Love in full bloom

Chapter 201: The Surgery

"Qin Yichen, it's not like what you think, I've only had that once." She couldn't help twitching, tears
soaking her face.

His eyes fell on her belly, staring deadly, burning in his heart like a fire, burning him dizzy and the
internal organs tumbling, burning every nerve in his body. He's in pain.

"Go for surgery tomorrow." He said it word by word and spit it out of his teeth. He didn't want to let the
child stay in her body for one more day.

She was terrified and stepped back to protect her belly. "No, I did a paternity test. The doctor said he
was not sure if it was a parent-child relationship, that is, he might still be your child. He asked me to do
it again after 6 months, please give the child a chance to wait after six months, okay? "

Qin Yichen twisted his two thick eyebrows.

The gene matching rate was only 99, it's definitely not his child!

If he could, he couldn't wait to cut her belly open now, take out the damn child out, and chop it into
meat to feed the dog. How could he keep him alive for more months?

"He must die!" He dropped the words extremely hard and cold without hesitation, and turned and
walked out.

"Qin Yichen--" She ran forward, kneeling in front of him, and hugged his leg. "Please, give him another
chance. Do you know how difficult it is for him to live today? Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman already
knew that I was pregnant. They lied to me to eat safflower and put mifepristone in the pancake .... For
the sake of his hard work to survive, please give him just one chance. Just wait more months. If it's not
yours, I'll have an abortion okay? "

She begged bitterly, and she tried her best.

But he didn't shake at all. The cold ice layer condensed from his eyes to the internal organs. "Don't
expect more."

She cried aloud, "What if it's your child?"

"Just as a manslaughter!" He pushed her hand coldly and walked outside, leaving a deep cold in the

No one can change his decision, never.

She collapsed on the ground, wailing and crying, desperate like a tsunami. She was so helpless, so
helpless, desperately struggling, and couldn't catch a life-saving straw.

Why would he be so cruel, and why not give her child a chance?

What would she do and how could she save him?

Qin Yichen did not leave, but sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in the lobby. He needed to blow a
cold wind to calm himself down.

Finn came, "Boss, the hospital has already been arranged, Jincheng First Hospital, tomorrow night will
let your wife secretly go for surgery."

Qin Yichen nodded slightly, his face was somber and solemn, "Can't leak a word to the outside."

"I know." Finn nodded, he was the only insider who knew the situation well.

When they were talking, Mo Qin hid behind the stairs and overheard. She tiptoed back to the room and
called Xu Ruochen.

"Qin Yichen knows about the child. He will take me to the operation tomorrow night, help me. Xu
Ruochen, don't let him kill my child!"

"Don't be afraid, Qinyu, I will find a way." Xu Ruochen returned quickly.

In the middle of the night, Qin went out, and didn't seem to want to look at her any more.

She's a severely contaminated defective product, waiting to be thrown into a trash can, sent to a waste
recycling station, and crushed into slag.

She didn't close her eyes all night, and she didn't sleep the next day.

Seeing that it was getting dark outside, she hid in a closet.

The surgery was arranged at night to keep it secret, and to remove this child silently, so as to avoid
extracurricular accidents.

She wanted Qin Yichen to think that she had run away, so that she could delay time and let Xu
Ruochen rush over to save her.

However, she was so scared that she couldn't help trembling, so that the cabinet was shaking too.

When Qin Yichen came in, he saw that there was no one in the room, and was shocked, thinking that
she had run away. When he saw the shaking cabinet, he was angry and funny.

She was an ostrich, thinking he wouldn't find her.

He pulled open the door of the cabinet, and Mo Qinyu held her head, curled up into a ball, like a snail,
trying to get into the shell to protect herself.

Qin Yichen stretched out his hand, grabbed her arm, and pulled her out.

She screamed in astonishment, raised her hand and grabbed the clothes-hanging pole. "Qin Yichen,
please, don't kill my child, give him another chance, please."

She begged bitterly, but he didn't have a trace of pity, and violently opened her hand.

"No, I'm not going to the hospital, don't kill my child. If it's really wrong, if he is your child, can't you give
him a chance? He is not a bug, he is a person and a life, you can't be so cruel! "She cried with tears,
exhausting all her strength.

"Boss, I think the lady is right, you should do a DNA test again, lest you get it wrong." Finn comforted
beside him.

Qin Yichen's head had no reason, no thought, only anger, anger burning madly, which can destroy the

He didn't want to let this child in her belly for a minute, he had to remove it, and even if he killed it
wrong, he would not regret for that.

He picked up the rope and tied Mo Qinyu's hands and feet.

Mo Qinyu struggled desperately, screaming desperately, but it didn't work.

"Qin Yichen, if you kill my child, I will hate you all my life, I hate you until death!" She screamed
exhaustedly, and her resentment was like endless rivers.

"You can hate me!" He ripped off a piece of tape, sealed her mouth, carried her up, and strode out.

Half an hour from the villa to the hospital, her tears ran all the way, almost to dry.

The operating room was ready, and the doctor held her hands and feet and tied her to the operating

"Qin Yichen, I don't want to have surgery, don't kill my child, please, please!"

She was crying desperately, kept crying desperately, her throat was sore and dumb.

Qin Yichen's face did not have the slightest expression, only hard and cold, like an iceberg in the
extreme north.

A gloomy glance at her, he turned and disappeared outside the door.

The door closed slowly, cutting off all her hopes.

On the operating table, there were rows of utensils, each of which was murderous, exuding cold light
under the light, and tingling her eyes.

Xu Ruochen, where are you, why not come to save me?

Are you afraid of Qin Yichen and not coming?

"Please let go of my child, please, don't do that to me." She cried and begged, but the doctor, as if she
didn't hear her words, picked up the scalpel.

"Don't—" She made her last effort and gave a desperate, hoarse cry.

Then she can see nothing, she fainted ...