Love in full bloom

Chapter 179: She Must Be Beaten to A Mass of Bruises

Mo Mengshan laughed in her heart. Qin Yichen was unusually angry. He would certainly devour Mo
Qinyu alive at the night.

"Yichen, please calm down. Let's eat first."

Before she finished speaking, Qin Yichen jumped up and went out like a storm without saying anything.

Although Mo Mengshan was disappointed, she was relieved when she thought of that he was going to
teach Mo Qinyu a lesson.

Qin Yichen returned to the office and took off the tie around his neck which made him a little breathless.

His mind was full of images of Mo Qinyu crawling on the ground, picking up money, and the money
grave that buried her.

"Money is more important than my life and everything. I just love money."

"Please, give me my money back, don't freeze my income, please!"

"I don't want much, just 20 million dollars!"

"Twenty million dollars is nothing in your eyes, but it's an enormous figure to me. I can't earn it all my


She loved money so much.

Money was like her life, and she was stingy and reluctant to spend a cent.

Did she really love money?

He leaned against the big chair and looked through the window into the dim sky in the distance.

Perhaps, he never really understood Mo Qinyu, and never wanted to know her!

That dirty woman!

That scheming woman!

That lying woman!

That untamable woman!

She was as humble as an individual plant grass, and as stubborn as a hedgehog.

She was as cunning as a fox, and as simple as a rabbit.

On the surface, she was tolerant and submissive, but in her bones, she was full of rebellion and

She was a contradictory combination, full of contradictions from inside to outside.

He closed his eyes. His thought was like a runaway wild horse which was galloping in his mind and
making him feel headache.

Mo Qinyu!

Mo Qinyu!

Mo Qinyu!

He listened to his heart beating, to the names that were echoing in his ears.

They intertwined and became a loud thunder, which shook his heart and lungs, and every nerve!

Downstairs in the office.

Mo Qinyu was tired of dealing with rounds of bombings of questions.

What did the president ask you to do in the office early in the morning?

What's the relationship between you and the president?

Are you a relative of the president?


She thought she should post a post and write a short article: Something About Me and the President.

These people were too gossipy.

They couldn't talk about the work? It has to be a private matter?

She decided to shut down Facebook, stuffed her ears, buried herself in work and ignored everything!

In the evening, after work, she went to the parking lot, and was ready to drive home.

Before she got to the car, she heard a roaring engine.

The speed of the car seemed to be so fast that it made a screeching noise when it braked.

Mo Qinyu turned around and was dragged into the car before she could see the figure behind her.

She was panic and screamed in horror desperately.

In the rearview mirror, she saw a gloomy and bleak face.

Her voice suddenly disappeared and she choked with fear.

It was Qin Yichen!

God, he was not angry before. Why was he angry again?

How many times did this Lord Demon change his mood in a day!

Her little heart couldn't stand being scared. Maybe one day she would have a heart attack.

"Mr. Qin, Master Qin, Lord Demon, I thought I was kidnapped. Can you stop scaring me? I'm timid and
will be scared to death."

"I think you are bold." Qin Yichen gave a low hum. His face was covered with dark clouds and thunder.

Mo Qinyu found that his anger upgraded than that in the morning.

"What did I do wrong? I didn't speak to my male colleagues all day long!" She held her arms and

Qin Yichen did not say a word, the silent and gloomy tone gradually covered every space in the car.

Mo Qinyu looked out of the window and found that this was not the way back to the Qin family.

"Where...Where are we going?"

Qin Yichen ignored, and kept on stepping on the accelerator. The car was as fast as the wind. It soon
arrived at the destination.

It was a villa in the countryside. Last time she came, and she was locked in a terrible secret room.

Qin Yichen pulled her out of the car, like an eagle picking a chicken, and then they went up to the third

After the entered the secret room, at the moment when the door was closed, her nerves were tightened
to the extreme, which almost broke.

"I don't want to be here. I want to go home."

He snorted and handcuffed her on the wall. "This is the little black house I built for you. If you don't
obey me in the future, you will face the wall and ponder about your misdeed here."

"I didn't disobey, I didn't do anything." She shuddered like a dead leaf blown off by the cold wind. The
chains on the wall vibrated with her, making a sharp, harsh sound.

His dark ice eyes, in the dim light, sent out the sinister and cold light, which made her shiver all over
though not cold. "In the morning, I gave you the opportunity to tell me the truth, you didn't cherish it."

Her heart beat violently and almost jumped out, "I didn't lie, I just went back to help my brother deal
with the paperwork for going abroad."

He held the tip of her chin and stared at her face with sharp and cold eyes. "Where do you get the

Her viscera twitched in fear, and the blood color on her face all faded away. Her face was pale, and
even her lips were dim.

"It's...It's the bride-price"

"Is two million enough? Don't you want 20 million? " There was a trace of bloodthirsty violence on the
corner of his mouth, and he put strength on his fingers slightly. The pain came from her chin, which
made her frown deeply.

But at the time, she cannot attend to care about the pain. The fear spread along her back towards the
four limbs, let her shudder uncontrollably.

It turned out that he was asking about the money.

She and Xu Ruochen got into the unknown trouble because of the child. If she told him that Xu
Ruochen help her, he must suspect that Xu Ruochen faked to come out.

At that time, even if she had a hundred mouths, she could not explain her relationship with Xu

"And the money I usually saved. I...I sold everything that can change into money." She falteringly

Qin Yichen bit his teeth. As expected, she was a woman full of lies. There was no truth in her mouth.

"It seems that if I don't do something, you will not tell the truth." He pulled out his whip from the rack of
torture instruments beside him.

This whip was much thick than that of the Qin family, and she must be beaten to a mass of bruises
even if he whipped her once.

Her eyes were wide open, and her teeth trembled. Her lips broke by the teeth, and a drop of blood
slipped down, crossed her jaw, and fell on her lapel. "I didn't lie."

He smiled with sinister and mockery, and he looked at her as if he was looking at a dirty and pathetic

"Suddenly, you wanted to give up all our joint property if we divorce. You found a new sugar daddy,
right? He gave you 20 million dollars? What did you exchange for the money? " He gritted his teeth to
question, like a judge trying a shameless criminal.

"I didn't find anyone. I didn't do anything." She wanted to explain, but her tone was so powerless that
he could not be convinced at all.

At the moment when she finished speaking, he angrily raised his whip and lashed over fiercely!