Love in full bloom

Chapter 193 The most beautiful moment

"I don't trust her, either!" His tone was clam and faint without any emotion in it, just like stating a fact.

She was shocked. "You don't believe Mo Mengshan?"

"You have to work hard tomorrow." He lay down and was ready to sleep. It seemed that he prepared to
stay here to disturb her tonight.

She also lay down next him with her heart filled with courage and confidence suddenly, "I believe evil
can never prevail over good."

Qin Yichen lifted his lips and smiled. He looked forward to her behavior tomorrow and had strong
desires to know her how to get justice for herself.

The next day, Mo Mengshan was going to get discharged.

She waited and wished Qin Yichen would come to pick her up. However, Qin Yiman finally came.

"What's wrong with Yichen? Mengshan is going to be discharged today, why haven't he come in such
an important day?" Aunt pouted and questioned with discontent.

Qin Yiman stretched her hands, "You just lost a good chance. If you did the paternity test, Mo Qinyu
has been whipped and dying now, then these wouldn't be so many troubles."

Mo Mengshan and aunt glanced at each other, forced a smile, "I have fainted when I got the hospital.
My mom knew little about that. If Mo Qinyu escaped this time, maybe the god is helping her. However,
my pity baby wouldn't die rest in peace."

Qin Yiman patted her shoulder, "My mom said there was a mysterious man came today. No matter how
Mo Qinyu quibbles, she will must die."

"Who it is?" Mo Mengshan paused.

"My mom didn't say it. Just remember that it's Mo Qinyu's last day in this world today. Drive her out
from my family and get the position which belongs to you." Qin Yiman said viciously.

Mo Mengshan grabbed her hands, "Mengshan, thanks for what you did for me."

"I'm not only for you, but also for Qin family. No scourge is allowed to stay in my family." Qin Yiman

In Qin family.

Walking out of the guardhouse, Mo Qinyu took a deep breath, feeling the air outside was fresh.

Downstairs, in the dining hall, she saw a strange woman sitting on the sofa, who just arrived here. "This
is my aunt." Qin Yichen introduced faintly.

His aunt was not an ordinary person. She was the chief justice of Supreme Cour and a professor of
public security university.

The old Mrs. Qin called her to deal with the thing cooperating with Mrs. Qin.

"Hello, little aunt." Mo Qinyu greeted her politely.

She assured again that Qin Yiman was a miracle in Qin family, who was a special breed of genetic

The members of Qin family were all elites except Qin Yiman. She only knew to dress up and shopping.

Qin Yuhan had already given up her and put all his attention to cultivate Qin Chuxia to make up his
failure in Qin Yiman.

Aunt Qin watched her up and down, smiled and her serious face gentled down, "The person that
grandmom likes should be nice."

"I keep silent and won't influence your justice." Qin Yichen shrugged and said with a palyful tone.

Aunt Qin picked up the cup on the table, took a sip of the tea and asked, "I heard that you ask Mo
Mengshan to do the test this week?"

Qin Yichen nodded slightly.

"What a coincidence." Aunt Qin spitted out these words calmly, which were really meaningful.

Qin Yichen's dark eyes flashed a light, but he kept still.

Mo Qinyu sat beside quietly. As a suspector, it would get a bad effect if she urged to justify for herself.

Mother Mo, Mo Mengshan and her mother nearly arrived at the same time.

Seeing Mother Mo, Mo Mengshan's mother spat on the ground.

She was really unbalanced in her heart. Mo Qinyu's family only deserved to take the bicycle, how could
they come here taking a Rolls-Royce.

Seeing her mom, Mo Qinyu rushed over, "Mom, are you okay these days in Jin cheng?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Mother Mo nodded and looked at Mo Qinyu lovingly.

"She lived in basement before, now in presidential suite, of course, she is fine." Mo Menshan's mother
pouted. Mother Mo showed her white eyes to Mo Mengshan's mother and ignored her. Anyway, they
had falled out and become enemies, the relatives relationship should be cut off now.

Mo Mengshan walked to Qin Yichen, "Yichen, I dreamed of out baby last night. He was crying all the
time sadly. He blamed me not protect him well, he said I'm not a good mom. It's all my fault, I am a
sinner, I am a stupid. I know sister hates me, but I never thought she would kill my baby. After all, my
baby is her nephew, how can she be so cruel?"

After that, she covered her face and cried.

Aunt patted on her chest and stamped, "My pity grandson! You die like this? You are so pity! You can't
die in peace! If I can't get the justice today, I will kill myself here!"

Mo Qinyu took a deep breath. She saw many times about this kind of scene and she had been
accustomed to this.

However, Mother Mo saw this, the fury burned in her heart. Her husband was honest and kind and
never wanted anything from his family, so she had to retreat again and again. But this time, she
couldn't do as before.