Love in full bloom

Chapter 155: Sleep Happily

This evening, Qin Yichen really did not back. Mo Qinyu was really happy. The whole room was hers.
She didn't worry about being disturbed while sleeping.

She had secretly observed An'an. She was really well-behaved. She could be said to be a roundworm
in Qin Yichen's stomach. She knew his temperament well and never did anything to offend him.

The most important thing was that she did not fight or grab, just like her name, very quiet!

She certainly hadn't asked the status with Qin Yichen, otherwise she would have been his wife early.

Such a girl, even she can't help but like her, let alone Qin Yichen.

The next morning, before Qin Yichen returned, Aunt Mei brought a maid over, "Qinyu, this is A Jun,
she will be your personal maid from now on, specially serve for you."

"Ah?" Mo Qinyu stunned for a moment, "I don't have any special needs. I don't need a maid."

"This is the arrangement of the young master. You still need it. At least she can help you implement
the family rules to prevent the young lady from bullying you." Aunt Mei said with a smile, this was no
longer a hint, but an explicit one.

Hearing this, naturally Mo Qinyu had to accept.

Today, Mo Mengshan was waiting for someone to come over. She was not strong enough. Naturally,
she must ask her family to help.

Auntie was always brave. As long as she can help her daughter, she would not be afraid to let her go
to jail again.

As soon as she got off the high-speed rail, she went straight to the Qin family.

When she saw Auntie, she intuitively knew that the visitor wa not good and she must have come to
force her do something.

But it didn't matter, she wanted to divorce.

Perhaps auntie can use her wit to persuade Qin Yichen.

As soon as she saw her mother, Mo Mengshan rushed into her arms, she was crying sadly, as if she
had been greatly wronged.

"Before we said we were going to change. If you said no, we gave up. We are going to find another
good family for Mengshan. But what ’s going on, you don’t want Mengshan, but don't harm her, Now
she isn't innocent, and she has child. What are you going to do about it? "Auntie looked annoyed.

Mrs. Qin held up the tea cup and took a sip of tea without hesitation. "What do you want to do?"

The uncle smirked, "I heard that Qinyu has infertility and can't have children. Can a woman be a
woman if she can't have a child? I think I'll change her back and let her go back to Jiangcheng, where
she should stay, let Mengshan and Yichen get married. "

Mrs. Qin smiled slightly. She didn't like Mo Qinyu, but she didn't like the woman in front of her too.
Even if Mo Qinyu was going to divorce, Mo Mengshan could not take the position. "Yes, it's a
disadvantage for her, but there's no rules of that if she can't have a child, she must divorce in our
family. As for Mengshan, after paternity test, we will decide her position. "

Auntie's mouth twitched. "My daughter is pure and innocent, and Mo Qinyu is not yet innocent. You
haven't asked for it."

An anger rose from Mo Qinyu's heart, even if she was not innocent, auntie was not qualified to say so.

Originally, she wanted to give up, and was going to let her auntie persuade Qin Yichen to divorce, but
now she had changed her mind, just not letting her and Mo Mengshan win.

"Auntie, you are framed me. Am I innocent? Only my husband knows best. Can you know?"

"You had a boyfriend before, can you be innocent?" Auntie murmured.

"Mo Mengshan didn't have a boyfriend before?" Mo Qinyu replied.

The blue veins on Mo Mengshan's forehead rolled down, and a cold light flashed through her eyes.
She really wanted to slap her to death, but she knew she couldn't.

She wanted to win her with her wit.

She suppressed all the anger and said with an extremely aggrieved expression: "Qinyu, how can you
frame me like this, I have never made a boyfriend, and my first time was for Yichen, He knows best. "

"While you were missing, what did you do outside? No one knows about that. Besides, there's the
Hymenoplasty, repair it, and it's a good thing," Mo Qinyu said slowly.

Auntie jumped up from the sofa. "Bitch, dare you frame Mengshan again, I'll kill you."

"Auntie, you were arrested for a few days last time, but it ’s addictive. If you dare to hurt me again, at
least three years of arresting and that will definitely make you feel enough."

There was a vulgar sneer at the corner of Mo Qinyu's mouth, which made the aunt chill cold, and she
suddenly found that Mo Qinyu was no longer the wild girl who was free to scold herself.

In the past, every time her parents were not at home, she secretly hit Mo Qinyu. As long as she dared
to argue with her daughter, she would hit her.

This girl was not only wild, but also grumpy. When she hit her, she fought against her, but how can a
child be an adult's opponent, and she was beaten blue and purple every time.

Mo Mengshan held her mother's shoulder. "Mom, don't you care about her, hasn't she always been
like this since she was a kid? She scolds you when she see you, never treats you as an elder."

"Mo Mengshan, you always let me take the blame for you since you were a child. Don’t you tell them
about that? Now that we are all adults, do you think I will do it again? As for the aunt, she was fighting
for family property, fighting for ancestral home. She has to fight for everything, but she doesn’t want to
raise grandma? Grandma is sick and hospitalized, and you don’t pay a penny. Is the Qin family ’s favor
to you so exclusive to you for so many years? ”

Mo Qinyu said everything, she was so angry. The resentment against the aunt ’s family had
accumulated for many, many years, and since they didn’t have a bit of affection, she didn’t need to look
them as relatives.

Mo Mengshan was crazy, lest these words give Mrs. Qin a bad impression, and quickly said, "Qinyu,
my mother is your aunt, your relatives, how can you frame her?"

She said as she winked at her mother. Auntie quickly said, "Yes, this is a frame, I am very good to the
old lady. I am taking care of her all the time, and your family does nothing. You have loved to lie since
you were a child, and nothing you say is true. "

Mo Qinyu laughed: "There are aunts in the family, who is lying, just ask them if you don't know."

The uncle immediately dropped her eyes in guilty conscience. The two aunts in the family no longer
communicated with them. As soon as she called, they would blame her to death. " They don't like me,
of course , they won't tell the truth. They will frame me with you together. "

"The entire Mo family hasn't been with you. Whose problem is that?" Mo Qinyu sneered.

"Speaking of it, it's all about that money. It's us who will marry our daughter. Why should we give you
money?" Auntie became furious and angry.

There was a ridiculous cold light in Mrs. Qin's eyes, and what Mo Qinyu said, she believed, and this
woman was so greedy, she had seen it too.

"Okay, don’t discuss something meaningless before doing the paternity test. If there is nothing,
please go back. As for Miss Mo, she is only a guest at our house. If she is not happy here, you can pick
her up back to your family."

At this time, Qin Yichen came in. In fact, he had been outside just now and heard their words.

When she saw him, Mo Mengshan stood up. "Aunt, Yichen is my only man, my child is really his. If
the paternity test is done, my child is not his, I will jump from The rooftop of Century Building and my
death will pay all debts! "She said firmly.