Love in full bloom

Chapter 182 Whose Is It?

Mo Mengshan’s face was pale. It was clearly gentle, flirtatious voice, which it became so horrible when
it came to her ears?

Ji Yonglun?!

Why did he suddenly return home?

He was well abroad. What was he doing coming back?

Did he want to ruin her?

“You… Aren’t you at school? How can you have time to come back?”

“It’s summer vacation, of course, I’m coming back. Baby, you’re in Jincheng, right? I’ll wait for you at
home. I’ll buy you a gift.” Ji Yonglun could not wait. Although, he had women abroad, he still liked Mo
Mengshan best, because she was very skillful in bed.

“I… I’m away for business. I will be back a few days later.” she tried to keep her peace from him.

“When will you be back?” Ji Yonglun’s voice had obvious disappointment.

“I should be be back in two days. I’ll see you when I get back, okay?” she used to coax children, to
stabilize him was the most important.

“Well, call me when you get back.” Ji Yonglun did not doubt, hung up.

Mo Mengshan patted her chest and breathed heavily.

Ji Yonglun was a second generation rich man. His father ran a company and had dozens of housing
estates at home.

At that time, in her view, his conditions were very good, so she beat all the women beside him and
finally let him fall under her with her excellent skills.

But now, he was nothing. Compared with Qin Yichen, who was like the son of god, he was just a dust
and a stumbling block.

She would not let him influence her.

When she came out of the bathroom, her brain began to rotate rapidly. She wanted to come up with a
perfect way to get rid of this dilemma.

In the evening, Mo Qinyu was back.

She was not limp and didn't take a wheelchair, alive and intact.

Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman seemed to have seen the alien on earth, staring at her with wide eyes
and feeling shocked and disappointed.

Qin Yiman jumped up from the sofa and rushed to her face, “Didn’t you make mistakes and get taught
by Yichen?”

Mo Qinyu sneered, “Elder sister, what are you talking about?”

“Hum.” Qin Yiman glared at her fiercely, “The evidence is clear. Do you want to argue?”

Mo Qinyu’s eyes were full of ridicule. "Evidence? Is it evidence that anyone to speak out a few words?
Then, if I hire a hundred people to say that you’re the ugliest woman in Jin city. Were you really the

Qin Yiman almost fainted. She cared about her appearances the most. No one was allowed to say
'ugly' to her and no one could be more beautiful than her. “Mo Qinyu, if you dare to frame me or

damage my name, I will kill you.”

“If people don’t offend me, I will not. If people offend me, they will pay me back in double.” Mo Qinyu
said coldly.

The corners of Mo Mengshan’s mouth twitched. The little bitch must had played some tricks, so she
could escape the punishment from Qin Yichen.

“Sister, you did not come back last night. What are you doing?”

Mo Qinyu did not answer. She went to fridge and took out a jar of juice, opened it for a drink and then
casually said, “Yichen said that there are too many people in this house. It’s too noisy. So he took me
out to spend our time. It's really good to have hot pot with him.”

The blue tendon on the forehead of Mo Mengshan rolled down and a jealous fire flashed quietly from
the bottom of the eyes.

It’s really disgusting to let her and Qin Yichen had a chance to get along!

“My sister, congratulations. You succeeded in getting money to send your brother to the United States,
and also succeeded in deceiving Yichen.”

“A clean hand wants no washing.” Mo Qinyu shrugged, lost a few words and walked upstairs.

Mo Mengshan’s lips were like being stung by wasp, which was crooked to the root of her ear.

Qin Yiman said, “Just ignore her. The more satisfied she is now, the more unlucky she will be in the

Mo Qinyu went back to the room and the cell phone rang. It was her mother, “Qinyu, a man called
today named Toy. He said Qin Yichen sent him here and said we needn't to look for the foundation. He

will be responsible for Xiao Wu’s business in the future.”

“What?” Mo Qinyu shook violently. There was indeed a guy named Toy of Qin Yichen, but he did not
supposed to take care of Xiao Wu.

“Mom, I’ll ask Qin Yichen first. Call you later.”

After hanging up the phone, her heart fluttered, as if a pair of big hands in the effort to move
heartstrings not letting her calm down.

There was a knock on the door. She jumped up and jumped out of the sofa, “You’re back.”

Qin Yichen’s face was expressionless. He went to the bar, poured out a glass of water and drank it

She walked carefully and rubbed her hands, “Qin Yichen, did you send money to my family?”

Before her voice fell, she was flicked on the forehead, “Do you want to continue to disgrace me?”

His beautiful bushy eyebrows wrinkled slightly. His face was solemn and severe. Obviously, he did it
not for her, but for his own and Qin family’s face.

How could Qin’s daughter in law ask for help to others?

She lowered her eyes and a trace of clarity let her heart sank quietly into the bottom of the valley.

“Thank you, anyway.”

“No, I did not do it for you.” he replied coldly and faintly, while turning to walk out.

A few days later at Phoenix mountaintop.

Dark night could always hide all secrets.

As soon as Ji Yonglun came up, he hugged Mo Mengshan into his arms and kissed her wildly.

“Don’t do that.” Mo Mengshan hurriedly pushed him away for fear that he might leave traces on her
body and be seen by Qin Yichen.

Ji Yonglun’s eyes flashed a sinister cold light, “Don’t pretend. I know what you have done in Jin city.
You even climbed at Qin Yichen’s bed. You are very skilled!”

Mo Mengshan’s heart thumped for a moment but she did not expect that he already knew, “What are
you talking about?”

She would not admit it. First, she should stabilize Ji Yonglun. She could not make him angry.

Ji Yonglun’s facial features were hideously twisted. He grabbed her hair and said, “What’s wrong with
you? The whole famous circle of Jincheng has heard of it. Can you hide it from me? It is said that you
are pregnant. It is really fast. Is the seed in your belly mine or Qin Yichen’s?”

Mo Mengshan cried out in pain, “Yonglun, calm down, I do this for you.”

“For me?” he snorted, "Isn't that you want to climb a higher position?”

“No, didn’t you say that your father’s company had a financing problem? I’m close to Qin Yichen just to
solve your father’s problems. As long as he calls the bank, the bank will be able to make a large sum of
money to your father.”

Mo Mengshan hurriedly explained that this was a cover she had long thought of.

Ji Yonglun let her go, “Then, tell me honestly, whose baby is in your belly?”