Love in full bloom

Chapter 174 We Are Just Friends

She just kept waiting and waiting.Qin Yichen still hadn't come until it was nearly 9 o'clock.

She couldn't help it at all.She could only go to the main building to find him.

As soon as she got to the stairway,A Jun came over,"Miss Mo,are you coming for the young master?"

"Yes,is he in the study?"Mo Mengshan looked up the stairs.In her opinion,Qin Yichen did not come to
see her because he was working in his study.

"The young master has gone out.It seems that Miss An called and the young master went
out.Tonight,he should not come back.Every time he goes to see Miss An,he will not come back before
the next day."A Jun answered.

Mo Mengshan seemed to have been hit by a thunderbolt,which made her lose her mind.

Could it be that this b**ch Anan also had known that Mo Qinyu had gone back to Jiangcheng and was
not in Qin's house so she came to look for Qin Yichen?

A muscle on her face twitched angrily.Qin Yiman had told her that Anan had been following Qin Yichen
for many years.Although she has not become her wife,her position had been stable and no one could
move it.

When Qin Yichen attended the party,he didn't bring Mo Qinyu or Mo Mengshan.Instead,he brought
Anan,which proved that Anan was important in his heart.

However,no matter how hard that b**ch tried,she could not take away the position of the young madam.

Here in Jiangcheng,Xu Ruochen had returned to the hotel.

Mo Qinyu's mother went to her daughter's room,"Qinyu,tell me the truth.What's the relationship
between you and Xu Ruochen?"

Mo Qinyu's heart was in a mess.She couldn't think of anything.She just said by instinct,"Mom,don't get
me wrong.We are just friend."

"If you are ordinary friends,how can he do your best to help you?"Her mother took her
hand,"Qinyu,although every time you call back,you say you have a good life,I can guess that you lie to
me.If Qin Yichen is really nice to you,he will not gang up with Mo Mengshan and even have a baby."

"Mom..."Mo Qinyu lowered her eyes.A trace of sadness that couldn't be concealed passed over the
corner of her eyes.

Her mother knew that it would be like this,"I think Xu Ruochen is a nice,easygoing,kind-hearted
boy,especially good for you.If Qin Yichen is going to divorce you,just let it go.Let Mo Mengshan be
Qin's family's young madam.We do not care."

Mo Qinyu sighed heavily.She also wanted to divorce,especially at this moment.Divorce was the best
way to get her out of trouble.She could take the baby away.No matter it was Qin Yichen's or Xu
Ruochen's,she could give birth to it smoothly.

But she knew that Qin Yichen wouldn't let her go easily.What he wanted was that there was a virtuous
wife at home to prepare everything and there were many lovers outside with whom he could be on the
loose and be unrestrained.

"Mom,now the most important thing is to let Xiao Wu wake up.As for my business,I'll tell you after you
come back."

Qin Yichen was really a demon.It was not so easy to get rid of him and come out of hell.

At night,she began to have nightmares.

In her dream,Qin Yichen picked her up and tied her to the operating table.

"Yichen,please,let my child go,please..."

She cried desperately and begged desperately.She dried her tears and cried so heavily that her throat
was hoarse,but he still refused to let her go.

Surrounded by scalpels,pliers and scissors,Mo Qinyu was so scared because every one of them could
easily kill the baby.

His long fingers stroked her high abdomen,and suddenly he grew sharp claws like Wolverine.

The claw,with a slight force,pierced her belly,and the blood immediately flowed out,like a fountain,and
covered her whole belly.

"No,help - help -"She screamed at the top of her voice,convulsing like she was dying.

Sharp claws suddenly forced her into the stomach and pulled out the unformed child.

The red and bloody flesh was ferocious.

She sat up screaming from the bed.

It was dark all around.There was nothing she could see.

No operating table,no Qin Yichen.All she had experienced was just a dream.

She clapped her chest and gasped heavily.

Although it was a dream,she felt that it might be an indication of the future.

If the baby was really not Qin Yichen's,he would certainly do so.

He would press her on the operating table and kill her baby by force,so that she would never have

She huddled up.

What was she going to do?

What could she do?

She didn't want to go back to Longcheng and Qin's house.She didn't dare to see Qin Yichen again.

After lying back,she couldn't sleep any more,so she just picked up her cell phone to check the ovulation

She remembered very clearly that on May 12,her menstruation had just been over for 2 days and it had
not yet reached the ovulation period,which was a safe period,so the possibility of pregnancy should be
very small.

And the first day that she had married Qin Yichen and spent with him was in the scope of ovulation.

Therefore,her baby was most likely to form at that time.

Thinking of it,her heart calmed a little.

Only once and was not in the ovulation period.lf she still could be pregnant,it could only mean that she
was too unlucky.

And even God wanted her to die!

If it was really like that,she had to surrender and resigned herself to desting.

The next morning,Xu Ruochen came.

They went to the little park opposite.

"Have you calmed down a little today?"He asked in a low voice.

She held her arms and rubbed them,"Even if I try to calm down a little,I am still very confused.What
should I do in the future?"

"I am here.There's nothing you fear.I'll help you figure out all the exits.During this period of time,you
must be calm and not let Qin Yichen or other people in Qin's family know that you are pregnant.Only in
this way can we advance and retreat."Xu Ruochen patted her on the shoulder.

She didn't get much comfort.For her,the only thing that could calm her down was to see the appraisal
result,on which said that it was Qin Yichen's child.

"What can you do?If it's the worst condition I have predicted,l'll have to admit defeat and wait for
death."Mo Qinyu said in a low but determined voice.

"The worst condition is that I will take you far away."He looked a little happy,"In fact,this is not bad.I will
be a good husband.You must be happier to follow me than to follow Qin Yichen,"He said.

Hearing this,Mo Qinyu was a little embarrassed and speechless,"How come you still have a good
mood to be joking."

"Wouldn't it be irresponsible not to marry if we had children?"He spread out his hands and looked much
calmer than she did.

If she couldn't stand the torture of Qin Yichen and gave him a confession,Qin Yichen would surely find
Xu Ruochen and kill him before he killed Mo Qinyu.

Neither of them could survive in this way.

"Are you not afraid that Qin Yichen knows the truth and gets back at you?"