Love in full bloom

Chapter 199: She Failed

Mother Mo felt a kind of worry and sadness that have never been felt before. She held her daughter's
hand. "Qinyu, tell your mother honestly, are you into Qin Yichen?"

"Mom..." Mo Qinyu looked down, and did not answer.

She was not able to answer.

How could she like a man who took her as mere nothing?

"I see." Mother Mo pressed her lips as if she has made a decision.

From upstairs, she came to Qin Yuhan and Mrs. Qin. " Mr. Qin, Mrs. Qin, I've thought about it. Let
Yichen and Qinyu divorce. I'll take Qinyu back to Jiangcheng."

A simple sentence made Qin Yuhan shock and Qin Yichen surprise.

"Mrs. Mo, we didn't deal with the matter well, which made Qinyu feel wronged." Qin Yuhan said

Mother Mo sighed, "I can recognize that Yichen doesn't like Qinyu. As the saying goes, nothing forcibly
done is going to be agreeable. They will only become a couple with resentments. Our family is ordinary,
and we don't have much money, but we are also honest people. We are not greedy. We don't want to
fawn upon the influential people. You are a noble family. Yichen should have a well-matched marriage.
It's improper that our Qinyu marry him. So, I'd better take Qinyu back, and then let her marry an
ordinary and dependable man and live a safe and peaceful life."

On Qin Yichen's handsome face, a nerve twitched.

Turning his eyes, he looked at Mo Qinyu, who stood silently beside mother Mo and lowered her head
without any objection. Obviously, they have discussed in advance.

A nameless rage rose in his chest.

The damned hedgehog was still thinking about divorce. When they met a little "trivial matter", she
wanted to divorce. She must be born shameless, so she had a restless heart.

He stepped forward fast, stretched out his bid hand, grabbed her slender waist, and pulled her into his
arms. "Mother-in-law, you must have made a mistake. We have a good relationship, and we will not

Mo Qinyu shuddered violently, almost subconsciously trying to break away from him, but he held her
tightly, refused to let her go. In the rough strength, she felt that he was a little angry.

Mother Mo looked at him and her daughter, and frowned uncontrollably, "Aren't you into Mo
Mengshan? Do you want to keep both of them by your side? How can you do this? Although you rich
people always had affairs, but I did not want to let Qinyu have such a life. I just want her to marry a
man who would not go beyond moral bounds. I want they to love each other and live a good life... "

Before she finished speaking, Qin Yichen interrupted, "Don't worry, I will deal with the matter about Mo
Mengshan. Since the child was gone, I have nothing to do with her."

Mo Qinyu was shocked in her heart. Would he break up with Mo Mengshan? Or he just wanted to be
perfunctory in front of her mother?

She thought it was the latter.

In his eyes, Mo Mengshan was purer than her, cuter than her, more attractive than her, more pleasing
than her... In a word, she was better than her in every aspect.

How could he give up on her? He just wanted to her mother not to worry about their marriage. When
her mother went to the United States, she could not interfere in this. Whether she died or lived in

Jincheng, she could only be manipulated by him.

Mother Mo glanced at her daughter, but Qin Yichen's words didn't reassure her. Instead of seeing
happiness in her daughter's face, she felt that she was a captive bird that could not fly out.

"Yichen, will you really be good to Qinyu?"

Her tone was skeptical, and her eyes were distrustful.

This made Qin Yichen feel very bad.

He has never really regarded Mo Qinyu as his wife. She was a ornament with a title.

But it was impossible for him to tell the woman in front of him.

"I will do the husband's duty." This was the only guarantee he can made.

This was far from enough for mother Mo. If there was no affection between the husband and the wife,
how could their marriage last?

"Qinyu, tell mom, do you want to keep this marriage?"

There seemed to be a piece of coptis in Mo Qinyu's mouth. The extreme bitterness spread from the tip
of the tongue to the viscera, making the saliva she swallowed is bitter.

If she could, she naturally wanted to leave, so that she could protect herself and her child.

But Qin Yichen just would never let her go.

At the time, her parents were going to the United States with Xiaowu. She couldn't delay Xiaowu's
treatment because of her matter.

Her silence caused the man's dissatisfaction. He put a little strength on his arm, like a threat. If she
said something wrong, she would be in a big trouble.

She shivered. "Mom, I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me."

"Mrs. Mo, I promise you that Qinyu will never be wronged again." Qin Yuhan said quickly.

Mother Mo sighed heavily, "Yichen, we are poor, but we are not inferior. We make money by our own
efforts, not by stealing or robbing. Those with bad conduct are inferior. One day, if you don't want to live
with Qinyu, just tell me that I will take her away. Please don't hurt her."

Qin Yichen's dark eyes flickered, "Mother-in-law, you may be worried about too much."

Qin Yuhan recognized that Mrs. Qin bears a grudge because of Qin Yiman's words before, "Mrs. Qin,
please don't mind the words my little daughter said before. She has a bad character, and is often loose-
lipped. Qinyu is clever and sensible. We all like her very much."

Mother Mo said nothing more. If the Qin family could solve the matter about Mo Mengshan, their
marriage would be able to continue.


Mo Mengshan has been lying in the hospital for several days. Qin Yichen did not appear once. Only his
assistant Ashi came. He brought Mo Mengshan's luggage here. "Miss Mo, your things have been
packed by the servants ordered by the young master. Check them and see if there is anything

"What do you mean?" Mo Mengshan shook violently.

"Without child, you can't live in the Qin family. That's the rule." Ashi said.

Mo Mengshan seemed to be hit by a thunderbolt. She almost lost her life. She still failed?

"Where is Yichen? I want to see him."

"Young master will not see you again. Take care of yourself." Ashi went out.

Mo Mengshan flustered to call Qin Yiman for help, but she couldn't get through.

Qin Yiman was locked in the Jingxin Pavilion by Qin Yuhan. She was not allowed to come out for three
months, so she couldn't help her.

Without Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan, Mo Qinyu's life was peaceful.

But her heart has never been peacful for a moment.

She was worried about the baby in her stomach. She was afraid that the baby was not Qin Yichen's.

She made an appointment with Xu Ruochen and went to do the paternity test on Tuesday.

It was not difficult for her to take some of Qin Yichen's hair.