Love in full bloom

Chapter 207: Meeting You in the Crowd

"Uncle Devil, I'm going home, ready to eat. My mummy has cooked the Lotus Root Spare Ribs Soup."

When Qin Yichen saw the message, he smiled unconsciously,"Little guy, I didn't expect you could

"When I was in America, I learned not only English, but also Chinese characters and Chinese Pinyin."
Xiaojun sent a smug expression, not intending to be modest.

Qin Yichen was a little envious, how clever and cute Xu Ruochen's son was!

"The soup your mummy cooked must be delicious."

"Yes, it's very delicious. I have three bowls every time." Xiaojun licked his upper lip and was very

"Then have a good meal." Qin Yichen answered.

Xiaojun blinked, "Mommy will take me to Sea World to play tomorrow, and then we will go back to Yan

Qin Yichen sent a smile expression,"Have a good time tomorrow."

When he got back to the office, he uploaded the picture that Xiaojun had sent him to the computer.

On the wall of his office were two carefully framed drawings, which were drawn by Mo Qinyu four years
ago, and the only things she left him.

His marriage to Mo Qinyu lasted only three months, all which left was memory.

They did not have a wedding.

They didn't take photos together.

They didn't record the video together.

They didn't even register with the Civil Affairs Bureau together!

The only photo he had was the one on the marriage certificate.

It was also their only group photo, which was composed by the Photoshop.

He looked at the drawings on the wall and then at the drawing on the computer, after seeing for a long
time, suddenly, a little astonishment flashed quietly in his eyes.

He picked up the phone on the desk and called the secretary,"Book me two tickets to Sea World


The next day, Xiaojun got up early.

Xu Ruochen had an important meeting to attend, so he couldn't go with them, so he took the initiative
to make breakfast.

"Wow, daddy is making breakfast today. Do I have steak?" Xiaojun exclaimed and looked like a greedy

Mommy didn't know how to fry steak very well, daddy was responsible for all the "Important Tasks" ——
frying steak at home.

Mo Qinyu was watching them with a smile by the side.

Only a few of the sons of the noble families could cook, fewer of them could make better food than the
Michelin-3-star chef did.

But Xu Ruochen was one of those fewer people.

However, he only cooked for her and Xiaojun, and even Xu Ruofang was not honored to taste his

"Daddy can't go with you to Sea World today, so make a rich breakfast to make up for you." Xu
Ruochen smiled and brought the steak to his wife and child.

"Thank you, we're going to eat." Mo Qinyu grinned, her eyes brimming with happiness.

In the past four years, Xu Ruochen had warmed her like the sun, and let the pain left by Qin Yichen
heal slowly.

However, she knew that Xu Ruochen treated her more with affection and friendship than love.

Although he never mentioned it, with the woman's intuition, she faintly felt that a woman lived in his

That woman was definitely not her.

Everyone had their own past, and so did she, so there was nothing to fuss about it.

As long as she could give Xiao Jun a complete and happy family, she would be satisfied.

When they arrived at Sea World, it was more than ten o'clock in the morning. But Qin Yichen came as
soon as the park opened, he came with Qin Chuxia.

"Boss, what an amazing thing has happened today!" Qin Chuxia looked at him, she always felt a kind
of indescribable amazement.

Since the sister-in-law died, he only went home once a month. When he came back, he shut himself up
in the room, silent as a sculpture, indifferent as an iceberg, decadent as a stove without fire.

What's more, sometimes he would find a place to sit and sat there all afternoon, as if he had lost his
soul, was motionless.

Today, he actually took the initiative to call her to let her come to Yang Cheng and also take her to Sea
World to play, which was really strange.

Was he planning to commit suicide and saying last goodbye to her?

Qin Yichen rubbed her head,"Have fun and don't ask so many questions."

"Oh." Qin Chuxia dared not ask any more, lest she should disturb his interest and make him unhappy

What she needed to do was to observe in secret, and if any abnormalities were found, she immediately
notified the family.

They went to see the dolphins first.

It was the beginning of summer vacation, there were many people in the Sea World who brought the
children to play.

Qin Chuxia stood in front of the fence and looked at the dolphins.

Qin Yichen took out his cell phone and sent a message to Xiaojun on QQ, "Today I brought a lass to
Sea World to play. Shall we meet together and eat ice fruit salad?"

Xiaojun didn't reply to his message, he should be playing intently and didn't see the message.

He looked around absently. Suddenly, he saw a beautiful figure in the crowd.

She wore her hair in a bob, and it had slightly wave hair, she looked capable and delicate. Her beautiful
side face made him feel familiar, which had been engraved in his mind for four years and was what he
wanted to see in his dreams.

The violent convulsion flashed all over his body, he was shocked for a moment, and was afraid that he
might be mistaken.

He blinked hard. She was still there, standing under a tree in bloom. Although she was far away, iit was
very clear.

She seemed to be looking for something, turning her face slowly.

Their eyes interwove with each other across the distance, the bustling crowd and the blazing sun.

For an instant!

Only a short moment, it was quickly blocked by the crowd.

Although it was only a moment, it was enough for him!

He rushed over like a tornado, and his heart was about to jump out.

It was her, it was her, it was her!

He shouted three times continuously in his heart, and his nerves were all excited and uplifted.

It took him almost a minute to rush under the tree in bloom.

But there was nothing but the falling flowers there, falling profusely and disorderly on the grass.

"Mo Qinyu——Mo Qinyu——"

He shouted, looking around.

In front of his eyes, the countless faces flashed, like the colorful silhouettes flashed continuously in the
slide, flashing in his eyes.

But there were no face he knew, no face he wanted to find.

"Mo Qinyu——Mo Qinyu——"

He started looking for her crazily, and didn't want to let that little hope die, even if her soul, he also
wanted to catch it. The crowd was full of strange faces.

His vision slowly began to blur, all faces turned into blurred shadows and became into the sharp
blades, which seemed to scratch across his heart one by one, which made his forehead sweat and his
knees tremble.

In the corner of the White Whale Aquarium, a pair of eyes looked at him secretly, full of panic and full of