Love in full bloom

Chapter 180 The foundation donated

"Pa", the crisp sound made her dizzy and nearly deafened her and broke her eardrums.

She closed her eyes and thought she was going to die with her baby in her belly.

But there was no pain coming from her body.

Opening her eyes timidly, she saw a crack in the wall next to her, which was caused by the whip!

The whip did not fall on her, but on the wall.

"The next whip will fall on you!" He slightly squeezed his eyes with bloodthirsty killing intention in them.

She knew that he deliberately whipped on the wall, and next time he would hit her. He was so powerful
that he could crush her to death at any time.

What should she do?

What could she do?

She desperately forced herself to stay calm and couldn't be panic.

He never asked outsiders' gossip, even if it was her family's affairs, he would not mind.

He could not investigate her.

Someone must have spoken ill of her in front of him.

A flash of light flashed across her mind.

In the morning in the elevator, he received a call from Mo Mengshan.

Mo Mengshan must have said something to Qin Yichen, so when she entered the office, Qin Yichen let
her be frank.

Making love with Mo Mengshan was a blend of love.

Why don't you just stop and insist on going forever on your way to death?

In her thoughts, Qin Yichen yelled, "Say!"

She swallowed hard and moisturized her dry throat. "It was donated by the Foundation."

The reason why Xu Ruochen chose to let the foundation help her was not to cause gossip?

"Foundation?" Qin Yichen raised an eyebrow.

"Don't you rich people set up foundations for charity? I just need to be donated. Those who go to my
house are all foundations. They can't just take out the money casually, of course, they must go to my
house to visit. I haven't talked about my relationship with you, neither my parents. If I said it, they would
definitely think I'm crazy."

She showed a bit of self-deprecation, and said, "I don't know if anyone said something in front of you,
but if someone wants to frame me, he can say everything."

A sharp light flashed in Qin Yichen's eyes. "Since it is a foundation, why would it be secretive?"

She sighed softly, "I know that you and the Qin family both have foundations. I didn't go to find your
help but chose others, that's really embarrassed you. But once you knew my situation, you must be
very angry, so does your family. Your family would think I'm shameless, even the foundations would feel
shocked. People like me should come to donate but not to be donated."

Qin Yichen's handsome face showed a weird expression, as if he hit with a punch on the cotton. He
was so angry that he had nowhere to vent.

"Knowing it's disgraced, you still dare to do it?"

"Xiao Wu is my only brother. As long as I can save him, I am willing to do anything." She said without

Qin Yichen's mouth twitched. "You got married to save money for him?"

She lowered her eyes, and a sorrow emerged from the bottom of her eyes. "My parents are ordinary
workers and have no money. After my brother's accident, they spent all their savings, but the money
was not enough. In the hospital, it would spend thousands of yuan one day. Later, we sold the house
and wanted to move back to the ancestral house, but my aunt refused, saying that the ancestral house
had already belonged to them, and we could only rent a basement."

She paused and pursed her lips. "In the past three years, in order to maintain Xiao Wu's medical
expenses, we have borrowed debts everywhere. The world is so cold and people are very realistic,
they felt that our family is a bottomless pit. They never lent us money twice. Like my uncle who is
indifferent never lent us even one penny."

"I didn't want to go to college anymore and intended to drop out of school to work, but my dad said that
even if we had to endure hardships, I had to finish my college. But I was very useless. After graduation,
I didn't make any money. Marrying instead of Mo Mengshan is the best choice for me and my family. I
get much more pocket money from your family than I work. "

Her tone was full of self-deprecation and lowliness.

She wanted to be upright, but the cruel reality weighed her down,

Qin Yichen unfastened her handcuffs. "Since you need money so much, why not ask me?"

He should be her sugar daddy and the only sugar daddy, but not those messy foundations.

She smiled bitterly, as if tasting a piece of coptis chinensis, the extreme bitterness spread from the tip
of her tongue to the internal organs.

"You hate me most for I love money, As what you said, as long as I want it, you won't let me get it."

In the deep of Qin Yichen's heart, he was hit hard somewhere. Suddenly, there was an inexplicable
irritability sweeping over him, "Stupid woman." He said with a little annoyance, not knowing the reason
he was annoyed.

She pursed. "I'm stupid. I'm not a smart person, otherwise why would I always be framed?"

"This is the end of a series of lies." Qin Yichen struck her forehead vigorously. Without telling the truth,
she deserved bad luck.

Although he knew why she loved money so much, her other aspects still made him hate so much.

Mo Qinyu sighed. He was prejudiced and deeply biased against her, so no matter what she said, he
would not believe it.

"I'm hungry. Can I eat?" She felt her stomach, who was still screaming. Maybe her baby was also

Qin Yichen's face was no longer as cold as before, and his expression was much relieved. It seemed
that the typhoon has passed.

"What do you want to eat?"

She sighed secretly in her heart. The devil turned his face faster than the book. She was accustomed
to it.

"Hot Pot, is it okay?"

"Yes, you can do it." He lifted the corner of his mouth, smiling.

"Yes, master." She grinned, showing a row of white teeth.

Qin Yichen made a phone call and someone immediately arranged an on-site service for them.

Mo Qinyu wanted a seafood soup, Qin Yichen wanted a wild mushroom soup.

"So hungry, burn some beaf first."

She pouted, picked up a spoon, and firstly made one for Qin Yichen and then herself.

It was the first time for she and Qin Yichen to sit side by side eating hot pot. It was just like a date.

However, she knew that if Qin Yichen wanted to look for a woman for a date, it would definitely not be

"Master, the beef is ready, please enjoy it slowly." She put the hot beef on his plate.

Qin Yichen was satisfied with her obedient attitude, like a wild leopard tamed by himself and turned into
a kitten.

"You are still a bit feminine."

"I'm originally a woman." She stuck out her tongue.

Just then, Qin Yichen's phone rang, which from Qin Yiman.

As soon as the call was connected, Mo Qinyu screamed violently.