Love in full bloom

Chapter 173: You Can Give Birth to Him

He treated Mo Mengshan well. He spoiled her and indulged her since she was pregnant, didn't he?

In the past, when Qinyu thought that she couldn't get pregnant, she was actually a little bit envious of

Qin Yichen favored Mengshan and she was also favored by destiny that she got pregnant after only

However, Qinyu did not even have the chance to be a mother.

When Qinyu found that she was pregnant, she was excited everyday after. Even though she must deal
with the provocations from Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman everyday, she was in a good mood.

Because a little life was breeding in her belly and that was a kid of her and Qin Yichen!

At the time, the words of Xu Ruochen was like a kick, kicked her down to a thousands deep chasm,
down to an endless hell.

She was covered by the darkness again and a layer by a layer that was suffocating her.

" Mo Qinyu, you could be only used by me!"

The cold ruthless words of Qin Yichen resounded by Qinyu's ears. Every nerve, every cell of her was
soaked in a coldness, trembling.

If Qin Yichen knew that she had a kid of another man, he must kill her!

Xu Ruochen found out that she was fearing. He reached his hand and supported her shoulder," Qinyu,
don't be afraid. I was just guessing. I did not wear a condom that night so there was a chance but only
a little. Just a little..."

Qinyu interrupted him instantly. She covered her ear and shook her head," Stop. I beg you. I don't want
to hear that. My kid is Qin Yichen's. He must be Qin Yichen's."

She could not accept another possibility and she was not dared to. That meant a destruction to her and
the kid.

" OK, I will say no more. Calm down. It was my fault. I hurt you. I will try my best to make up for you."
Xu Ruochen sighed. An undetectable disappointment was hidden under his eyes.

After Qinyu went back home, her mind was still a totally mess. She was chilling every time when she
thought about that possibility. Her hands and feet were numb and all her body was trembling.

Why she was so hapless?

Was that her fate to be the most hated and disliked woman of Qin Yichen? Was that her fate to be
despited and scorned by Qin Yichen? Was that her fate to be treated like a dirty bug by him?

In Qin family, in front of Qin Yichen, she was like a helpless straw, struggling and working hard between
self-respect and self-abasement.

She'd like to gain a little bit of warmness and she'd like to be accepted. However, every time when she
was going to raise her head, she would be stepped down hard and she crash into pieces.

" Qinyu." Xu Ruochen tried to hold her hand but when his finger touched hers, she took her hand back
like she was stabbed.

She tried to forget what happened in the hotel but now, it left her a horrible consequence and put her in
a hopeless situation.

Xu Ruochen's eyes became darker with a sense of disappointment," Does Qin Yichen know that you
are pregnant?"

She shook her head.

" It's good he doesn't know. After a period of time, I will take you to do the paternity test. You can do a
induced abortion if the kid is really mine. Your marriage with Qin Yichen would not be influenced then."

" Induced abortion?" Her heart trembled and her belly, too. It seemed that the kid understood his words
and frightened a lot.

She put her trembling hand on her belly and she felt that all her organs were twisted together," Do you
know what he experienced? Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman bought off the doctor to lie to me that I can't
get pregnant anymore. They wanted to kill the kid while I was not knowing. They try to feed me those
food that can lead to abortion and they even wanted to kill me together with the kid. Even my aunt took
part in. She put mifepristone in pancakes and she said that my mother made those pancakes. But my
college ate the pancakes and that caused her lost her kid. If I eat that, the dead kid will be mine."

She choked with sobs and her shoulders were trembling," It is a close shave that he could raise to this
big. Every day was hard for him. But he is still tough just like me, trying his best to live on. I can't kill
him. I can't do it!"

She could not help crying, covering her face by her hands and tears were flowing down along her
fingers ceaselessly.

He reached out his hand and pulled her into his arms," Just give birth to him if you are willing to. No
matter mine or Qin Yichen's, give birth to him."

" What should I do? Qin Yichen would not allow me to have him. He would kill him, and me! How can I
protect him?"

She fell into a deep despair. Her mind was a blank and she could not come up any method.

Why the fate so unfair to her? Did she do things wrong during her last life so she was punished in this

" Don't cry, Qinyu, don't cry..." Xu Ruochen could only pat her back gently and comfort her mildly since
she could just sob without saying anything.

At the time, the door was opened.

Qinyu's mother stood at the door and saw the scene. She was very shocked.

Qinyu pushed Xu Ruochen away immediately like she was stabbed and stood up.

" Mother, is the meal ready?"

" Yes, it is." Qinyu's mother was stunned for a second then she smiled," Ruochen, let's go to have the

" OK." Xu Ruochen coughed to remit embarrassment.

Qinyu went to the bathroom after she got out from her room. She cleaned her face and forced herself
to calm down.

No matter what, she must have the meal first so she would get strength to think about other things.

At this time, in Jin City, Mo Mengshang was planning to have the first great night with Qin Yichen.

They had not been to sleep on the same bed after she moved in.

" Yichen, how about you come to my place since my sister is not at home. Or, I can go to your room."

" I will go to your place." Qin Yichen said.

" OK." Mo Mengshan smiled like a blooming flower.

After dinner, she went to prepare immediately.

Qin Yichen was all hers since Qinyu was not there. He would not leave the whole night.