Love in full bloom

Chapter 205: Meet A Cute Little Boy

"Brother-in-law, you came to see my sister." Mo Xiaowu patted his shoulder and said lowly.

For the past four years, Qin Yichen treated him like his brother, and Mo Xiaowu also treated him like his
brother. The relationship between the two was very good.

Mr. Mo sighed. "Yichen, Qinyu is no longer here, you have kept her for four years. It's enough. Cancel
her account and go to find a wife."

A resolute look flashed from Qin Yichen's sad eyes, "Qinyu is my only wife, and there will be no more
people." He said firmly and without hesitation.

The night he was at the Jen Hotel was his first time. Except for that woman, Mo Qinyu was his only
woman. He had never touched other women, including An'an.

There won't be another woman again.

All he wanted was Mo Qinyu.

He's destined to live alone.

While she's alive, her heart was not his, and after death, the soul was not his, but he wanted to keep
her like this until the end of life.

The eyes of Mrs. Mo were wet.

She's the only insider in this family. If he knew that Mo Qinyu's still alive and married to someone else,
he would certainly not be able to bear it?

"Yichen, Qinyu's in heaven, she must hope that you can be happy, and does not want to see you live a
lonely life for her. And you are the heir of the Qin family, after all, you are going to get married and have


Qin Yichen shrugged his shoulders, with a light expression, "The Qin family has so many
grandchildren, even if I have no children, it doesn't matter."

Mrs. Mo shook her head and sighed. She hoped that time would obliterate everything. Only when he
remarried and had a new family, he could be relieved in the face of Qinyu's false death.

At night, when everything was calm, someone came here quietly.

Since she left, he had gone to France to heal, but every time he came back, he would come to see her.

Qin Yichen would be there all day, so he chose to come at night to talk to her quietly.

"Qinyu, I brought this bunch of white roses from France. I don’t know why, but I think you like white
roses, maybe it is the memory left by Shi Cong? I always dream of many fragmented pieces. With you,
this may be my only memory. "

His heart was full of sorrow. If he did not go abroad for a business trip at that time, but accompanied
her to Thailand, perhaps the tragedy would not have happened.

"Qinyu, I decided, no matter what method I use, I will find my memory, because I think there must be
you in it. Maybe we have seen it before, but you just regarded me as Shi Cong, and you didn’t care.
Although you are gone, I will retrieve all the memories that belong to you, and lock them firmly, and
never let them disappear. "

Uh ...

Thursday, the design director Cheryl of the president's office took an invitation.

"Boss, do you want to attend this International Jewellery Show?"

"You can go for me." Qin Yichen shrugged.

Cheryl pursed her lips. "This time, a jewellery brand emerging in the North American market also wants
to attend this show. I heard that they are going to enter the Asian market."

"Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. —Young people are fearless." Qin Yichen said faintly, without
paying any attention.

"Their designs are really unique and very creative, especially the main Honey Love Flower Series,
which is extremely popular in the North American market." Cheryl said, "The ring called Queen is called
kadupul, which is said to be an extremely mysterious flower which only blooms once a year, and the
flowering period is only one hour. Its flower language is to make the momentary beauty become
eternal. Many people rushed to book this ring before it was released. "

"Kadupul!" Qin Yichen froze slightly, his thoughts drifted to the distant horizon ...

"The theme of a wedding ring is everlasting. It's eternal. People who trap each other also trap each
other's hearts. The theme of my current design is the honey love flower series, which makes the
momentary beauty become eternity."

"Qin Yichen, do you know the kadupul flower? It is the most mysterious and rare flower in the world,
just like your smile, especially rare, it disappears in a second."

Uh ...

"Boss, if it's okay, I'll go first." Cheryl's voice interrupted his thoughts, he reacted and glanced at her
quietly, "Who is the designer of the honey love flower language?"

"Her name is Elaine and she is a rookie designer," Cheryl replied.

Qin Yichen thought for a while, "I need all the details of her and floweer."

"OK." Cheryl nodded and went out.

Qin Yichen leaned on the chair and supported his forehead with his hands.

When he thought of Mo Qinyu, the painful nerves in his body would twist, as if experiencing the

It's been four years, and the wound was just like fresh. It always bled and never healed.

He couldn't accept that she left abruptly without warning.

He didn't allow her to die, how could she die?


The next day, Yangcheng Century Center.

There were many internationally renowned jewelry brands coming to exhibit today.

As soon as Qin Yichen came in, he went straight to the floweer exhibition area. There would be a
jewellery show, which was also the main show of today's exhibition.

The guests were seated.

As a VIP guest, Qin Yichen was naturally sitting in the VIP area in the front row.

At this moment, a small cute child ran over, widened eyes and stared at him curiously.

Standing behind him were his two babysitters.

"Young Master, shall we find a place to sit down?" Asked a nanny.

"I'll sit here." The little boy sat politely beside Qin Yichen, a pair of bright black eyes still staring at him.

Qin Yichen didn't care about him.

The little boy blinked, "Uncle, you and my mommy's painting are really similar which are like the Shura

Qin Yichen turned his head and glanced at him. Was this little guy scolding him?

"Am I looking scary?"

"No, you look good, especially good, like me." The little boy grinned, showing a row of white teeth.

Qin Yichen looked at him, his delicate and lovely face, and pure eyes, which gave him a wonderful
feeling like never before, as if a pair of soft hands were stroking his scarred heart palpitations made
him feel less painful.

"Isn't the Shura Devil painted by your mommy terrifying?"

"It's not scary. It looks good. I thought she was drawing a star, but she said it was the Shura demon
king." The boy crooked his head and said it seriously.

"Why is it like me?" Qin Yichen touched his head.

He took out his iPad from the small schoolbag.

There's a picture that his sneaky mommy's drawing inside.

"I'll show you, and you will know it, it really looks like you."