Love in full bloom

Chapter 189 Why Are You Here?

She took the book beside her pillow. It was the only weapon she could find.

In the dark, the figure slowly approached her.

When he came to bed, she jumped up, raised the book in her hand, and smashed it at him.

He acted very quick. The book fell to the ground.

"Mo Qinyu, do you want to murder your husband?"

The familiar and irascible voice cut through the silence of the room like a chainsaw. She was shocked
violently, her eyes were bigger than the copper bell, and she was staring at the shadow in the dark.
"Qin Yichen, what are you doing here?"

Qin Yichen didn't answer. He was alone in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. He was used that
she crashed out the floor beside him.

This woman was as humble as grass, as tiny as insect, as annoying as cockroach. In his eyes, there
was no sense of existence, but she seemed to be an indispensable decoration in this room.

Without her, there would no vigor.

He turned on the Nightlight on the bedside table and closed the door.

"Stupid woman, how's the introspection?" It sounded like inspection.

"I was wronged. I didn't push Mo Mengshan. Why should I do that?" She pouted.

"I hope your mouth will be so hard when you stand up to Mo Mengshan." He gave a low snort, which
was obviously showing distrust.

She felt harm. "Since you think I'm intentional, why don't you use the family method to kill me and then
drive me out?"

He cured up his lips coldly"If there is paternity test, can you still lie here safely?"

A muscle in her face twitched and she looked down and kept silent.

Although she didn't want to push Mo Mengshan, she didn't know if Mo Mengshan fell down because of

At the end, she was still speechless.

"If you want to add sin, why bother? At most, I am Dou'e. "

Qin Yichen raised her chin. "Your life or death is up to me. If you want to live well, you have to please
me. Understand?"

"I see." She shrugged her shoulders and turned her tone. "But there is no paternity test. It's not internal
affairs. There is no need to use family law. So I can live well without pleasing you."

He was angry with this words that made him frown.

"You really don’t want to please me?" He was biting his teeth, and his tone was full of threats. If she
dared to shake her head, or say no, she would be eaten alive.

Her cheeks were a little white.

After having sex, he pulled her into his arms and fell asleep.

She was a little dizzy. How could he sleep here?

If the elders knew that he came to such a serious place in the middle of the night to hang out with her,
they would be frightened!

But she dare not say anything more. The devil always went his own way. There was no place for her to

Unconsciously, she fell asleep. When she woke up, it was already daybreak.

The side was empty. Qin Yichen had left.

After being locked up for two days, she was too bored and she can’t go to work.

It was also hard not to be punished physically.

In the hospital, Mo Mengshan waited eagerly and waited for Qin Yichen to see her.

But she could not see him. She could only ask her mother to call him.

Aunt pretended to cry on the phone, "Yichen, come to persuade Mengshan. She has not eaten for two
days and has been crying, saying that the child is gone and she doesn't want to live. What can I do?
She has just had a miscarriage. She's very weak. If she doesn't eat, she would die... "

She wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by Qin Yichen, "I'll come here sometime in the
afternoon." With that, he hung up.

After that, Mo Mengshan kept her mother at the door. Seeing Qin Yichen, she hurriedly squeezed her
tears and pretended to be extremely depressed and weak.

As soon as Qin Yichen entered the door, her tears fell down.

"Yichen, is that you? I must be dreaming again, right? Every time I open my eyes, I see you beside me,
but as soon as I reach out, you disappear. "

"Later, the servant will bring the bird's nest porridge." Qin Yichen said in a low voice.

She shook her head. Her voice was very low and intermittent, as if she had no strength to speak. "I
don't want to eat it. I can't live at the thought of our lovely child. It was killed before it was formed. It's
my fault that I didn't protect it. I shouldn't live. I should die, too.”

Aunt cried. "Mengshan, you can't. You and Yichen will have children in the future. Mo Qinyu wants you
to die. She must be happy if you die. That bad woman. Since childhood, she envied you, and she can’t
bear that you live well. She's got a killing heart, wanting to kill your child. You are so kind that you never
know how to guard against the wicked. "

"Mom, how can I think that she can even kill her own nephew? We are cousins. We have the same
root. Why are we in such a hurry to deal with each other?" Mo Mengshan cried and she was very weak
and sad.