Love in full bloom

Chapter 194 Making troubles

"It's a downright dirty calumniation! I have asked the public security to show me the monitor video.
Mengshan pulled Qinyu hard. It's obvious that she wanted to push Qinyu down the stairs. But she didn't
expect that she would roll down herself by mistake. Then she slandered Qinyu. Mengshan said Qinyu
hates her, then can she refute that she doesn't hate Qinyu? At that time, she didn't want to marry into
Qin family, so she asked Qinyu to marry instead of her. Now she regrets, wanting to get everything
back. Do you think it is what a cousin should do?"

Aunt was so furious now. She stared at Mother Mo with extremely anger, "You daughter is originally a
substitution. We have made a deal that after Mengshan came back, they would be changed back. But
now, she is unwilling to leave. Shameless woman!"

"You lied from the very beginning. You said Mengshan missed, but actually she hid. We are not fools.
What's more, marriage is not decided by only our family. The Qin family also had the right to decide. If
Qin family wants to divorce and Yichen doesn't like Qinyu, I will take Qinyu away right now. I never
expected my daughter would marry a rich man, I just want my daughter get happiness." Mother Mo
screamed angrily and excitedly.

At this time, Qin Yuhan had been watching on upstairs along with Mrs. Qin and Sima Yu'er. And their
conversation had been clearly heard by them.

Aunt's lips twisted fiercely. Seeing them down, she cried harder, "Mr. and Mrs. Qin, you have to help
this pity baby. He is your biological grandson! You can't let him be killed without knowing. Please
punish the murder, or he would not die in peace."

Mrs Qin opened her mouth calmly, "Mrs. Mo, you have to know that this child is Mo Mengshan's kid, he
has nothing to do with Yichen and our Qin family. I dealt with this thing according to the rules."

Aunt's nerve on her forehead twisted fiercely. Those words were strike for her and her daughter.
However, no matter what, she had to grasp the point that the baby was Qin Yichen's. Anyway, there

was no evidence, she could say anything.

"How can you say that, Mrs. Qin. Are you slandering my daughter? Mengshan even didn't touch other
boy's hand before, and always kept pure for Yichen. I can assure that she was pure when she was with

"That is what woman like to say. But now everything can be fake because of the advanced medical
skill. So we only admit the paternity test. Without it, we will regard him as others' child even if he is
indeed Yichen's kid." Mrs. Qin said slowly.

Mo Mengshan burst out crying, "Mom, why not keep the child alive! Look, now I have to suffer this kind
of humiliation after losing my child. I can't live still." After that, she rolled her eyes and pretended to

Qin Yichen, who was beside, stretched out his hands and held her.

"Mengshan!" Aunt screamed and rushed over, "Mengshan, what's wrong! Don't scare mom. Mom only
have you. If you have something wrong, how can I live!" She cried hard.

"Aunt, calm down, pinch her philtrum." Qin Yiman added beside.

Qin Yichen put Mo Mengshan on the sofa and pinched her philtrum then. With a moan, she opened her
eyes slowly and weakly.

"Mengshan, how do you feel now? You always cried in the hosipital those days and never ate anything.
Look, you are so weak now." Aunt said anxiously. She knew her daughter was pretending, but they had
great tacit understanding.

"Mom, I feel sorry to that child. But I can't protect him and even can't give him a legitimate identity. Just
kill me, mom, I want to be with him." Mo Mengshan's tears fell down like beads endlessly.

"My stupid girl, someone wishes you die, if you suicide as her wish, then she would be complacent."
Aunt wiped her tears.

Mo Qinyu stood there quietly, watching them still.

She didn't know the trick of that mother and daughter, only thinking they were really sad. After all, that
kid was the amulet of Mo Mengshan. Losing him was to kill her.

Qin Yiman turned her head, stared at Mo Qinyu viciously, "Bitch, disgusted roach! You did this! You
such a vicious woman should be punished by the family rule. Pay my nephew's life!"

Mother Mo was shocked. She didn't expect that Qin Yiman would curse her daughter like this.
Trembling subconsciously, an thought popped into her mind, 'Is it that all the members in Qin family
treat her daughter like that?'

Qin Yuhan noticed her changes, then called the servant, "Pull the Miss to her room. Don't let her
interfere this thing."

"Dad!" Qin Yiman stamped, wanting to leave here to help Mo Mengshan. But when she saw the sharp
gaze of Qin Yuhan, she was too scared to speak anything, then she followed the servants to leave.

Qin Yuhan turned to Mother Mo, "Mrs. Mo, my daughter always behaved rude, sorry for that."

"Forget it." Mother Mo waved her hands, not wanting to say much. However, her heart was still hurting
for her daughter.