Love in full bloom

Chapter 181 Never leave any mercy

"Don't hit me, please, don't hit me! I'm dying..."

Her bushy long eyelashes flickered playfully and slyly, and she cried afterwards.

Qin Yichen plugged a cherry tomato to block her mouth, feeling funny.

Qin Yiman called to test the situation. Hearing the screams, she was very happy.

"Yichen, what are you doing? Who is screaming?" She asked deliberately, but actually she had told that
it was Mo Qinyu's voice.

"Teach a disobedient woman." Qin Yichen said lightly, as if cooperating with her.

"Yes, you should give her a lesson, don't leave any mercy to her." Qin Yiman was a person who
couldn't hide her mind, her emotions were all shown on her face. Not like Mo Mengshan, who always
wore a face mask. At this moment, Mo Mengshan had laughed because of excitement.

Qin Yichen pressed the handsfree, and Mo Qinyu could hear it clearly next to him.

What she wanted was this. If you wanted to punish someone, you had to let him get the peak.

There was a classic saying: If women are not cruel, they couldn't stabilize their positions. She really
understood it now.

The more she gave in and the weaker she became, the more Mo Mengshan would be cruel and deal
with her unscrupulously.

Hanging up the phone, she mocked; "Tonight, Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan will celebrate with

Qin Yichen didn't say a word, the expression on his face was deep and elusive, "Bury into the meal."

He changed the topic secretly. She knew he was pampering Mo Mengshan again.

Mo Mengshan was his beloved, and there was their baby in her belly. As for her, Mo Qinyu, she was
nothing. She deserved to be bullied by his beloved.

Suddenly, her mood became dark. She put a large piece of meat into her mouth and turned her grief
and indignity into appetite. After eating, she could have mood to fight.

"I think I can't serve you more. Sooner or later, I will be killed by your mistress."

Qin Yichen glanced at her quietly, taking a close look at her emotions.

He was still, picked up the meat on the plate, chewed slowly and finished eating, and then said, "This is
a supervision system. With two pairs of eyes watching you, you are not able to play tricks."

She was going to be driven crazy by his words. Now she had strong desires to hit her head on the hot

"Is that oversight? It's a frame."

"There are real things in it, isn't it?" He shrugged, a gleam of light flashing through his eyes.

His words indeed pointed to the key.

She lowered her eyelashes, covering her eyes which would leak her secrets.

She had to admit that Qin Yichen was very clever and cunning.

No matter her, Mo Mengshan or Qin Yiman were all under his control. Whatever they did couldn't keep
away Qin Yichen.

Almost subconsciously, she raised her hand on the lower abdomen.

How long could the secret be hidden?

One day, he would still find it, right?

Hell or heaven, maybe in that paper.

"Are you uncomfortable in the stomach?" His dull voice came when she was thinking.

However, the inadvertent question made her startled and she hurriedly explained, "No, I just rub it to
promote digestion to eat more."

"Everything on the table should be eaten, and no one is allowed to be left." He commanded arrogantly.

"Rest assured, I can definitely eat up them." She stuck out her tongue, asked, while her eyes were
flickering, "Can I supervise Mo Mengshan?"

"Supervision is mutual." He whispered carelessly.

"Okay, I see." She held up the glass, took a sip of juice, and a slyness flashed in her eyes.

She didn't believe that Mo Mengshan had no other lovers.

Tonight they stayed overnight in the villa and did not go back.

The next day, she went directly to the company to work.

Pang Xiaofan asked her to have lunch at the restaurant together at noon.

"Last night, I didn't see you and Yichen when I got the Qin family. Mo Mengshan said that you would be
driven out by Qin Yichen, is it true?"

"Almost. Mo Mengshan behaved crazily relying on the love and maintenance of Qin Yichen." She
sighed heavily.

"I asked you to kill the bastard in her belly, but you pretended to be kind. You deserve it." Pang Xiaofan
showed her white eyes to Mo Qinyu.

She shrugged. She would never do anything to hurt the innocent, otherwise she would be as vicious as
Mo Mengshan.

"It's too risky to do this kind of thing. If it is found out, I would be whipped. At that time, Mo Mengshan
would be complacent."

"Then I'll do it. At the worst, I can run abroad and hide for a while." Pang Xiaofan pouted.

Mo Qinyu took a sip of soup, and a sly smile appeared in her face, "In fact, there is a simple and risk-
free way."

"What?" Pang Xiaofan asked quickly.

"In the beginning, after seeing Qin Yichen's fake photo, Mo Mengshan cried and shouted that she
would marry another rich man. No one knew what she had done during the time when she
disappeared. It's not difficult for her to seduce some men outside. You have money and power, it's just
a piece of cake for you to find something. Qin Yichen is a suspicious person, as long as you can find
out a little gossip, it's enough to shake Qin Yichen's trust in her..."

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Pang Xiaofan. "You're right. She is such a slut, so
she must be very carnal. I will try my best to find out her secret and make Yichen know her real nature."

Mo Qinyu smiled. She believed in Pang Xiaofan's ability. Making troubles was one of her specialties.


The joy of Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman continued to today.

In their opinion, Mo Qinyu couldn't move after being beaten, so she didn't return.

Maybe she was lying in the hospital now with bandages covered all over her body, just like a mummy.

"Should I buy a wheelchair for Mo Qinyu?" Mo Mengshan smiled sinisterly and viciously.

"If she is disabled, she should cut her wrist and commit suicide, it's a waste to give her wheelchair." Qin
Yiman sneered.

"It's true. Die early and reborn early." Mo Mengshan's laughter echoed in the room, and she was
already fantasizing about becoming a hostess of the Qin family.

She was going to wear the most beautiful wedding gown and the most expensive wedding diamond

Mo Qinyu had been married for so long, but there was no ring in her finger, which showed the degree
that Qin Yichen hated her.

It was a waste to put a diamond ring in her rough finger.

Just then, her cell phone rang. She almost fainted when she saw the caller ID, and hurriedly ran into
the toilet to accept the call, lest Qin Yiman heard it.

"Baby, I have returned home. Where are you now, I miss you so much ..."