Love in full bloom

Chapter 171 Are You a Style Mutation or a Gene Mutation

Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman returned to the annex building.They wanted to celebrate.

Mo Qinyu silently lost her baby.

"That fool thought that it was menstruation,but she actually miscarried."Qin Yiman danced happily,and
laugned happily.

"I've heard that some women will never have children again once they miscarry.I hope God bless us
that she is one of them."Mo Mengshan smiled evilly.

Mo Qinyu wouldn't have another chance to have a baby.Mo Mengshan swore that she won't let her be
pregnant any more.In the future,Qin Yichen's children could only come out of her belly,and only her
children could become the future heirs of Qin family.

Mo Qinyu went to the bathroom,poured the fake plasma on the feminine napkin,threw it into the
garbage can,and created the fake image of menstruation.

As long as Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman thought that the child had miscarried,they would not work
hard on the child.

She could be safe for a while until her stomach showed.

Coming out of the bathroom,she met Qin Yichen.

As soon as he entered the door,A Jun told him about it.

"Is the physiological period coming?"He asked a sentence in a casual tone,as if it was just a casual
question,not too concerned.

"Um."She nodded.

"It's very affectable.She wouldn't come until we have invited her several times."He gave a low snort, a
little mockery and a little annoyance.

"It's just endocrine disorders.Women do."She pouted and said lightly.

"Take good care of your body."He reached over and gave her a little rub on the stomach.

She swallowed her saliva fiercely.If he knew that she had had a baby in her stomach,she didn't know
what his reaction would be.

He should be happy.

After all,he regarded her as a tool of procreation.

She played a role and he would certainly be satisfied.

Before dinner,Mo Mengshan played a piano music to cheer everyone up.

She should fully show her advantages and surpass Mo Qinyu all the time.

She was really versatile,elegant and well behaved.

After all,she had been studying in a noble school with more than 100000 tuition fees per semester.And
Mo Qinyu had been studying in an ordinary public school,which was impossible to compare.

She played very well.When she finished playing,Qin Yiman applauded desperately.

"It's great,Mengshan.It's a very difficult piece which requires high skills.You play it very well."

With that,she turned her eyes to Qin Yichen and asked deliberately,"Yichen,do you think that
Mengshan played well?"

Qin Yichen nodded slightly,which was a kind of affirmation.

Mo Qinyu was hit more or less.

Only Mo Mengshan,a well-educated and elegant woman,deserved to stand beside Qin
Yichen.However,such a rude and wild girl like herself couldn't even understand the menu of French
food,and she would only disgrace him every moment when she went out with him.

However,he had married her by mistake and refused to let her go,so he could only admit this bad luck.

Qin Yiman didn't want to let her go easily.She must make a good mockery of her.Otherwise,Mo
Menshan's piano will not be played in vain?

"Every daughter-in-law of Qin family is talented,dignified in her words and deeds and elegant in her
manners.However,when it comes to Yichen,the conditon suddenly changed abruptly.His wife was full of
vulgarity,barbarity and inferiority."

Mo Mengshan smiled gently,"Yiman,don't say that about my sister.It is just a matter of her
character.She is wild and likes to go her own way.The thing that she is afraid most is to be
restrained.I've always been worried that her current life will make her feel very depressed and

This seemed to explain for Mo Qinyu.In fact,it was secretly splashing dirty water.

The rich and powerful family always were particular about domestic discipline and family
rules,especially Qin family.Mo Qinyu was a wild and unruly one.How could she become the madam in
the future?

Mo Qinyu sneered,"Elder sister,don't always act like you know me very well.We haven't lived together
since we were seven years old.It's not interesting for you to make things up according to your

imagination all day.I can never be what you think.I'm happy and comfortable every day now.As long as
no one plays,pretends to cry and be pitiful in front of me all day,I can't imagine how happy my life will

Mo Mengshan's face was green and white.She looked at Qin Yichen quickly.If she wanted to fight back
too much,she would expose her essence.

She wanted to play the aggrieved weak in front of Qin Yichen.As for quarrelling with Mo Qinyu,it should
be done by Qin Yiman.

Qin Yiman understood and snorted,"Mo Qinyu,I know that you envy and hate Mengshan.Mengshan is
the type that Yichen likes.She is gentle and graceful.You can't even match her toes.Your vulgar style
will only disgrace Yichen and Qin Family."

Suddenly a gloomy expression was quickly showed on Qin Yichen's handsome face,"Qin Yiman,what
about yourself?Do you think you are a style mutation or a gene mutation?"

Qin Yiman said,"What do you mean?"

"What contribution have you made to Qin family?"Qin Yichen's slow words were like an invisible slap
on her face,which made her very embarrassed,"Every day,I dress up beautifully,which is to do credit to
Qin Family."

Qin Chuxia came in from the outside She had been hiding outside listening.

Hearing this,she couldn't help it any more,and she covered her mouth and laughed.

"Eldest sister,you don't know what other family members think of you:apple of Sodom.They all said that
you must be a genetic mutation.You are not like Qin Family's people at all.You must be a pheasant with
the feathers of a Phoenix,pretending to be a Phoenix. "

Qin Yiman's face was red and purple,"Qin Chuxia,shut up,or I'll hit you."

"Am I not telling the truth?"Qin Chuxia sat beside Mo Qinyu.Today,Sima Yuer accompanied Qin Yuhan
to summon the foreign business mission,so she came to eat alone.

Mrs.Qin's face became gloomy.She was somehow speechless.After all,Qin Yiman was the elder
sister.She didn't allow Qin Chuxia to scold her.

"Chuxia,Yiman is your elder sister.You should respect her.Do you know?"

"My sister-in-law is still the eldest daughter-in-law.Her position at home is only after you.But my elder
sister doesn't respect her.She violates the family law.According to the family law,if someone doesn't
respect the successor's wife,that person has to criticize himself for three days,and also will be punished
for copying the family rules a hundred times."Qin Chuxia said solemnly with her small head askew.

This word was like a bone stuffed into Mrs.Qin's mouth,which made her unable to swallow,nor spit out.

"Your elder sister is joking,not serious."

"Then she is also very fierce even when she is joking.I am so scared."Qin Chuxia patted her chest,then
she patted Mo Qinyu's shoulder like a little adult,"Sister in law,I tell you that you should strictly enforce
the family law in the future.In our family,if you want to enforce the family law,all the servants will obey
you and help you to enforce the family law.This is the rule of Qin family."

Mo Qinyu's eyes brightened.

She had never known that there was this rule.She had really learned!