Love in full bloom

Chapter chapter186 Get abortion

At the hospital, the doctor came out and said, "The child could be rescued, should we have a try?"

"No,of course not,get abortion as soon as possible." Auntie waved her hand.

If he was Qin Yichen’s kid,then everything would be alright. Unfortunately he was not.

The doctor went in. Half an hour later, the operation was done.

"The embryo must be handled cleanly." The aunt explained that her daughter had told her that it should
be done perfectly, or it may be used for paternity testing.

They had contacted with the doctors of this hospital in advance,they got money from them,so they
would definitely deal with that.

After everything was settled, she called Qin Yichen.

When Qin Yichen and Mo Qinyu came over, she was siting in a chair and crying, "My poor grandson,
that's all. Mo Qinyu,you wicked woman,he is you nephew,how could you do this, your heart was so
dark,you are a devil ... "

Mo Qinyu was stunned. "She didn't bleed. Why did she have a miscarriage?" Her voice was very low,
as if she was talking to herself, but Qin Yichen who was beside her heard it.

Auntie also heard it, she was afraid that Qin Yichen may have any doubt,so she quickly said, "She
didn't bleed when she fell. She was bleeding on the road. She fell from such high,how could she be
safe and sound?"

After that, she suddenly jumped up from the chair, and went to Mo Qinyu madly,she wanted to beat her.

She had been craving this for a long time, she hated Mo Qinyu very much. She wanted to kill her if she

Obviously, it was her daughter who should become the madam of the Qin’s family. She was just a
alternate,how could she be such shameless?

She had never had a loss in her life, she wanted to win in everything.In the fight between this girl and
her,she should be the winner also.

She would try her best to defeat this girl and let her own daughter to be the madam of this family.

All the favors of the Qin’s family could only be enjoyed by her family, not her brothers’.

Qin Yichen quickly got the point,he grabbed her, and flung gently, she fell to the ground with a stun.
"The matter is not clear yet, you’d better calm down."

He had known what happened from Mo Qinyu’s parents, but he needed to check.

When Auntie heard this, and she was so anxious for that she had to let the things become more
serious, only in this way,Mo Qinyu would suffer the punishment of this family,and be killed.

She got up and shouted at Mo Qinyu: "Everything is clear, I saw anything, and I saw it clearly,I am a

Mo Qinyu was so sad. She never thought about letting Mo Mengshan have an abortion. No matter
what, the child was innocent.

But she did not push Mo Mengshan, she couldn’s afford the crime.

"I didn't push her. She kept dragging me. I was about to fall down because of her. I just wanted to
shake her away." She stretched out and said. "I really had no idea about what is wrong with her, she

pulled me hard, and my sleeves were torn by her. "

"Don't quibble here. You've been telling lies for a long time. You hate Mengshan, you hate her child,
and you want her to have a miscarriage. I think you've been planning for a long time, and this time you
finally got it. Then you got the chance,of course you did it. "Auntie stared at her fiercely, full of anger
and hatred, she cried and shouted.

But her words made Mo Qinyu angry, she was angry as if there was fire burning in her heart. "Auntie,
you are not qualified to blame me. I have a humanity, even if I don’t like her, I will never hurt an
innocent child. But what have you done? Your blueberry sauce pancakes, I will always remember, I will
never forget it in my life. "

She said those things without thinking.

Every word was like a heavy hammer which hit her auntie fiercely, the woman was dizzy for a
moment,she even forgot how to continue to blame.

Not far away, fn came over, "boss, the doctor said that the family did not let the stillbirth be left,
so...nothing left."

A cold expression was shown on Qin Yichen’s face. He stepped forward and grabbed the auntie's
collar. "Why did it without telling me?"

"Aren't all the aborted children be handled like this? Will you going to take him back and bury it?"
Auntie deliberately pretended to be confused, she was afraid that Qin Yichen may doubt it.

Qin Yichen’s gaze was so dark and chilling. "Why didn't you call me before you came to the hospital?"

"I was stunned, Mengshan was bleeding, and fainted in the car. I was so scared that I couldn't think of
calling you. And I don’t have your number either, after the operation is over. The doctor gave me

Mengshan’s things. I saw her cell phone which reminded me to call you. "

Auntie tried to keep calm and explained without any hassle.

She knew that Qin Yichen would ask that, she had already cooked an answer.

Qin Yichen's expression was somber and sullen, when he was about to interrogate, a voice came from
the ward: "Mom, Mom--"

It was the cry of Mo Mengshan.

Auntie took the opportunity and said, "Mengshan wakes up, I'm going to take care of her."

Qin Yichen didn’t stop her, she quickly ran in, and she was full of fear towards the man in her heart.

His gaze were too sharp, if she didn't pay attention, if she said a word wrong, he would notice the clue.

Mo Mengshan had just finished her surgery, and her face was very pale. She raised her hand, shivered
and covered her flat belly. "Mom, is my child still alive?"

Auntie covered her mouth and cried aloud.

The two worked very hard to act.

Mo Mengshan struggled to raise her head, it seemed that she wanted to sit up, but then she laid back
weakly, "Mom, my child, what happened to my child?"

"Mengshan, the child ... is gone." Auntie cried with her tearful eyes.

It seemed that Mo Mengshan was frightened, and her eyes were bigger, and then she burst into a
terrible, screaming cry: "No-my child-no-"

She almost exhausted all her strength, her whole face twisted, and then she began to cry.

She acted for Qin Yichen, who stood at the door and looked at her deeply.

Mo Qinyu stood behind him.

She couldn't know that Mo Mengshan and Auntie were acting, let alone that she was cheated by the
mother and daughter.

In her opinion, this child was a talisman for Mo Mengshan.

Without him, she should be sad,it was normal.

If she could react a little faster at that time, she could stop it.