Love in full bloom

Chapter 185 She Fell Down Stairs.

Although the life was superior and she could have many jewelry and expensive clothes, the aunt had
not lived in the presidential suite. She was really envious.

Mo Qinyu stopped at the door and didn't plan to invite her and Mo Mengshan in.

"What are you doing here? You are not welcome here!"

"I'm your aunt, anyway. Shouldn’t you be polite to me?" the aunt pouted.

"I have decided to cut off all relations with you. You are no longer my aunt, and Mo Mengshan is no
longer my cousin. Our family has no relationship with your family, and we will never meet again." Mo
Qinyu said coldly.

The aunt really wanted to slap her hard, but today she and her daughter were here for something. They
can only bear it first, and then they can find her to settle accounts.

Mo Mengshan showed a fake smile, "sister, can I talk to you?"

"What?" Mo Qinyu gave her a cold glance.

"It's not convenient to talk here. Let's go to the corridor." Mo Mengshan suddenly stepped forward and
took her arm.

Mo Qinyu wanted to get rid of her, but she held her arm tightly and refused to let it go.

Aunt also grabbed her arm and dragged her to the corridor with Mo Mengshan, "what are you doing?
Get away! "

Father Mo and Mother Mo heard the sound and ran out quickly. "What do you two want to do?" Mother
Mo ran forward and pulled away Aunt.

"What can I do? Mengshan just wants to talk to Qinyu alone. Don't disturb them." Aunt took Mother Mo
and Father Mo with the other hand, so that they would not destroy the plan of Mengshan.

In the corridor, Mo Mengshan walked slowly down the stairs, followed by Mo Qinyu. "If you want to say
anything, please say it quickly. Don't waste time. I have something else to do later."

When Mo Mengshan stopped, there were still three steps left. She turned around and said, "Qinyu, do
you often speak ill of me in front of Qin Yichen?"

Mo Qinyu chuckled, "that's what you want to say? Isn't that what you're good at? I'm not as free as you
are! "

Mo Mengshan grabbed her arm. "Mo Qinyu, do you think I don't know? You want to drive me away
every day. You are jealous that he loves me. You are jealous that he is better to me than you. You are
more jealous that I have his children. So you are going to keep saying bad things about me in his ear,
stirring up dissension and damaging our relationship. "

Mo Qinyu was amused. She seriously suspected that she was suffering from the same delusion as Qin
Yiman. They always thought that she was hurting them.

"Mo Mengshan, whatever you think, I don't care and I don’t want to talk with you." She wanted to break
open her fingers and leave. Unexpectedly, she held tightly and refused to relax at all.

"Mo Qinyu, how can you do this to me? I'm your cousin anyway. You've done too much..." She cried
and tugged at her, using both hands. As if she was mad, she wanted to drag her down the stairs

"Mo Mengshan, you let me go!" She seized the railing with one hand, and got rid of her with the other
hand, lest she should drag her down.

Mo Mengshan tried her best to pull her, making her sleeve broken, and she just wanted to roll down
with her.

Just then, the door of the corridor was pushed open. Father Mo and Mother Mo heard their daughter's
voice, pushed away the aunt and ran in.

Mo Mengshan was afraid that they would break her plan. In the moment Mo Qinyu shook her hand, she
suddenly released her hands, fell on the stairs and rolled down.

"Mengshan -" Aunt's scream sounded in the whole fire fighting corridor.

Mo Qinyu was frozen and her head was buzzing.

Did she make Mo Mengshan falling?

Mo Mengshan covered her stomach and groaned painfully, "Mom, it’s hurt so much. Am I going to die?"

"No. You won't die." Aunt quickly took out her mobile phone and called her brother. He waited on the
next floor according to Mo Mengshan's arrangement.

Mo Qinyu also took out her mobile phone, "I'll call for an ambulance."

"Get out! Go! You pushed my daughter down. Your heart is more poisonous than snakes and
scorpions." Aunt roared, for fear that she would call the ambulance and destroy their plan.

"It was an accident, not Qinyu's fault." Mother Mo hurriedly explained. She also did not see clearly. She
just saw two people arguing, and then Mo Mengshan falling down.

"Yes, when two people are arguing, both of them are not right." Father Mo said.

At this time, a man ran in from the door, helped Mo Mengshan with Aunt, and went upstairs.

Mo Qinyu recognized that this was her aunt's brother, Mo Mengshan's uncle.

Father Mo and Mother Mo also recognized, "Uncle Shen, why are you here?"

"He drove us here." "Aunt was afraid they would doubt it. She said hurriedly.

"Mom, will my child be gone?" Mo Mengshan cried deliberately to divert their attention.

"If the child is gone, I'll skin the little bitch." Aunt scolded and helped her into the elevator.

Mo Qinyu's family wanted to keep up with her, and she shouted to stop, "get out of my way. Don't hurt
our Mengshan again."

She pressed the key hard for fear that they would come in.

It was closed.

Mo Qinyu was still muddled. She can't remember how Mo Mengshan fell down.

"Mom, will Mengshan miscarry?"

"I don't think she's bleeding. She should be OK." Mother Mo put her arm around her shoulder. "Don't be
afraid, Qinyu. It's not your fault. It is an accident."

"Mengshan comes here and what she wants to say to you? Why do you argued in the corridor?" Father
Mo asked.

"She said a lot of things. I don't know what she wanted to do. Then she grabbed me and refused to let
me go. I was almost dragged down by her. " Mo Qinyu was in a mess. She hasn't got a clue yet.

Mo Mengshan came here to tell her unimportant things. It was too strange.

"I think she tried to pull Qinyu down, but she fell down." Mother Mo gave a low hum.

Father Mo sighed. "Anyway, call Qin Yichen. He will know sooner or later. If she really miscarries, my
sister-in-law's would make it worse, according to her character. "

Mo Qinyu took her mobile phone, and her fingers trembled slightly because of the excessive

Soon the phone was through. Qin Yichen's low voice came,"what's the matter?"

"Mo Mengshan fell down the stairs. Her mother took her to the hospital. I don't know how she is now?"
she was so nervous so that she was sweating on the back.

There was silence in the phone, and the voice came, "which hospital?"

"I don't know. My aunt didn’t allow me to follow her. She and her brother sent Mo Mengshan to
hospital." She said in a low voice.