Love in full bloom

Chapter 178: Raising Money

In Qin Yichen's dark eyes, a sharp cold light flashed. He hung up the phone, picked up Mo Qinyu and
walked out of the elevator.

Mo Qinyu's cheeks were pale, and she was totally confused.

She remembered that when she left, Qin Yichen was in a good mood. How could his mood change
quickly in two hours?

She didn't do anything wrong.

"Mr...Mr. Qin, I have to go back to work."

Qin Yichen threw her on the sofa. "Mo Qinyu, I'll give you a chance to be frank and lenient. Tell me the
truth. What have you done after you went back to Jiangcheng?"

Mo Qinyu's heart thumped, suddenly accelerated and jumped so fast that it almost jumped out from her

Did he already know about the matter of the child?

No, no, no, she quickly denied it.

She looked at his face. Although it was gloomy, it was not so scaring. If he knew about what happened
to the child, it would be terribly scaring.

It would be impossible for her to sit here and have the chance to be frank and lenient. Instead, she
would be directly put on the guillotine and served with the broadsword!

"I really went back to arrange for my brother to go abroad for treatment. It's the most important thing for
me. How can I think about other things?" She said in a low and calm voice. She had done nothing

wrong, except what happened to the child.

Qin Yichen clasped the tip of her chin, and his eyes were gloomy and cold with a look of judgment, as if
he was examining the truth of her words, "I only give you one chance, you should cherish it."

She was a habitual liar. Her words were only ten percent true. He wouldn't believe it easily.

She swallowed her saliva and looked up at him. "I'm not lying." As long as it was not about the child,
she was not afraid.

Qin Yichen's thin mouth corner raised coldly. "If I find out that you didn't tell the truth, you will suffer."
His voice was like a cold current from Siberia, which made the temperature of the whole office dropped
below the freezing point.

She shuddered, and a chill rose from her back, "May I go back now?" If she stayed any longer, she
would freeze into a popsicle.

Qin Yichen grunted. They haven't got to the point.

He leaned slightly. His beautiful face got near and almost stuck to hers. She was surrounded by a
strong sense of oppression, which made her almost breathless.

"May I go now?" She asked again.

"No!" His beautiful thick eyebrows were wrinkled, and looked thuggish.

She unconsciously took a step back, held her arms, and made a posture of self-defense, "Is there
anything else?"

He spread his palm and held her back head with five fingers. His eyes suddenly turned sharp, "Mo
Qinyu, I want you to stay here for work, not for pleasing others with your smile!"

What did he mean?

She was confused, " very hard. I didn't please others with my smile!" She looked so ordinary
and so average. No one would be pleased by her smile.

His expression was extremely bleak. His eyes were extremely cold, and his tone was extremely severe.
"You are not allowed to talk to men or smile at men in the future."

She was lost for words. Was this the outbreak of his invincible possessiveness?

"You're also a man. Am I not allowed to talk to you or smile at you?"

Before she finished, her forehead was flicked hard by him. "Don't quibble. From now on, I'll fire the man
you smile at in the company."

She was extremely speechless.

Suddenly, she remembered that when she was waiting in line for the elevator, she said a few words to
her male colleague behind her.

Was that what the Lord Demon was angry about?

"Mr. Qin, you're the boss in a high rack. If you have a poker face, others will think you are serious and
cold. If I have a poker face, others will think that I fake it, and something is wrong with me. Besides, I
have to be your puppet all my life. Naturally, I should cultivate elegant and approachable manners. One
day, people in the company will know that I am the president's wife. I have to make a good impression
on them. Otherwise, at that time, they will surely say that the president's wife has facial paralysis and
cerebral palsy, and is not a good wife at all. "

Qin Yichen's dark ice eyes flickered.

She was worthy of being a scheming girl who considered far-reaching.

"For the sake that you are still a little enterprising, You are not allowed to talk to men for more than a
minute and to smile at men for more than three seconds."

She sighed helplessly and did not dare to bargain, otherwise it would be bad if he took back his words.

It didn't matter if she got herself into trouble. She couldn't get innocent colleagues into trouble.

”Thank you very much."

She quickly slipped out. To be in the king's company was tantamount to living with a tiger. Her life was
in danger at any time.

At noon, Mo Mengshan came to meet Qin Yichen in a nearby French restaurant.

"The foie gras is delicious here, and the truffles are fresh. They are all sent here by air from France."

Mo Mengshan smiled brilliantly. This was her first time to eat with Qin Yichen alone, just like a date.

But Qin Yichen didn't come for dinner. "Get to the point first."

"Oh." She looked down and was a little disappointed. After taking a sip of tea, she said slowly, "My
sister seems to have found a sugar daddy behind you."

Qin Yichen's hand slightly tightened as he held the glass. "Make it clear."

"Three years ago, Mo Qinyu's brother had a car accident and was unconscious. In order to save him,
their family borrowed money everywhere and sold their house. And then, they lived in the basement.
Two days ago, she suddenly had money to send his brother to the United States for treatment. I
thought you gave the money to her, but she said it was the money of the bride-price. When her family

paid off its debts, there were only two million dollars of the bride-price left. How could it cover the cost
of going to America?"

Mo Mengshan paused and continued: "In the morning, I talked with a friend in Facebook. She said that
she saw my sister the day before yesterday. She was with a man. They looked close and flirted with
each other. She was curious and went around to ask about it. Their neighbors said that the money they
used to go to America was all from that man. My second uncle and second aunt have regarded him as
their son-in-law. They are waiting for Qinyu to divorce you and marry him. "

Qin Yichen seemed to be hit hard by something, and his shoulder vibrated violently.

There was no expression on his face, as if he was wearing an ice mask which froze all emotions. His
eyes were terribly gloomy and terribly dark, as if there were surging waves.

Mo Mengshan knew that he was very angry at the time, but she insisted on adding fuel to the fire.

"I don't know what my sister thought. The Qin family is not short of money. She actually did this to get
money and made you a cuckold. The Qin family is the richest in the city. The daughter-in-law of the Qin
family has to sleep with others to raise medical expenses. If it spread, wouldn't it be a joke that
embarrasses the whole Qin family?"

A muscle of Qin Yichen's face was twitched, and he put strength on his fingers suddenly. The glass in
his hand broke with a bang.