Love in full bloom

Chapter chapter190 You don't deserve to be my bride

"I've seen surveillance, it was just an accident."Qin Yichen said lightly.

Auntie and Mo Mengshan glanced at each other, She patted the table and stood up. "An accident? She
pushed Mengshan deliberately, how could it be an accident?She intended to kill her! I would call the
police if she was not our relative. "

"It seemed that she really did it, if police watch this,they would have the same conclusion." Qin Yichen
said impartially.

Auntie patted her thigh and cried, "My poor grandson!Things shouldn’t be like this! The killer would get
no punishment, is there any truth in this world?!"

Mo Mengshan also cried sadly, "My child, you died so terribly. I didn't protect you. I'm useless. I could
not even punish the one who killed you,why shouldn’t I just die with you... "

There was no expression on Qin Yichen's face, all he said were several words, "After you recover, the
Lu family will arrange a three-party meeting. If you have a chance to confront Xiaohua Hua, you can
take it for yourself."

There was a foxy smile on Mo Mengshan’s face which was hard to find, she had a almost perfect
plan,she would give Mo Qinyu no chance to escape of punishment.

Auntie pouted, "Yichen, aren't you divorced with Mo Qinyu, she is so heartless, she would do harm to
your family if you still let her stay with you. Let me tell you something, I've found a predictor, she is bad
for you,for you family. But Mo Mengshan is different. She would bring so many benefits to you. "

After hearing this,there was a gloomy look on Qin Yichen’s face, "You should die for being such an
aunt." Then he turned and went out.

"Yichen, where are you going, what’s wrong? I'm telling the truth." Auntie yelled at him, but Qin Yichen
had already gone far.

Mo Mengshan was so angry, "Mom, The bitch always slandered us in front of Yichen.Mo Qinyu won in
Mo Xiaowu’ case. Qin Yichen must feel that our family is unfriendly, so he would take care of her father
and mother. "

"oh shit!" Aunt said. "It is because of his bad luck that Xiao Wu had such an accident? Why should I
borrow him money?Also,the old house is mine. I got it,then it is mine,I could get money if I rent it,why
should I let them live at there?"

"We have done nothing wrong, but Mo Qinyu would not think so, and she may slander us in front of Qin

Mo Mengshan was so angry that her veins were shown, "Yichen treated me so well. Since he knew
about Mo Xiaowu’s case,he treated me colder. If I knew it, I wouldn't let he knew it. I didn’t got what I
want, but let her take the advantage.”

"Alright, it's useless to think about the past. Aren't you fully prepared now? You must let them divorce
this time." Auntie said angrily. .

In the Jin Xin yard.

Mo Qinyu called her mother and asked about the case of visa.

It was not allowed to bring a cell phone during the confinement, but phone could be used, so she could
call her mom by phone.

"The verification could be done on the spot. I asked your dad to go back and take care of Xiaowu first. I
will stay here before you finished the stuff with Mo Mengshan, otherwise I couldn’t live with relief" her

mom said.

"I will be fine, Mom, don't worry. I didn't push Mo Mengshan, I’m fearless."Mo Qinyu said.

"You did nothing wrong,but your aunt was not an easy one. She may do many shameless things, I
should stay with you and help you to handle those things." Her mom sighed.

In order to protect her child, a mother would be so brave no matter how weak she was. Previously, she
had been weak, but she wouldn’t be like before anymore, for the happiness of her daughter, she must
be brave.

Mo Qinyu wiped off the tears in the corner of her eyes. "Mom, I've been busy with my work these
days,so I have no time to visit you. Take care of yourself at the hotel."

"It's okay, do your own works. Don't worry about me, I'm fine here. Toy will help me handle
everything."Her mom said.

After hanging up the phone, Mo Qinyu took out the design draft which was quietly brought over to her
by A Jun.

She hoped that her design would be a part of the the new series of the wedding ring.

There was no wedding ring on her finger,her marriage was just a paper.

Love? That was fantasy.

He would never in love with her, he wouldn’t even like her.

It was also impossible for them to stay together forever.

He was the supreme king, but she was humble.

Among them, there was only obedience, no rejection;

Only yield and no resist.

There was only oppression, and no equality.

There was only confinement and no freedom.

What he wanted was just an obedient puppet.

She sighed heavily and picked up her pen.

The only person she could think about was Shi Cong.

The youthful ignorance, the throbbing of love, the boy,the sadness of the past were the sources of her

She wished they would be together forever even they die.

She only loved him for all her life,there would be no other person.

She was focusing on creation, so she was totally unaware that someone came in, and stood quietly
behind her.

After she finished painting a pair of rings, she draw a couple next to that. The bride was in a beautiful
wedding dress, and the groom hugged her gently and kissed her affectionately.

"Who is it?" A low voice came from behind, which scared her,she turned around in a hurry.

"Qin Yichen, when did you come in and how could you walk without sound?"

The door of the Jingxin Pavilion was locked with an iron lock. Except for the maids who served meals,
most people were not allowed to come in, and the people inside were not allowed to go out.

This guy came and went freely, he must got the key from A Jun.

Qin Yichen was too lazy to talk nonsense. He picked up the paper on the table and said coldly
:"answered my question."

She was silent, what she painted was her and A Cong, and a dream wedding, but it was impossible to
tell the truth.

"I just draw what I thought, just inspiration."

He said coldly, "Aren't you fantasizing about our wedding?"

She chocked, she won't make senseless fantasies.

"I'm just a puppet. How dare I imagine a wedding."

He leaned slightly, a dark irony flashed through his dark eyes, "Yes, that’s right, a woman like you is not
worthy to go with me into the church."