Love in full bloom

Chapter Chapter192: You two share the same rotten tastes

She was so angry, so mad with rage that it almost burst out of her mouth like lava, and her brain was
out of control as well as her tongue, she yelling at him. "I think you two share the same rotten tastes."

Qin Yichen's brows seemed to twist into a horizontal line. "What do you mean?"

His anger and chill spread through the room, making her feel like she was caught between ice and fire.

But she was so angry that she couldn't control herself, she repeating. "You two share the same rotten
tastes. You two just share the same rotten tastes!"

The veins on his forehead burst and twitched, he picking her up, throwing her on the bed, and then he
getting on top of her.

She struggled, kicked and punched him like she was mad, she seeming to have no thoughts, no
reason, only anger.

"Let go of me. If you like Mo Mengshan so much, you can go to her. I'm not a substitute for her. I
wouldn't be a substitute for her even if I were a puppet."

"Dear little hedgehog, you are indeed very wild." With a cold snort, he grabbed her collar, tearing it in

His handsome face was close to hers, his thin lips brushing against hers like a feather. "I am the devil,
and if you don't go to hell, who go to hell?"

His voice not cold, and his look not severe, his voice sounded low, as if he were flirting with her.

She bit her lips. "Then let's go to hell together?"

"You just have to accept it." He raised the corners of his mouth, bowed his head, and kissed her...

When the midnight wind blew in through the slightly open windows, everything calmed down.

His firm iron arms forced her into his arms.

"Mo Mengshan will leave hospital tomorrow and come back in the afternoon. If you want to prove your
innocence, be clever."

"I'm just innocent, so I don't need to prove my innocence." She looked upright and righteous.

"I shall judge whether you are innocent or guilty." His voice was dictatorial and domineering, sounding
like the devil.

She looked up at him deeply. "You believe in Mo Mengshan and not me, right?"

"Do you want me to believe you?" He asked her.

"I hope." She said directly without hesitation. "If the whole world believes me, but you don't, I can't
argue with it. But if you believe me, even if the whole world doubts me, I win."

As her tone sounded very serious, solemn and calm, his dark eyes flashed in the dark night, and his
thin lips were involuntarily raised.

It was like a smile!

A rare, precious and real smile!

The world's most rare beauty was not night-blooming cereus.

It was the moment that the kadapur flowers bloomed.

It was the rarest and most mysterious flower in the world.

It bloomed only once a year, quietly blooming in the dark of the night and quietly disappearing before
dawn. The blooming lasted only an hour, being irregular without warning.

This was a fleeting beauty that no one could capture, making it stay.

It was so priceless that even the richest people couldn’t buy it.

In Mo Qinyu's eyes, Qin Yichen's smile to her was as precious as the moment that kadapur flowers

It was so quick that even though she wanted to capture it, and remember it, it seemed like an illusion
that had never appeared.

She watched in silence, knowing that his smile would vanish as soon as she spoke.

But he did notice, his face freezing.

"Why are you staring at me? You look like anthomaniac."

"You were smiling." She blinking, her eyes ached. She had been holding on, not daring to blink, as she
was afraid that if she blinked, his smile would disappear.

He tapped her on the head. "No way. You were wrong."

She knew he'd deny it. "I thought you smiled, and when you smiled, you looked especially handsome."

"So you're staring at me like a nymphomaniac?" He raised his eyebrows proudly.

"As a designer, I need to capture moments of beauty, turning them into inspiration." Her long, thick
lashes flickered with a hint of cunning.

"Are you inspired now?"

She nodded. "The theme of the wedding ring is eternal. Hold on to each other, while hold on to each
other's hearts. The theme of my design is the love of flowers, which makes beautiful moments into
eternity." When she had finished speaking, she smiled.

Qin Yichen's thin lips were raised with a thin arc of evil and mockery. "For a wedding ring designed by a
loser in marriage, I would never buy it."

"If I fail, you fail, too, as the management of marriage is mutual. We are both being defeated and
wounded." She glared at him angrily.

As a boss, was it appropriate to say that to an employee?

Qin Yichen's eyes deepened, his mahogany eyes narrowing with a hint of anger in his eyes. "Failure is
never a word in my dictionary."

Except for this woman, she always frustrated him.

"As failure is the mother of success, if you never fail, how can you succeed?"

She made a face, showing some mischief.

"I was born to succeed." He flicked her forehead.

This was called sophistry!

She sighed. "God is so unfair. Why is the gap between the beloved and outcast so wide?"

"I hate people like you, who give up on themselves, being full of negativity." He leaned against the
bedstead, his hands resting on the back of his head. "If you can't prove your innocence tomorrow, you
can't expect to get out of here."

She, looking like she had been run over, was convulsing violently. "What do you mean? Do I have to
stay in detention?"

"If you are found to have acted intentionally, you will be held for at least two months." He slowly held
out two fingers to her, threatening.

"I didn't mean to." She caught him by the arm. "Qin Yichen, trust me once, will you?"

"Tomorrow, when you face each other, I will judge." He shrugging, the judgment in his eyes went across
her face like a knife.

She knew that he did not trust her. In his heart, Mo Mengshan was more honest and trustworthy than

"You think I pushed Mo Mengshan down on purpose, do you?"

He was silent, his thin lips seemed to be compressed into a straight line.

There was a sad smile on her face. "What's the use of trying to prove my innocence if you don't believe

His dark, icy eyes were deep and gloomy, like ancient pools, impenetrable and mysterious.

"A lying, scheming woman, are you worthy of my trust?"

The fingers she had hidden behind her back were clenched tightly, her heart becoming cold, and a
deep feeling of resentment seeming to spread from her chest. "What about Mo Mengshan? Is she
worthy of your trust?"