Love in full bloom

Chapter 175 Went Back to Take Care of the Old Lover

"We didn't cheat him. Our relationship was before your marriage, not after." Xu Ruochen said it lightly.

She swallowed her saliva. "I won't let you out. I would say I was raped. And I don't know who the other
side is."

Xu Ruochen choked, showing a strange expression.

"In the afternoon, I'm going back to Jincheng. If you have anything, please send it on Wechat. " It was
like a diversion.

"OK." She nodded and said nothing more.

After that, she bought some necessities for her parents, and then went to the bank to exchange US

Originally, she had to stay for another day, and then went back the day after tomorrow. Unexpectedly,
Qin Yichen sent a message, "get back tomorrow."

A chill came out of her back. "You agreed that I had three days. I booked the tickets for the day after
tomorrow. There will be only standing tickets for tomorrow. It would take ten hours. I can't stand that

He didn't reply.

After a while, there was a phone call from Toy. "Madam, I have arranged the plane for you. It will take
off at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning."

Mo Qinyu was in disorder.

As expected, he was a fickle tyrant. He changed hid mind at any time. She even can’t have a good rest
for a few days.

At noon the next day, she arrived at Qin family.

Qin Yichen was not here.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw a woman she didn't want to see.

Mo Mengshan grinned falsely which was so exaggerative, "sister, you are back so soon. I thought you
would stay for at least a week."

"You don't want me back." Mo Qinyu gave her a bad look.

"It's not me. It's Yichen. I've been with him these two days. He's very happy and said with a smile that
he doesn't want you back." Mo Mengshan's slow and clear tone was a kind of demonstration.

Mo Qinyu pouted. "No. If he doesn't want me to come back, why did he send Wechat and ask me to
come back ahead of time? I said I couldn't buy a high-speed rail ticket, so he arranged a plane for me.
He had to let me come back. Was he kidding me?"

She used a puzzled tone, like very confused, but in Mo Mengshan's eyes, it was a fierce counterattack.

She was so angry that she can’t control her expression very well.

A Jun poured a cup of tea for Mo Qinyu. "Mistress, don't listen to Miss Mo's nonsense. Master didn't
come home when you are no here these two days. I heard that Miss Anan twisted her feet carelessly.
The young master went to take care of her. "

"Oh, Really." Mo Qinyu laughed. The laughter was like an invisible slap on Mo Mengshan's face, which
made her cheek ache.

It seemed that Qin Yichen was still a person who Missed his old lover very much. He had a new lover
and never forgot his old lover.

Mo Mengshan glared at A Jun fiercely. "How can you a servant be so clear about your young master?"

"The young master sent A Mei to take care of Miss Anan who is my cousin. We chat on wechat. It is
she who told me." A Jun said seriously, "the young master takes good care of Miss Anan. He holds her
up and down the stairs. I don't think the young master will come back today, because Miss Anan can't
walk and he has to hold her. "

Mo Qinyu was very calm, holding the cup, and drinking the tea slowly.

She was a puppet. Qin Yichen's happiness with any woman had nothing to do with her, and she was
not qualified to ask.

Mo Mengshan can't calm down.

She was just cocky few days, so Qin Yichen went back together with his old lover.

Was she a joke?

After lunch, she called Mo Qinyu to the garden.

"What do you know about this Anan?"

"I don't know. I think she's very smart. She doesn't cry or quarrel. She's very liked by Qin Yichen." Mo
Qinyu shrugged and said lightly.

Mo Mengshan pouted,"Such a woman is the most scheming. However, no matter how smart she is,
she can't be his wife, because she doesn't have the surname Mo. "

Mo Qinyu gave her a quiet look, and a little cunning flashed in her eyes. "Sister, is there something you
don't know?"

"What is it?" Mo Mengshan raised her eyebrows.

"The old Mr. Qin's will is only for the original match. In other words, the first wife of Yichen. After my
divorce from Yichen, he is second married. He is free to choose his wife. " She said slowly, word by

Every word was like a thunderbolt hitting the head of Mo Mengshan.

"It's impossible! His wife's surname is only Mo. Even if he would have many wives. " She was almost

"No successor of the Qin family has ever divorced and remarried. Of course, the old Mr. Qin thinks so
too. So all the wills about the Mo family are aimed at the first wife, and no word is about the second
marriage. This is equivalent to giving Qin Yichen the full freedom of second marriage. " She said
solemnly and seriously.

In fact, these were all made up by her. Last time she asked the old Mrs. Qin tentatively, but she didn't
say, so she didn't know exactly what it was.

Mo Mengshan's facial features all twitched, and her shocked expression was obviously showing that
she believed it.

No wonder Anan was restless recently. She must know about it and wanted to fight with her.

"Anyway, we are all from the Mo family. The fat water doesn't flow into the fields of outsiders. Can you
stand this position taken away by outsiders?"

"It doesn't matter to me. In the past, you have received so many favors from the Qin family, and haven't
seen you take care of our family at all, so I'm didn’t want to involved in this. You will remember not to
use all your tricks, but to make other benefit. " She paused and said, "you've been crying and playing
all kinds of sad plays recently. I think Qin Yichen is tired of it. So he thought of Anan 's good, and ran to
her there. He is a changeable and moody person, and will not be devoted to any woman. "

Then she turned and left.

Looking at her back, Mo Mengshan secretly bit her teeth.

Qin Yichen can only belong to her. No one can take away him.

As A Jun said, Qin Yichen did not come back.

Mo Qinyu had a feeling of trying to hit the wall. He let her back, but he was not there. Was he just
enjoying the pleasure of controlling her?

She slept early in the evening, about nine o'clock.

She had another nightmare. Qin Yichen put sharp steel claws into her stomach and grabbed the child

"No -" she sat up and screamed. “ Bang” Her forehead was against a hard object.

This object was Qin Yichen's forehead.

When she opened her eyes, she saw his fiery and furious eyes. She jumped up.

The nightmare hasn't disappeared. He was still here.

She grabbed the pillow and threw it at him. She turned to run but was grabbed by him.

"What the hell? Are you crazy?"

She struggled desperately, fighting and kicking, trying to get rid of him. "Don't kill my child. Please, let
him go!"