Love in full bloom

Chapter 196 “Reveal the truth”

“If you listen to the word on one side and it will be an injustice all over the world.” Aunt Qin said slowly,
“I can only let you go out to drink tea to calm down if you are too excited.”

Aunt had to sat down.

Aunt Qin turned to Mo Mengshan, “You can tell the situation in the corridor now.”

Mo Mengshan nodded, “I went to Qinyu because I was about to be forced crazily and I couldn’t stand it
anymore. I wanted to solve it with her alone because I am her sister and I called her into the corridor.
She didn’t admit that she did it at first but finally acknowledged under my repeated pressing, she said
that she hate me because I robbed Yichen and she would kill my child if I didn’t get out of the way.” She
sobbed, wiped the tears from her eyes and said continue, “I begged her and told her that I don’t want
status as long as I can stay with Yichen but she said she didn’t want my child to be born because my
child would threaten her status. I was out of control at that time and I didn’t know what I was doing. The
only thing I thought of was to protect my child from being hurt by Qinyu who kept flinging me on it and
was trying to push me down and I remembered that she finally toss me fiercely and I rolled down.”

Mo Qinyu was shocked by her words and she stared at Mo Mengshan who could even make a serious
nonsense and distort all the facts. Mo Qinyu could not help but glance at Qin Yichen who looked
gloomy, as if he believed Mo Mengshan, who did hit Mo Qinyu this time. Her tearful lies seemed more
convincing than the facts she had stated.

How could two people have a fierce dispute in the hallway for such a small thing that about speak ill?

Aunt Qin said slowly, “Mo Mengshan, how long have you received the picture?”

“It’s been a week and there are records on QQ.” Mo Mengshan said softly.

Aunt Qin nodded and asked Mo Qinyu, “Qinyu, what else do you have to say?”

Mo Qinyu was trying to stay calm at that time and she had to think about it very carefully. Did Mo
Mengshan take so much effort to come up with such a drama and frame her? She is a pregnant
woman, shouldn’t she focus on her own safety? What’s more, Pulling on the corridor was an accident
at any time! The reason why she was desperately holding the railing at that time was to protect the
child in her belly, the child might have miscarriage if she was pulled down and fell. How could Mo
Mengshan not think about it?

Thinking of this, Mo Qinyu guessed the truth.

Was it……?

Mrs. Mo said viciously while Mo Qinyu was thinking, “She has nothing to say, Mengshan has taken all
her lies apart, well, let her plead guilty, don’t waste out time.”

“Yichen, our child died so badly!” Mo Mengshan lay on Qin Yichen’ s shoulders and busted into tears.

Qin Yichen said nothing but looked at Mo Qinyu who stood up, she said, “Why confess my sins and I
have no sins! I have been worried before, is it really that I caused Mo Mengshan fall? But now I was
really able to understand the incident of horror pictures when I see them. This is not an accident but
premeditated. Mo Mengshan, you want to have an abortion, right? You deliberate design of this scene
is to let yourself abort and then frame me.”

Mo Mengshan didn’t expect that Mo Qinyu could react faster than she imagined that she could see
through her scheme. But no one would believe her because she had no evidence. So Mo Mengshan
said, “Qinyu, I was trying my best to protect my child because it is the baby of me and Yichen, how can
I hurt him? do you know how I lived these days? I can’t wait to die with him, how can you frame me?

She cried again on Yichen’ s shoulders after she said.

Mo Qinyu laughed coldly, “I remember you vowed that let him be born a stillbirth if it’s not Qin Yichen’ s
child. I was shocked at that time, if a mother really loves her kids, how could she to curse him and how
could she swear on her kids? Unless she didn’t want him at all.”

“Qinyu, this is me and Yichen’ s child, you say I don’t want to give him birth, is it too ridiculous?” Mo
Mengshan hummed.

“You don’t want to be born, of course there is only one reason that he is not Qin Yichen’ s child at all.”

Mo Mengshan hurriedly sat upright, she said, “Qinyu, how can you frame me like this ? you have killed
my child, do you still frame my innocence?”

Mengshan's mom was afraid that Mo Mengshan would be taken apart and yelled, “Mo Qinyu, don’t try
to frame anyone and you just a bitch.”

“Mrs. Mo, this is the confrontation between the two of them, I can only invite you out if you intervene
again." Aunt Qin frowned.

Mrs. Mo pouted, "Do I have to tolerate and watch her insult Mengshan?"