Love in full bloom

Chapter 197: Conduct Desperate Struggles

"She has the right to question. You can show us the proof and prove the identity of the child and
overturn her doubts." Aunt Qin said impartially.

This was like a plug, which blocked the elder aunt's mouth.

Mo Mengshan's hands trembled, and she was a little nervous.

Although she destroyed the "evidence" and didn't expose herself, if Mo Qinyu wanted to pursue the
matter, she couldn't justify herself.

"I can prove my innocence by killing myself."

"It is as meaningless as your swear. What I want is medical identification, which is the only valid
evidence." Aunt Qin said.

Mo Mengshan's mouth twitched. "It's my mother's negligence not to keep the DNA, but it can't prove
that the child is not Yichen's ."

"That's your purpose. The dead cannot bear witness."

Mo Qinyu uttered a snorting laugh, "After you fell down, I tried to call 911, you stopped me, and then
your uncle quickly rushed here in less than a minute, just like it was arranged in advance. We wanted
to go the hospital with you, and you also stopped us."

"Because my mother was afraid that you would hurt me again on the way."

Mo Mengshan tried to keep calm.

"How could I hurt you if we didn't take the same car?" Mo Qinyu looked at her coldly. "Most importantly,
the nearest hospital to the hotel is Jincheng Second People's Hospital, but you didn't go there, you

chose a private hospital far away. According to what the elder aunt said, you bled heavily in the car and
even passed out. In such a dangerous situation, do you still have the thought to go so far? Is it
reasonable? What's more, the Jincheng Second People's Hospital is a first rate hospital, and that
private hospital is small in scale and poor in medical conditions. In terms of medical treatment, normal
people would choose the better one, right?"

"That's because my brother knows the director of gynaecology of the hospital. I hope to find an
acquaintance to keep the baby. I didn't expect the result to be like this." The elder aunt said angrily.

"It's easier for your acquaintance to destroy the evidence." Mo Qinyu said clearly and powerfully.

Mo Mengshan was mad in her heart. She deeply felt that her active stand has changed to passive

"Sister, you affirm that I can't do the paternity test. You want to divert our attention, confuse right and
wrong, and justify yourself, right?"

Mo Qinyu sneered with mockery, "Thank you for letting me know the truth. If you didn't show a bunch of
funny pictures, I would only think it was an accident and take it as your plot from the beginning to the
end. It was like you planned to run away from the wedding."

As soon as Mo Mengshan sniffed, her tears ran down. "Qinyu, why did you become like this? I don't
know you at all now. Do you still have the conscience? You killed my child and you slandered me and
framed me up instead? You said that the pictures were made by me. But those pictures were all sent
from your Skype. How do you want to explain?"

"It was not the first time my computer was hacked. The last time someone connived at criminals and
hackers, so they had the chance to do the same thing again."

Mo Qinyu's eyes fell on Qin Yichen, with some irony and some sorrow. If it wasn't for his connivance
and protection, how could Mo Mengshan frame her again and again?

Qin Yichen's eyes narrowed slightly, and a light of fire flashed in the bottom of his eyes. It seemed that
he was annoyed by her words.

She was not in the mood to care about him. He was the source of all the tragedies. If she had a chance
to choose, she would never replace Mo Mengshan to marry him.

Mo Mengshan took a breath secretly, and her face still kept deliberately calm. She could not show a
little guilty and panic, otherwise she would be doomed to failure. All her efforts were in vain.

"Mo Qinyu, all your assumptions are based on the assumption of questioning my child's identity, but
your assumption is false. I am innocent, and my child is Yichen's child. If I could, I would trade my life
for his safe birth."

Mo Qinyu sneered and didn't want to argue with her in this matter anymore. If the child was gone, the
problem was just like a problem without solution. No matter how she explained it, it was useless.

"Mengshan, let's watch the monitoring video. This is the only evidence between us."

She replayed the monitoring video.

"You said you wanted to ask me about the pictures, then why didn't you take out your mobile phone to
show me the pictures. It was only two minutes since you went in and made the scene. You said, I didn't
admit what happened to the pictures. Only when you questioned me closely, I admitted it. In two
minutes, could you force me to admit it? You think I'm a idiot?"

Mo Mengshan's back was sweating, and she felt that she was like an onion, which was being peeled
off layer by layer.

"I questioned you closely, and you admitted it. You have been unbridled in front of me for a long time.
Depending on your identity as the young lady, you can deal with me openly. You don't have to scruple

Mo Qinyu shrugged and said calmly, "I won't argue with you. Go on watching the monitoring video.
When you stood at the underside of my position, As a pregnant woman you should always remember
to protect your baby. and has a stronger sense of danger than others. But you just chose a very
dangerous position, and you still pulled me with both hands even without supporting the railing. Have
you ever thought that you would fall down at any time, or do you want to pull me down together?"

"I was so agitated. And my mind was blank. I only felt angry and sad, and didn't think so much. I would
never have thought you would push me down."

Mo Mengshan was tearful, trying to maintain her voice and intonation.

At that time, what she thought was to pull her down first, and then fell on her and use her as a meat
pad. Who knew that she stood so firmly that she couldn't even pull her down.

Mo Qinyu showed a very ironic sneer, "Mo Mengshan, in your position, if you were not holding me, you
would have fallen down and didn't need me to push at all."

Mo Mengshan held her head and showed a very painful look. "Every day I saw the horrible pictures you
sent, I was going crazy. I was in despair, and even couldn't dare to open Skype. In the corridor, when I
questioned you, those horrible pictures were still in my mind. I was in a trance and highly nervous. How
could I think of so much?"

Mo Qinyu sneered, "Sister, you could choose to blacklist the account that harassed you. You are not
going to tell me that you don't know this function."

"I saved the pictures as evidence." Mo Mengshan said at once.

"Even if you don't open Skype, it will keep the message. Everybody knows that."

Mo Qinyu looked at her. Her sharp and judgmental eyes were like sharp swords, which could expose
almost all her lies.

Mo Mengshan got more and more nervous. At this time, she could only ask her mother for help.