Yi Chen.

She seriously suspects that her son is a fire, so he is not afraid to be damaged by an iceberg.

Unlike him, she had a cold constitution and was afraid of the cold. She had to stay away from him.

Qin Yi Chen put Jun on his shoulder and walked toward the park. People who don't know them will
think they are father and son. It is hard to imagine that they have only known each other for two days.

Mo Qin Yu hid in the car and quickly took off her mask.

She was so hot and stuffy that she was going to get heatstroke.

After she returned to the villa, Xu Ruo Chen came back.

She jumped up from the sofa and rushed to him, "Chen, we're going back to the rock city at night. I
can't stay here any longer."

"What's the matter?" Xu Ruo Chen asked, seeing her hurried appearance.

"I met Qin Yi Chen at sea world." She hugged her arms and was still in shock.

Xu Ruo Chen was shocked. Although he knew he would face it when he returned to China, he did not
expect it to come sooner than he expected.

"You escape, did you?"

"I was wearing sunglasses and a mask so he couldn't see my face, but I think he's starting to wonder.
He said a lot and said that I might still be alive if he hadn't seen my body."

She was so nervous that her tongue was a little knotted.

Xu Ruo Chen put her in his arms and gently stroked her back to ease her mood.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here."

"I'd be dead if he knew the truth."

She buried her head in his chest and couldn't imagine what would happen if Qin Yi Chen caught her. It
must be more than life in prison.