Love in full bloom

Chapter 183 Kill the Witness

“Of course, it’s yours.” Mo Mengshan opened her hands and put them around his neck, “Younglun, I do
this for you, our children, and our future. I’m pregnant with your child. I can’t be with Qin Yichen all the

Ji Yonglun raised his hands and stroked her belly, “You’re quiet capable. I have condoms every time.
How did you get pregnant?”

“It’s broken. You didn’t know it.” said Mo Mengshan with a strange smile.

She did this in order to hold Ji Yonglun firmly and force him to marry her. She did not expect that she
would tarp herslef.

“You’re such a cunning guy.”

A strange expression crossed her face.

“Yonglun, I have invented a set of special exciting playing methods. Let’s play on the stones over there,
shall we?”

“Okay.” he nodded with evil smile. She jumped onto the big rock at the edge of the cliff.

“Turn around, close your eyes and wait for me to surprise you.” her fingers swam slowly over him.

Without any doubt, he closed his eyes and turned to the cliff.

Mo Mengshan’s eyes flashed a cold light in the night and quietly raised her hand. With all her strength,
Ji Yonglun was suddenly pushed forward and fell into the abyss.

“AH!” his shrill and despairing scream cut through the silent top of the mountain and was soon
swallowed up by the darkness.

Mo Mengshan looked at the dark and gloomy valley bottom and the corners of her mouth were full of
sinister smile.

Ji Yonglun, don’t blame me. You were the one who blocked me away.

If the secret was revealed, I would die. So, you must die. Only the dead could keep a secret safe


When Mo Mengshan went back, she was very calm. She arranged in advance to let her mother come
and live in the house. Then, she told Qin family she would accompany her mom this night, so that she
could leave without covering. No one would find out her secrets.

But, Mo Qinyu was still on alert.

Because every time the eldest aunt came, nothing was good.

Mo Mengshan came back at noon the next day. She believed that she did it cleanly and no one would
ever find out her crime.

“I’d like to say that tomorrow is Saturday. Shall we go on holiday? We’ve never been together in a long

This obviously excluded Mo Qinyu.

He and Mo Qinyu had gone out together and Yichen should should go out with her together.

“Next week, you can do paternity test. Don’t run around.” said Qin Yichen.

A casual word, lighter than the night wind passing by, but in the heart of Mo Mengshan, it set off the

“The doctor said it would be more accurate to do it when he is three months old. I want to do it at that

“Don’t wait. Do it first.” Qin Yichen changed his tone of command and his decision was unchangeable.

Mo Mengshan’s back came out with cold sweat but her face was still calm. She dared not show any

Qin Yichen’s eyes were sharp like eagles and her subtle expression might be caught by him and
arouse his suspicion.

“Well, it’s all up to you.” she nodded with a meek smile.

Mo Qinyu sat next to her and gave her a quiet look. She did not want to guess the appraisal result of
Mo Mengshan. She wondered whether she could pass the test.

When everything was settled, she could do nothing but prayed for miracles.

Qin Yichen turned his eyes to her, “Tomorrow, your parents will be in Jincheng. On Monday, Toy will
arrange them to go to the embassy to apply for visas. You can arrange other things yourself.”

“Okay.” she nodded, “Thank you.”

Mo Mengshan’s heart got tangled. She heard that Qin Yichen took over Xiao Wu’s business. It seemed
that the poor uncle’s family would turn over.

In the future, Qin Yichen’s favor would probably only be given to the second uncle’s family, not to them.

Unless she could drive away Mo Qinyu, or she could really give birth to a son to Qin Yichen.

“Sincerely, my parents said they want to move to Jincheng, so that they can take care of me.” she
deliberately said that.

Qin Yichen showed no expression, but replied indifferently, “You don’t need to tell me about your

Mo Mengshan’s corner of the mouth jerked hard.

It was a problem for her parents to come and live, even to eat and travel. Of course, it was up to him to
solve the problem.

“If they want to come here, they have to buy a house and a car.” Her voice was soft and low, but clear
enough for Qin Yichen to hear.

Qin Yichen raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth and grabbed the hand of the woman next to him.
He stood up and walked straight off, as if he had not heard her at all.

“Where are you going?” Mo Qinyu was slightly shocked.

“Go out for the weekend.” he shrugged.

Mo Mengshan was like being shocked by the thunder. He did not take her out but he took Mo Qinyu

What did she say wrong just now? Did she annoy him?

No, no, no. She denied it.

She was his woman somehow.

Her parents were his parents in law.

They came to stay. He should arrange a room and a car.

Why did he only care about Mo Qinyu’s family and not hers?

It must had been Mo Qinyu the bitch, who had talked ill about her in front of him.

His face was very dark today and he forced her to do paternity test.

She would not let go of this cunning bitch.

She had figured out how to deal with her.


On the car, Mo Qinyu was a little uneasy. The shadow of the last vacation was still in her mind.

“You won’t leave me in the villa again, will you?”

Qin Yichen didn't know whether to laugh or cry, “Unless you make a mistake.”

“I didn’t make a mistake. You heard me wrong.” She mumbled in a very low voice, as if to herself.

“You should have told me about Xiao Wu.” he gave a low hum.

She sighed softly.

In their eyes, she was a beggar who came to seek alms.

If she said it, wouldn’t she be more like a beggar?

Little did she knew the king of hell could help her.

However, she did not want to say anything more. As long as she could cure Xiao Wu, she was willing to
admit that mistake in a low voice.

“Well, it’s my fault.”

“I know.” Qin Yichen’s thin lips lifted slightly.

After some silent, his voice came again, “How can your brother be unconscious?”

“It was a car accident, three years ago at night…”