Love in full bloom

Chapter 203 A new start.

At midnight, the wind came in from the open window.

Qin Yi Chen opened his eyes and turned sleepily to the ground beside him.

The little figure seemed to curl up beside him, so small, so quiet, almost let him forget her existence.

"Qin Yu, Mo Qin Yu!"

He rolled down and crawled to the little figure to try to hold her, but there was nothing except darkness
and the cold floor.

"Mo Qin Yu..." His wild, desperate roar shook the room.

Finn rushed in from the outside, "Boss, you are awake."

"Where is Mo Qin Yu?" He got up, rushed forward and grabbed him by the shoulder, "where's Mo Qin

"Uncle Mo will bury your wife tomorrow." 'said Finn in a very low voice.

"Is she really dead? Is she really dead?" His whole body was shaking, his eyes were red with pain as if
they were bleeding, and his voice was hoarse with pain.

"I sent someone to Thailand to check that, the driver in the surveillance was lady." Finn sighed.

He held his head and felt his head crack, "I want to be alone."

After Finn left, he pulled out his phone and suddenly realized that he didn't even have a photo of Mo
Qin Yu and that they had never taken a photo together.

She just left and took everything away as if she had never appeared and everything was just a dream.

All they had was a marriage license with processed photos.

Mo Qin Yu!

He closed his eyes and his heart sank into a bottomless pit.

Four years later...

Los Angeles, USA.

A luxury Beverly hills villa.

A beautiful young woman was cooking dinner in the kitchen and the smell of it wafted from the window,
which filled the whole yard.

"Wow, mommy is making crispy duck. It smells good." The little boy who was playing baseball felt
hungry at the smell.

"Let's call it a day, take a shower and then eat." Xu ruochen came over and caressed his head lovingly.

"Well." He smiled and showed a row of white teeth.

He was a beautiful boy with flawless features, his skin was like a freshly shelled egg, and his dark
mahogany eyes was as bright and pure as the brightest stars in the sky.

When they got to the house, they went into the bathroom together. When they came out, the beautiful
woman had prepared a sumptuous dinner.

"Dinner is ready." She smiled.

"My favorite dish is crispy duck made by mommy." The little boy smacked his mouth.

"Here's a duck leg." The beautiful young woman took a duck leg to Xiaojun with doting eyes.

Xu Ruochen took a duck leg and gave it to her, "This is for your mommy who cooked hard."

"That big duck is for dad." The little boy picked up his chopsticks and picked up the biggest piece of
duck meat for him.

A family of three enjoyed a warm and sweet meal.

Just after dinner, the phone rang from Yan city.

After Xu Ruochen answered the phone, his expression was dignified.

"Grandma has a heart problem and needs an operation. She wants us to take Xiaojun back with us."

The beautiful young woman shook violently and dropped her chopsticks on the ground.

Xu ruochen saw all her expressions.

After Xiaojun returned to the room, Xu Ruochen put his arm around her shoulder, "don't be afraid, A
Ran. You are Yi Ran now, not Mo Qin Yu. Mo Qin Yu is dead."

Her heart was rolling the billows.

There is no Mo Qin Yu in the world. She is Yi Ran, Xu Ruochen's wife, but...

"Is it really possible to hide it?"

She was not Mo Meng Shan, she did not have enough composure and superb acting.

Xu Ruochen touched her head, "Qin Yichen already has another woman. He shouldn't care, right?"

She hung her head. Qin Yichen must have forgotten her.

The goose passed without trace.

She was a dispensable existence to him.

Perhaps he wished she were dead, so he did not need a divorce and married someone else.

She was calmer at the thought.

The next day, they boarded a private plane back home.

Xiaojun was excited about his first trip back to China.

"Dad, I'll see my grandparents soon, and my aunt and grand grandmother, won't I?"

"Yes, she'll be glad to see you." Xu Ruochen kissed his pink face.

It was difficult to calm down when she looked out of the window at the thin clouds, but when she turned
to see them, it was as if she had taken a placebo.

She knew Xu Ruochen would help her. He is the most trustworthy person in the world, the tree she can
rely on.

Xiao Jun is like him in character and likes to laugh like him.

"I want to see my parents and Xiao wu if I can." "She said in a very low voice.

After the operation, Xiao Wu finally woke up. After a year of recovery, he took the college entrance
examination again and graduated from Jin Cheng medical university in two years.

She called her mother secretly a year ago, knowing she was still alive, her mother burst into tears.

She told her mother to keep it a secret and not to tell anyone including her father and Xiao Wu.

So she had already died in their mind.

"Don't worry, I'll arrange it." Xu Ruochen patted her shoulder.

After a moment's silence, he changed the subject. "the international jewelry fair will be held in Yang
cheng in two days, which is a good opportunity to introduce the floweer brand into the eastern market."

She nodded. She had the same idea.

Floweer is the jewelry brand she founded in the United States. With its novel and fashionable designs,
floweer has become a new favorite in the jewelry industry.

She knew that Xu ruochen could not always be busy between Los Angeles and Yan city. After he took
over the family business, he can not often have time to go to the United States, so she and Xiaojun
would eventually return to live in China.

Therefore, opening up the Asian market is an inevitable strategic decision for floweer.

They arrived safely at the Yan city airport after more than ten hours of flight.

Xu family's car had been waiting at the gate of the airport for a long time.

Four years ago, she was the daughter-in-law of the Qin family for only three months. In addition to a
few people in Jin Cheng celebrity circle, others did not know her including the Xu family.

Xu Ruo Fang was the only one who knew her identity.

Yi Ran was not Chinese. Her nationality is brunei.

She did not know how Xu Ruochen got this identity for her, but Xu's family was very powerful in
southeast Asia.

And some countries in southeast Asia had a complicated environment, so it's not hard to get an identity
with money.

Xu Ruofang was the first to meet them.

She hugged Mo Qin Yu, "Welcome to Yan city, Yi Ran."

When she called the name, she felt complexity in her heart.

Because she knew her brother's secret, and Yi Ran's secret.

Her brother could not forget Yi Ran after all.