Love in full bloom

Chapter chapter188 Confinement

Qin Yichen didn't speak again, his face was gloomy and cold.

She slowly slid to the window of the car, she curled up like a snail which was so humble, so small, so
insignificant, she just wanted to hide in her protective case, hiding from the dangerous man.

After returning to Qin's house, Qin Yiman rushed over in anger, blocking them.

With her hands on her waist, she was so aggressive that she wanted to kill Mo Qinyu.

"Butler, out, I am going to kill this wicked bitch who killed the child of our family!"

"Go away, you are not qualified to punish her." Qin Yichen reached out and push her away.

Qin Yuhan and Mrs. Qin came down from upstairs, and Sima Yuer followed.

Mo Qinyu knew that she would be interrogated by them after she saw the scene.

Mo Mengshan had told Qin Yiman what had happened on WeChat. Qin Yiman naturally wanted to get
justice for her. This was a good opportunity to get rid of the little bitch, and she would never miss it.

She immediately spread this news to all her family members so that no one could protect Mo Qinyu
even if he wanted.

"Qinyu, what is going on?" Sima Yuer asked.

Mo Qinyu told them carefully about the incident, "I didn't mean it, I didn't push her."

Qin Yiman snorted: "You are a liar. Dad, mom, Yichen, you must not believe her words, she has always
hated Mengshan’s baby,she wanted to kill him,she just waited for a chance. Now that she finally got the
chance, how could she let it go? "

"You just want things to be more chaotic. You are not qualified to speak here. Shut up and stay at there
quietly or get out." Qin Yuhan stared at her, he saw through her thought.

Qin Yiman pouted, "Do you still want to keep this wicked bitch at home?"

"you are here,either."Qin Yichen grinned.

Qin Yiman fainted, "Qin Yichen, I'm helping you, she killed your child,do you want to let her free from

Qin Yuhan’s expression was severe and solemn. "Did the paternity test be done?"

"No, the stillbirth has been disposed of by the hospital and cannot be done." Qin Yichen said in a deep

Qin Yuhan’s eyes shook, and a bit of indescribable sharpness glanced from the bottom of his eyes. "If it
can be proved that the child is a child of our family,then it should be handled as internal affairs. If it can't
be proved, then it should be handled as external affairs. Things must be figured out, or else something
foxy persons would took the advantages. "

"I see." Mrs. Qin nodded. "Let Qinyu go to Jingjing Pavilion first, after Mengshan recovered, let them
confront to make things clear."

Qin Yuhan nodded slightly and agreed with her decision.

Qin Yiman was very dissatisfied. "It's too cheap for her, shouldn't she got punishment according to
family law? She killed the child of this family."

Sima Yuer glanced at her quietly, "Yiman, since you are friend of Mengshan, you should remind her in
advance that the child can't be dealt with casually, it’s necessary to have a paternity test."

"whether do a paternity test or not, the child must be Yichen’s child, and it cannot be someone else's.
Mengshan is a serious girl,she is different to Mo Qinyu." Qin Yiman murmured, she was still slandering
Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu took a deep breath, her fist clenched secretly, "Sister,Even Yichen couldn’t be sure that the
child is his own. How can you be so sure?"

Qin Yiman glared at her fiercely, and looked at Qin Yichen, "Yichen, this woman wants to insult
Mengshan’s innocence, you should tell everyone that Mengshan's child is yours."

Qin Yichen’s expression was frozen, without the slightest expression.

He had never been sure that the child in Mo Mengshan's belly was his own, and he was not even sure
that the woman that night was her.

He was waiting for a paternity test, with it, everything could be revealed.

But at that time ...

His thin lips sipped, he said word by word in a low voice. "I only trust paternity test."

His words made Qin Yiman feel shame,it seemed that someone was slapping her.

"Yichen, how can you say that, Mengshan would be so sad if she hear this."

"Qin Yiman, all you want is revenge, but the more you want to punish Mo Qinyu, the more I want to let
her go,I will never let you get what you want." Qin Yichen showed a cold smile.

The nerves of Qin Yiman were twitching in anger, but she didn't dare to say a word. She was afraid that
if she said anything that Mo Qinyu didn’t even have to go to Jingxin Pavilion.

Mo Qinyu didn't argue for herself anymore. Since her mother-in-law said that they should waiting for
Mo Mengshan, all her words were useless.

Jingxin Pavilion was a loft on the top floor. Family members who had made small mistakes would be
confined in it, meditating, or copying the family law.

On the wall,there were family laws, as well as the disciples' rules.

There was a bed, a desk, and a bookcase in the attic. There were no entertainment facilities.

Except for meditating, one could only read books. There were full of books about self-cultivation, self-
cultivation, governance, and peace.

It was very quiet here, almost no noise could be heard from outside, it was so tranquil which made Mo
Qinyu feel that there was only herself in the whole world.

She randomly found a book, read it, and passed the time.

A day had passed like that.

At dinner time, A Jun came to deliver the meal.

"Madam, this little bunny was brought to you by the little lady. She said that you won't feel scared if you
got this with you."

Mo Qinyu hugged the rabbit, only this girl was the best and most intimate person to her in this family.

"say thanks to her for me,I will play with her after I get out."

After dinner, it was dark, and she was bored and had to lie in bed and read a book.

She fell asleep.

The midnight wind blew from the lake with a wave of cool water.

The loft was quiet and quiet.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed out, and the black clothes were almost integrated with the night, it was

The person slowly walked to the iron door and easily unlocked the door.

When the iron door was opened, a slight, creak sound was heard by Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu woke up suddenly.

Because it was too quiet, so she couldn’t sleep well,it’s hard for her to have a deep sleep.

Seeing the shadow on the ground, her body's nerves were tightened.

who was it?

Was the man here to kill her?

There was no one here, and it was easy to kill her.