Love in full bloom

Chapter 206: It Turns Out That He Is Your Son

Seeing the painting in the photo, Qin Yichen shook severely.

It really liked him.

He looked it carefully again, and found that the painting style was familiar, just like ...

"Little boy, what's your name?"


"Can you give me this picture?"

The little boy hesitated, "It can be, but you can't use it arbitrarily, because this is my mother's painting,
this is called ... All rights reserved."

Qin Yichen's thin lips cut a seemingly arc, and he could not help but stretched his hands, touched his
pink face, his soft hair, he even had a sense of rights protection.

"Rest assured that it will be on my phone and I will not show it to anyone."

"Okay." The little boy nodded, his big eyes flashed, and asked, "Do you have qq, I add you friend and
send it to you."

Qin Yichen rarely used qq, so he temporarily registered one, "You are so young, and you even have

"I just registered for two days and my aunt taught me. She said that people always use that for online

He said as he loaded, added Qin Yichen, and sent the picture to him.

"Uncle, you are the first strange friend on my qq. My aunt said that I can't add strangers or chat with
strangers, but I don't think you are a bad person."

Qin Yichen did not like children very much.

But he found that although he had just met this kid, he really liked him.

If the little hedgehog was still alive, they must have their own children.

"Xiaojun, your aunt is right. Children cannot chat with strangers. However, you can talk to me because I
am the Shura devil in your mother's painting."

The little boy smiled.

Although Uncle Devil would not laugh, he still gave him a very close feeling, not terrible at all.

When the lights went dark, the jewelry show began.

The models came out wearing jewelery, and the large LCD screen behind them was a close-up of the
jewelery they were wearing.

There were a total of eight series of honey love flower. Four series were launched in the first year and
four series were launched in the second year.

Kadupul, as a queen, was a special series launched on Valentine's Day.

When world supermodel Cadiz came out, an ethereal Ocarina sounded on the venue, and then a
female voice came: "Meeting you is the best moment of my life. Even if time passes, fate flows, but the
beauty will not wear off ... "

Qin Yichen's thoughts drifted into the most memorable memories.

It's all Mo Qinyu, only Mo Qinyu.

Perhaps she was the kadupul that suddenly appeared and disappeared. From the moment she walked
into his heart, she was destined to never go out again.

"Uncle Devil, have you seen kadupul flowers?" The voice of the little boy came softly.

"No." He shook his head.

"My mommy said it was the most mysterious flower in the world, and no one knows when it will bloom,
but I know." The little boy proudly raised a small brow.

"Have you seen it?" Qin Yichen used a ridiculous tone, only thought that the little kid was joking.

Children had rich imagination. It's possible to say anything.

"I haven't seen it, but I know when it will bloom." The little boy with thick long eyelashes flickered, liked
flickering butterfly wings.

Qin Yichen rubbed his little head and asked deliberately, "When?"

He stood up, his mouth closed to his ear, and said very whispering, "My mommy said that when Shura
Devil laughed, it would bloom."

After he said it, he added, "She means the true Shura demon, not you."

Qin Yichen's dark eyes glinted dimly under the light.

The answer was quite unexpected.

"Your mommy seems to know kadupul very well."

"Of course, the jewelry on it was designed by my mommy. She not only knows kadupul, but also knows
a lot of flowers too." The little boy said seriously.

Qin Yichen shook violently, and was a little surprised, "Your mommy is the designer of floweer, Elaine?"

"Yes." The little boy nodded.

He had a very deep look on his face.

"Xiaojun, do you have a picture of your Mommy?"

He was asking, a tall figure moved quickly and took the small kid into his arms.

"Why don't you wait for Daddy to come here and run over yourself?"

"I saw this uncle who looks a lot like Mommy's painting, so I came over to greet him." The little boy
hugged his neck and explained.

At this moment, Qin Yichen was even more surprised, because the man in front of him was no stranger
to him, "Xu Ruochen, it's you!"

"Qin Yichen, I haven't seen you in a long time." Xu Ruochen ticked the corner of his mouth and smiled

Qin Yichen shrugged and did not see him for a long time. It's been about four years.

"I didn't expect Xiaojun to be your son." In addition to his eyes, there was a hint of envy.

If Mo Qinyu's still alive, would they also have such a cute child?

Xu Ruochen smiled, "Isn't it normal for a man to stand in his thirties and get married and have

Qin Yichen did not answer, in fact, he had another surprise, the designer of floweer turned out to be his

"Let's go first." Xu Ruochen hugged his son and walked outside, not wanting to stay more.

Mo Qinyu did not attend this jewelry show.

Jewelry show always invited many celebrities to attend. Yangcheng and Jincheng were too close. Many
celebrities in Jincheng would come here.

Moreover, as one of the largest jewelers in Asia, jvlear will definitely participate in the exhibition, so she
can't attend, just hide behind the scenes with a low profile.

On the way back, Xu Ruochen turned to look at his son, "Don't tell Mommy about the uncle today."

"Why?" The little boy looked at him in confusion.

"Mommy said that you are not allowed to talk to strangers. Would she be angry if she let you know that
you were not obedient and went to talk to an uncle she didn't know?" Xu Ruochen said slowly.

The small kid with bright big eyes flashed, revealing a little slyness, "Daddy, don't you know that uncle?
You still great him, so he is not stranger."

"I know him, but you are not." Xu Ruochen smiled.

"Okay." The little boy pursed his mouth. "Then you have to keep it secret, you can't tell Mommy."

Xu Ruochen smiled, he touched his head. "Assure me, you won't talk to strangers in the future, and I
will help you to keep a secret."

"I promise." The little boy nodded,

The two returned to the villa, Mo Qinyu just cooked a pot of lotus root rib soup. Xu Ruochen embraced
her from behind and kissed her gently on the cheek. "How can I marry a perfect wife?"

"Sit down and drink soup." She smiled.

The little boy sat at the table, took out the iPad, and quietly opened his qq.

He thought of the mysterious uncle he saw today, and wanted to greet him on qq, maybe they could
often chat in the future.