Love in full bloom

Chapter 191: Find a good man and marry him

His every word was like a bullet from a machine gun, hitting her aching nerves and shattering her
fragile pride.

His disgusted eyes saw her from head to foot, as if criticizing a defective product full of defects.

Almost subconsciously, she turned back to him, not wanting to be hurt by his eyes again.

She was not worthy to be his bride, nor to wear white wedding dress.

She wouldn't be delusional.

She was self-aware.

"If you have nothing to do, go back. This is the brig, so it's not good to be seen coming by the elders."

He threw his drawing paper on the table. "A designer who doesn't look forward to a wedding is not
going to make a good ring."

It was like five strikes, making her vomit blood for three liters with deep internal wounds. "If I were to
look forward to a wedding, wouldn't I want to divorce you and find a man who wouldn't mind me and
would take me to church to be married?" She was a little angry as well as a little annoyed, her voice
sounding shrill.

His thick, beautiful brows wrinkling, he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her over, forcing her to
face him. "You heartless, soulless bride, do you feel like going to church to be married?"

You gave your heart and soul to another man, leaving only a dirty shell for your husband. A woman like
you was ruining the wedding!

Her heart was torn violently. "You have left me a shell, either, just like me."

He scoffed with great irony and contempt. "Does my body belong to you?"

She looked down, her long, thick lashes casting a bleak shadow over her white skin. "It doesn't belong
to me, so I don't even have an empty shell of you."

I felt that myself was too desolate, too miserable!

He pinched the tip of her chin, taking in all the subtle changes in her expression. "Dear little hedgehog,
are you sad?"

Her beautiful face seemed to take on a melancholy look. "I feel sorry for myself. If I hadn't married you,
maybe one day in the future, I would have met a man who really loves me, so I wouldn't have to live
such a miserable life."

He shoved her against the corner. "Would you give him your heart and forget about the dead man?"

She bit her lips.

Her answer was no, because she would never forget Shi Cong. She could never fall in love with
anyone else except Shi Cong.

But she would try to be a good wife, and would give him anything but her heart.

She would carefully keep her memory of Shi Cong and herself in her heart, and would not speak to
others, so as not to let it affect their relationship.

"I'm just saying it. After all, I'm married to you. There's no ifs."

What she said sounded like an evasive, a perfunctory, so there was a deep, sneering smile on his face.
"A woman without a heart does not deserve to be loved and can only be a puppet."

"I've always been a puppet. Even if I have the heart and soul, I'm still a puppet. It doesn't change
anything. Let nature take its course."

She shrugged, her voice full of self-mockery.

She has been used to being a puppet, so she didn’t want to do meaningless fantasy, and didn’t want to
waste time and energy to fight for the emotions beyond her power. Those were like the moon in the
water, the flowers in the mirror, which were destined not to belong to her.

There was fire in his cold eyes, and his critical eye shot like an arrow from the fire and struck hard at
her Achilles' heel. "Hell is the best place for a woman like you."

It was as if a stream of heat had rushed into her eyes, forming a mist that obscured her eyes.

She hastily closed her eyes, trying to keep them from gushing out like tears, in order to keep him from
seeing her vulnerability.

"In fact, you do not have to wrong yourself for a little dignity. Although none of your elders have ever
divorced, it doesn't matter if you break the rule. You should find a pure, noble, and elegant woman to
be your wife, finding a woman you love, to love her, and living happily ever after." Her voice sounded
low, as if crushed by pain.

He clenched his teeth, staring at her savagely, and his chest heaving so violently that his breathing
became rapid and heavy, he gasping like an enraged beast.

He compressed his lips, saying nothing, as if trying to suppress a feeling that was about to go out of
control. After a long time his anger turned into an odd sneer. "You mean I should divorce you and marry
Mo Mengshan?"

She shook violently, looking up almost unconsciously. The flood of tears in her eyes was like a flood
that had opened a gate, pouring out and soaking her face.

She couldn't relate purity, nobility and grace to Mo Mengshan.

"I don't mean Mo Mengshan!"

He kept looking at her, and her eyes, full of amazement and bitterness, kept widening before his
eyes....seeming to take up all his sight.

He raising his hand, stroked the damp corners of her eyes. "When I mention Mo Mengshan, are you so
excited and in tears?"

"No, she...she is not kind, and I will never bless you if you marry her." She picked up a tissue, wiping
away all the tears.

That's not why she's crying.

His fingers ran lightly over her face, and his handsome face was so close to hers that his breath kept
fluttering over her face with a heat so hot that it almost burned her.

"I think Mo Mengshan is better than you everywhere. Since she is gentle, lovely, coquettish and
inviting, she does everything a wife should do. She has nothing to find fault with, so you are a far cry
from her."

He spoke slowly and clearly, each word like a knife, thrusting hard at her, and making she look like a
bloody mess!

"You......aren't you smart with sharp eyes? Why can't you see her disguise? Her gentleness and
kindness are deceptive."

In order to be his wife, Mo Mengshan would do anything, even killed her child, regardless of their

He sneered with an air of indifference. "As long as she can please me and make me happy, that's
enough. Nothing else matters."

She clenched her fists, her nails embedding in her flesh.

She finally understood that why he continued to protect Mo Mengshan and pamper Mo Mengshan. It
turned out that right and wrong were not as important as Mo Mengshan, who was cute and obedient,
for him.

"You have a very strong taste. It's lucky for me to find out that you don't like me, otherwise I would be a
woman like Mo Mengshan." She said angrily.

"Why are you so unhappy with Mo Mengshan?" His eyes grew very cold.