Love in full bloom

Chapter 200: Delay It Until 6 Months Later

When she went to the hospital to check blood, her hands were shaking and she was nervous.

Whether she's life or death, it all depended on this paper.

Early the next morning, she started to wait for the news. Soon Xu Ruochen sent an identification letter,
the gene matching rate was 65%, and the test result was: unsure whether it was a parent-child

With a slam, her phone fell to the ground, and she collapsed on the ground.

"What does this mean? What does it mean to be unsure?" It took a long time before she picked up her
cell phone and sent a message to Xu Ruochen.

"Qinyu, I asked the doctor that there is a high probability that the child is not Qin Yichen's, but the
possibility of genetic mutation is not ruled out. The accuracy of venous blood is low. His suggestion is
to wait that after 6 months, you can do amniotic fluid puncture to take the villi again, so that we can fully
determine whether it is a parent-child relationship. "Xu Ruochen replied.

"So the child may still be Qin Yichen's." Her heart twisted, and she weakly replied a message, feeling
like that she was a criminal sentenced to death, waiting for a lawyer to appeal, begging for life.

She's not completely desperate, she still had a little hope, didn't she?

"Qinyu, don't panic, you must find a way to drag the paternity test after six months." Xu Ruochen said
and comforted her.

She didn't answer anymore, and she was confused.

For the past half a month, the days had been mediocre, without quarrels or intrigues.

Qin Yichen returned several times after a shortfall.

Mo Mengshan's still in Jincheng and had not left.

She didn't know if he would go to find her for the night, and even if he did, she would not be qualified to

There was gradually a clear understanding in her heart, no matter whether there was a mistress or not,
Qin Yichen could not devote a part of his affection to her.

Until she died, she would only be a puppet.

If Qin Yichen knew that she was pregnant, what would be his reaction, would he agree to wait for the
paternity test after six months?

She was restless, totally ignorant, and Mo Mengshan at the other end of Jincheng also received the

She was stagnant for a long time, only to discover the fact that Mo Qinyu did not have an abortion!

She found it funny and ridiculous.

She was deliberately trying to kill the child, but she did not expect him to be a wild species.

What kind of expression would Qin Yichen have when he saw this appraisal?


At night, Mo Qinyu fell asleep early.

Qin Yichen kicked the door open and lifted her from the quilt, whether she was awake or asleep.

"What happened?" She stared at him in a confused manner.

His face was extremely gloomy, and there were great signs of a storm.

"Give you a minute, get dressed and follow me."

"Where to go?" She was confused and flustered.

"Cut off your tongue in a word of nonsense." He threw out a violent sentence, scaring her so that she
could not even move her tongue.

Along the way, he drove fast, and soon arrived at the villa by the lake.

Mo Qinyu was afraid of the small black house he had built for her here.

"Why are you here? What am I doing wrong?"

Qin Yichen walked to the refrigerator, took out a bottle of ice water, drank a large mouthful, and poured
the rest directly on his head, struggling to control some kind of anger that was about to get out of
control, so as not to accidentally kill the woman in front of him.

He opened the drawer and pulled a pregnancy test stick out of it. "Check it out!"

She had run through a severe spasm, her eyes wider than ever before, and she was filled with fear.

Almost subconsciously, she raised her hand to protect the lower belly, "Qin Yichen ..."

Did he know?

How did he know?

She was always careful and shouldn't have been spotted by him.

Qin Yichen rolled the blue veins on his forehead, her movements and expressions had betrayed her.
He shook his hand suddenly, the pregnancy test stick flew out, and smashed into the wall, breaking in

"Mo Qinyu, are you pregnant?"

Mo Qinyu was so nervous and surprised, and her heart jumped violently, almost knocking her chest

Her head was buzzing, and her intense panic prevented her brain cells from turning and her thoughts
were blank.

She moved her mouth slightly and couldn't utter a word for a long while. She didn't know what she
should say. If she confessed, would she have a chance to deal with it generously?

The answer was no, he would kill her, and the "wild seed" in her belly.

There was a deadly silence in the room.

Without erupting in silence, then die in silence.

Qin Yichen's mood was clearly the former, and he was on the verge of a volcanic eruption.

"Mo Qinyu, are you deaf?"

She stared at him horribly, deep, panicked, overwhelmed ... countless complex expressions piled up,
and finally a tear fell from the bottom of her eyes.

"Yes ... I ..." She spit out two words, and her tongue was knotted, and she could not say any more.

He stepped forward, grabbed her shoulders, and resisted her against the wall. "Who did this? Who is
it?" His whole body muscles were tightened, as if stiff as a stone, as if tense.

She was speechless, and for a moment, she could not wait to die directly, or the wall cracked a hole so
she could get in and hide.

But there's no miracle in this world, only cruel reality. She must face the interrogation and trial of Qin

Qin Yichen's emotions were on the verge of losing control, and the anger in the chest was burning
wildly and unchecked, burning his head to swell, burning his consciousness, and burning so that he
could no longer make any judgment.

"Mo Qinyu, how dare you betray me!"

He squeezed her tightly so that her shoulder bones would be broken.

She shook her body involuntarily, and her entire heart was swallowed by the desperate black cloud.

"I didn't betray you, it happened before the marriage, and I didn't know it would happen, sorry, sorry ..."

Qin Yichen's chest agitated heavily and hurriedly. He inhaled through the gap between his teeth and
wheezed and panted, like a beast that was injured and was dying. Shi Cong had been dead for three
years. This child cannot be Shi Cong's. She even had a third man!

"Did you sell yourself to raise the money for Mo Xiaowu?"

She shook her head, a drop of tears flew out of the corner of her eyes, and landed on his face. He
twitched, as if burned.

"I ... I ... I was forced by ..."

Qin Yichen shook fiercely, and his eyes widened suddenly, "What did you say?"

She sobbed and said in an ambiguous voice: "I told you, I have only once, and that was the only time,
a few days before I came to Jincheng, I ... I was forced."

He seemed to be hit with a sap, his shoulders shook violently, and he let go of his hand. He turned and
punched angrily on the wall, the tiles broke, and it fell to the ground.

"Which bastard is it?" He would kill that man, frustrate his ashes, and then feed the dog!

"I ... I don't know. I fainted, when I just wake up ..." She couldn't tell that it was at the Jen Hotel, or he
could find out even if she didn't mention Xu Ruochen.

Qin Yichen smashed into the wall again, his head was about to explode, he just wanted to slaughter.

"Mo Qinyu, if you dare to lie to me, you will never be a woman again."