Love in full bloom

Chapter 172: The Kid Is Not Qin Yichen's

Mrs. Qin was very afraid of Qinyu suppressing her daughter with the family law, so she said instantly,"
We are a family. It's normal we have some quarrels in our daily lives. It's not necessary to treat it as a
big deal and use the family law."

Qinyu did not say anything. It was normal that Mrs. Qin would try her best to protect Qin Yiman. Qin
Yiman would not be so self-willed if Mrs. Qin did not spoil her too much.

Qinyu finished the meal in silent then went back to her room. She received a call from her mother. Xiao
Feng had finished the physical check and the doctor said his situation was stable so he could go
abroad by plane.

Xu Ruochen's charity was helping him do the documents for going abroad.

Qinyu must go back her mother's home once before Xiao Feng going abroad since she must help her
parents do some preparations.

She said with a tone of asking when Qin Yichen went back to the room," I'd like to go back to Jiang City

Qin Yichen frowned," For what?"

" My brother is going abroad to take a medical treatment. I must go back to help my family do some
preparations. My parents are normal workers. They are not familiar with those and it's hard to make
clear on the phone. I must go back." She explained in a low voice.

" Your brother is sick?" He lifted his eye brows.

" Yes." She nodded.

He did not ask to much about her since he did not care at all and he would certainly not put that in his

" How long will you go?"

" Four days." She showed four fingers. To be honest, she'd like to go abroad with Xiao Feng but Qin
Yichen would not agree so she only dared to say four days.

However, four days was still to long for Qin Yichen.

" You will have three days." He said coldly then he went to sit on the sofa and started reading magazine
leaving her there alone.

On the next day, Qinyu packed a few clothes then left.

Mo Mengshan was so happy when she heard that Mo Qinyu went back to Jiang City. She hoped that
Qinyu would never come back.

Qinyu's parent had sold their house to raise money for medical treatment for Xiao Feng. They rented a
basement before. Now, they moved to the second floor.

Xu Ruochen came back after Qinyu had arrived for a while.

She sent a message to him yesterday so he came.

" I prepared the documents for Uncle Mo and Aunty Mo, too since they could take care of each other
there. Kitty would take charge of this. You may go find her if you need anything."

" Thank you a lot, Ruochen. You helped us too much. I don't even know how to thank you." Qinyu said

" I told you that you don't need to thank me. You forgot that again. That's the responsibility of the
charity. My money should do its work. It shouldn't be wasted." Xu Ruochen smiled mildly and patted
Qinyu's head gently.

Then, Qinyu's parented prepared dinner at home. Qinyu went to visit her little brother with Xu Ruochen.

Mo Xiaofeng was lying there quietly. It seemed that he was sleeping.

Qinyu soaked a towal in warm water and helped Xiaofeng clean his face," Xiaofeng is docile and
sensible. He never worries the family. He always keep the good things for me, even though I'm the
older sister. He said that he's a man and he must protect a girl."

" Xiaofeng will be fine for sure. I arranged the best brain branch doctor in USA. He checked the
physical report and he said that Xiaofeng has a big chance." Xu Ruochen comforted Qinyu.

" I'm willing to do anything so long as Xiaofeng could get recovered." Qinyu said firmly.

Xu Ruochen looked at her with a meaningful sight. He moved his lips but he did not say anything.

Qinyu suddenly felt dizzy when they came out from the ward room. Perhaps she was too worried.

She reached out her hand trying to grab something to support her body but she failed and fell down.

At the time, Xu Ruochen caught falling Qinyu with his sharp eyes and agile hands.

He called doctors and sent her to an observation room.

After a long while, Qinyu woke up," What happened?"

" You fainted." Xu Ruochen said.

" I might be too hungry and had a hypoglycemia." She shrugged her shoulders and said leisurely.

At this time, a doctor came, a gynecologist," Miss. Mo is fine. She's pregnant. The dizziness should be
a pregnant reaction. You may come to do a further check if you feel something wrong in the future."

" Pregnant?" Xu Ruochen was so shocked. He remembered that Qinyu was infecund. How could she
get pregnant?

Qinyu was embarrassed. She did not know how to explain.

A profound expression showed on Xu Ruochen's handsome face," Doc, how long has she been

" Almost two months." The doctor said.

" Almost two months?" The color of Xu Ruochen's eyes turned deeper. They were black as a deep
watter," Could you tell me when she got pregnant?"

The doctor nodded and asked Qinyu the last time she had the menstruation then said," Between May
10th and May 24th."

" Really?" Xu Ruochen touched his jaw. It seemed that he was pondering.

Qinyu was trembled in her mind. She looked at him with distrust," What are you trying to know?"

" Let's get out first." Xu Ruochen patted her head.

He bought a bottle of juice for Qinyu after they came out from the hospital. Then they sat on a bench
along the road.

" Qinyu, I'm not sure if I should tell you about this." It seemed that he was hesitating.

" We can talk anything." Qinyu shrugged her shoulders and gave him a sweet smile.

Xu Ruochen pursed his lips then said slowly," I remembered that we were together on May 12th.
Therefore... the kid might be mine."

Qinyu screamed before Ruochen finished saying. Her body was uncontrollably trembling.

She opened her eyes widely and they were filled by fear. Her fingers trembled too hard that the bottle in
her hand even fell down.

Orange juice flowed out the bottle and converged a river on the grass field.

She felt that her brain was buzzing. It seemed like a nuke exploded in her brain. A tremendous sound
was knocked her and brought her dizziness. She was almost going faint.


That was impossible!

How could Xu Ruochen be the father of the kid?


She denied in her mind continuously. She was not even dared to think about that.

She only had once with Xu Ruochen but she had a lot with Qin Yichen. How could the kid be Xu

" Xu Ruochen, don't frighten me, OK? I can't afford that."

She held her own arms and could not help trembling. She was like a tree in a wild wind, dying.

The kid brought her hope and brightness.

Even though she reminded herself that she had no hope on Qin Yichen and she could not have any
hope on Qin Yichen.

In fact, in the deepest part of her heart, a spark of fire was hidden.

Perhaps, Qin Yichen could treat her better after the kid was born. She may share a little kindness from
the kid occasionally.