Love in full bloom

Chapter 177: She Was Dragged into the Elevator

As long as a man became a thief, he would certainly be guilty.

Looking up and seeing Qin Yichen's charming face, the blood color on her face immediately faded
away, lest he would see her mobile phone and find her secret.

Unfortunately, she moved slower than Qin Yichen. He picked up her mobile phone.

"Silly girl, you actually dropped your cell phone."

He ridiculed and threw the cell phone to the bedside, did not take a look at the phone. He would not
peep into other people's privacy.

She breathed a sigh of relief, as if she came back from the death line. She quickly turned off the screen
and deleted the message after he left.

"I didn't have breakfast. I was a little hypoglycemic. My hands trembled." She gave a forced smile.

"What are you doing in bed? Go downstairs and have breakfast." He said sulkily. She was like a
paramecium which was so stupid that even couldn't take care of itself.

She quickly got up, washed herself and got dressed, and then adjusted her disordered mood, followed
him downstairs.

Mo Mengshan was sitting in the hall. When she saw Qin Yichen, she was slightly stunned.
Unexpectedly, he came back.

"Yichen, when did you come back?"

"I came back last night." Mo Qinyu smiled and answered for Qin Yichen.

In Mo Mengshan's eyes, a cold light flashed silently.

The bitch who interrupted was really annoying. She was talking to Yichen, not her.

But there was still a smile on her face, "Yichen, you were not at home for two days, and the baby in my
stomach missed you very much."

She went to Qin Yichen, took his hand and put it on her stomach. "Feel it."

Qin Yichen's hand only stayed on her stomach for a second, and then he took it back. "Go to
breakfast." His expression was light, and so was his tone.

Mo Mengshan was very disappointed. Did she change from his favorite to an strange woman?

Mo Qinyu saw her expression totally, pretended not to see anything, and entered the dinning room.

Seeing that she only filled half a bowl of bird's nest porridge, Qin Yichen frowned, grabbed the bowl in
her hand, and added several spoonfuls, filled the whole bowl, in which the porridge almost overflowed.

"Eat more. Don't be malnourished in front of me all day long. Your hands even shook when you held
the cell phone."

She wiped her sweat. "I'm afraid that I can't finish eating and waste the food."

"I filled it for you. You must finish it." He was like a tyrant and gave orders overbearingly.

She dare not disobey his order and stuck out her tongue at him, "Yes, Lord Lu."

Qin Yichen curved the corner of his mouth. He smiled dimly, sat beside her and ate slowly. He
supervised her incidentally. Her food intake had to meet his satisfaction.

Seeing her ruddy mouth moving, he couldn't help thinking of last night.

She made him comfortable with this little mouth.

Whether she wanted or not, she was his slave girl. She could only give in!

"You need to do it better than last night." His fingers caressed her lips, and there was an evil cold smile
on his face.

She choked so hard that the porridge she has just eaten almost sprayed out.

Was it really good to think of that kind of thing at breakfast?

Recently, when she saw the stick shaped food, she didn't want to eat it. She was afraid that it would
poke her throat.

Mo Mengshan stood at the door, peeping at them.

Although Qin Yichen said it very vaguely, she could still recognize it.

What he talked about was related to sex.

She was very confused. What means did Mo Qinyu used to keep him from tearing himself away from

Wasn't she more charming and skillful than her?

Her fingers were unconsciously clenched, and her heart was tangled, as if a thousand ants were eating
her heart.

But this mood didn't last long.

She quickly thought of the answer, not Mo Qinyu had good skills, but she was pregnant, Qin Yichen
had scruples, so he didn't go to her place.

The child let her succeed in staying with him, but it also hindered her.

This was called that the success or failure of the affair was all due to the very same person.

Qin Yichen finished eating and left. He needed to go to the company.

Mo Qinyu was also ready for going to work.

Before she got to the door, she was stopped by Mo Mengshan. "Sister, I heard that you want to send
Xiaowu to the United States for surgery. It needs a lot of money. Does Yichen give you the money?"

Mo Qinyu glanced at her gloomy and said lightly, "It's the bride-price."

Mo Mengshan's eyes turned, showing a sinister look.

She knew that Mo Qinyu was lying as soon as she heard this.

The bride price was only five million dollars. After they paid off the debt and the miscellaneous medical
expenses of Xiaowu, there were only two million dollars left. How could they afford to go to the United
States for surgery.

Maybe she found some other dirty means to raise the money outside without telling Qin Yichen.

"It's going to cost a lot to go to America for the surgery. Is the bride-price enough?" She asked

"Don't worry, I won't borrow money from your family." Mo Qinyu finished and went out.

Seeing her disappearing in the field of her vision, Mo Mengshan took out her mobile phone and called
her mother, "Mom, help me find out where the money that the second uncle spent to send Xiaowu to
America came from."

Mo Qinyu arrived at the company. As soon as she entered the building, she met Qin Yichen. FN
followed him.

It was Friday, so Qin Yichen would come here for the weekly meeting.

"Good morning, Mr. Qin." She said hello politely, pretending that she didn't know him at all.

Qin Yichen nodded his head and went directly to his exclusive elevator.

Naturally, she needed to queue up to wait for the elevator.

The one who was standing behind her was Xiaowang, a male colleague of the marketing department.
"Qinyu, you come early every day." He said with a smile.

"There will be too many people waiting for the elevator. If I don't come early, I will be late." She smiled.

"Do you live far away?"

"A little bit."


Qin Yichen looked at them not far away, and there seemed to be fire burning in his eyes. The elevator
opened and closed, closed and opened, but he stood still and didn't go in.

He hated to see Mo Qinyu smile at other men. She could only smile at him!

"Boss, don't you go in?"

Qin Yichen bit his teeth. "Bring that woman to me."

Naturally, knowing what he talked about was Mo Qinyu, FN went there.

Mo Qinyu was moving forward slowly with the flow of people.

Seeing FN coming, she joked: "You won't take our elevator, will you?"

FN smiled strangely, "No, it's Mr. Qin. He asked you to go over."

"Ah?" She was slightly stunned, and looked across his shoulder at Qin Yichen, who was not far away.

Shit, the Lord Demon's face didn't look very good. Would she have a hard time again?

Taking a breath secretly, she lowered her head and followed FN silently.

"Mr. Qin, what's the matter?" She asked cautiously. Before her voice disappeared, Qin Yichen dragged
her into the elevator.

In the lobby, a lot of people saw this scene, and their eyes were full of confusion.

FN stood outside consciously, did not enter it and waited for the next elevator.

Mo Qinyu was nervous when she was in it. She seemed to have done something wrong, which made
Lord Demon unhappy.

"President, it doesn't seem proper for me to take your elevator."

Qin Yichen was silent and his face became more gloomy.

Just then, his phone rang. It was Mo Mengshan who called. "Yichen, can I come to you for lunch? I
have something very important to tell you. It's about my sister. You want to know what she has done in
Jiangcheng these two days, right?"