Love in full bloom

Chapter 198: Confuse Right and Wrong

The elder aunt couldn't control her mood for a long time. She was good at being unreasonable and
making a scene. If she could do it, she was in the right.

As soon as she slapped the table, she jumped up. "Mo Qinyu, you're just trying to distort the right and
talk speciously. Mengshan is the victim, and you are the suspect and the murderer. What qualifications
do you have to question her. If you regret it, you should divorce and return Mengshan's position to her."

She was used to being unreasonable. She achieved her purpose every time when she was in front of
mother Mo and father Mo, which made her more unbridled. So she was used to doing it everywhere.

Aunt Qin called the housekeeper in at once. "See Mrs. Mo out."

The elder aunt's face was pale, and Mo Mengshan hurried to moderate the air. "I'm sorry, aunt, my
mother is just short-tempered. She loves me so much that couldn't see that I am wronged, so she was
agitated. I will let her control her mood."

"Our Mengshan had the miscarriage because of this woman, and was framed by her. I can't bear it."
The elder aunt said tearfully.

"Your daughter was not wronged at all."

Aunt Qin's words made Mo Mengshan and the elder aunt tremble violently at the same time.

"What do you mean?" The elder aunt frowned.

Aunt Qin turned to monitoring. "In fact, this monitoring is enough to explain the whole thing."

"Mo Mengshan's actions were very provocative. In this dispute, she was in a state of attack, while Mo
Qinyu was always in a state of defense. Mo Mengshan's aggressive behavior may let Mo Qinyu fall
down the stairs at any time. Mo Qinyu's actions were all within the scope of self-defense."

Mo Mengshan's hands kept twisting under the table. Suddenly she found that she had made a fool of

The people in the Qin family were not so easy to fool.

At the time, all she could do was to resolve the crisis and save herself first.

"These days, I've been confused by the horror pictures. I was nervous every day. I had nightmares
when I slept. I've got depression. Every time I was attacked by the depression, I couldn't control myself.
Sitting here today, I suddenly found a terrible thing. It's possible that the pictures were not sent to me
by my sister. Someone hacked her account, pretended to be her, and tried to stir up discord and
destroy the relationship between my sister and me."

She stood up, walked to Mo Qinyu's side, and held her hand. "Qinyu, I'm sober now. We shouldn't
harm each other. What happened in the corridor was probably an accident. At that time, my mind was
in a mess, and I lost control, which led to the tragedy. It was not your fault. Let's make up. After all, both
of us have the blood of the Mo family. We are sisters. We shouldn't be like this."

She retreated for the sake of advancing. This time, she would let go of Mo Qinyu, so as not to quarrel
with her any more and expose herself.

Mo Qinyu shook off her hand. "Since you and my husband had sex, we are no longer sisters."

She would not forgive a woman who wanted to kill her child.

Mo Mengshan's mouth corner twitched. "You can take me as a stranger, but I will still take you as my
cousin. Because I have figured it out that it was someone who wanted to destroy the relationship
between you and me. Two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it. I don't want that man to

The elder aunt slapped her thigh, and her attitude changed as fast as her daughter's. "I know that it
must be the person who sent the information to Mengshan at the beginning. If it wasn't that information
that frightened me, I wouldn't prevent Meng Shan from marrying Yichen desperately. None of these
things would happen later."

"I don't think this man has given up. He has been messing with us all the time. The photos must be
sent by him." Mo Mengshan continued, and the two successfully shifted their attention.

A sharp look flashed in aunt Qin's eyes, "Are you trying to reconcile?"

"There is a saying that the spectators see the chess game better than the players. I was so excited that
day that I didn't really know how I fell down after that. Just now, after aunt reminded me, I carefully
watched the monitoring and found that it was probably I accidentally fell down. I was not pushed by
sister." Mo Mengshan said in a low voice.

Mo Qinyu sneered in her heart. She firmly believed that Mo Mengshan was guilty, and was afraid that
her secret about the child would be revealed. So she wanted to make a false reconciliation.

"Sister, in fact, what I want most is to find out the truth about the child."

Mo Mengshan tried to keep calm. This was the time to decide her life and death. She couldn't be panic.
Once she was, she would expose.

"Sister, I have never had a boyfriend before. You know best. I haven't even touched a boy's hand since
I was young."

"Yes, you haven't. But no one knows what happened during the time you disappeared." Mo Qinyu said
in a low voice.

Mo Mengshan held her forehead. "At that time, I hid in the hotel every day. I only went out at night, for
fear of meeting acquaintances. Since I was a child, my mother didn't allow me to contact with boys, so I
was very conservative. When I saw strange men, I would subconsciously avoid them. How could I find
other men and sell myself in just over a month? "

Mo Qinyu kept silent.

She asked Pang Xiaofan to investigate Mo Mengshan's "scandal", but there was no news in the past
few days.

"Forget it. If I talked too much, people would think I'm narrow-minded. Let Yichen judge by himself."

She secretly glanced at Qin Yichen. He was expressionless, like a cold sculpture. But he only had one
pair of dark eyes, like two ancient bottomless wells.

Mo Mengshan was also looking at him. His indifference cooled her heart. She was very clear that Mo
Qinyu's evidence has reacted in his heart. She must take the last move.

"I know that the child was gone, we can't do paternity test. It's useless for me to say anything more. I
can only die to prove my innocence and that of my child."

She took the knife out of her pocket and cut her own pulse before everyone responded.

The blood immediately jetted out like a spring, and the elder aunt screamed in terror.

She had miscarriage and was already weak. She has not fully recovered. When the blood jetted out,
she really fainted.

The family meeting was thus interrupted.

Mo Mengshan was sent to hospital immediately.

This time, she really hurt her pulse. She cut it very hard. Fortunately, she didn't cut it off and was

It was called confronting a person with the danger of death and he would fight to live.

Mo Qinyu admired her very much in her heart. She had no such courage and she couldn't kill herself
for a man.

At the last moment of the battle, Mo Mengshan mad vigorous efforts to turn the situation and won